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  1. There are thousands of theories out there that are 100% incorrect... well thought out but incorrect. This website is a marketing technique at this stage in the zombies game and not much else as I've only seen a few correct bits and pieces of the theories proven true and actually implemented in the game Everything posted here is combed and archived for a few reasons 1(you forum guys especially on this site love turning yourselves in circles with theories) 2(The game developers love this too because you guys essentially just theorize which guarantees a debate between people that are generally informed but cant get past the "I'm right" syndrome) which causes you to spin down the theory drain every time and put yourselves up on that pedestal. Every time I've ever posted on this website I've been met with at least one person telling me I need to reference another person on this sites theory and accept it as fact. Id advise to not accept ANYONE on here's info as fact(even if they all they do is play MLG games and get paid to game and post on this site all day because of lack of girls or w/e their issue is, they are still just a fan with a theory) Most who have posted about time shifts, time travel, alternate dimensions, and any other theories must research how each of the above topics are understood in society or in other words learn what your talking about and be diligent with your correct info. I'm sick of lurking and researching to find out that you guys are not correct with your topic let alone your theory on cod zombies storyline...... (hey if you love spinning yourselves in circles I firmly believe that trey-arch has improvised changed and forgotten a few too many things for zombies to ever be explained in a full consistent full bodied story which has no loopholes in the plot. Oh yeah by the way the color of the eyes does not directly mean anything about what time they were in...... seriously I thought you guys would have figured out the dev team just jumps to where ever the best setting is with what they want to market to you the consumer allowing flexibility with the variances in the levels themes while also applying an "authentic feel" Also here is my disclaimer (I'M NOT TRYING TO GET YOU MAD OR OFFEND ANYONE. NOR DO I CARE WHAT YOU THINK AND WILL NOT BE READING ANY REPLIES IF ANYONE EVEN READS THIS) I just gave up on using this site as fact or even a reference website. I used to love lurking on this site for EE info/ whether i found something new but after B02 I avoid this site. Most people that post only care about their number of posts or the color of their name. After reading 4 pages of theories and blathering in this thread I couldn't help but post this. ( This website used to be a good resource now its just conspiracy theory website for a video game....hardly worth most peoples time to theorize with the man online)
  2. Whats everyone's experience with the jump spots? Where there are mattresses there is a safe place to land so just wondering how useful people find this or how inconveniencing it can be. I use it to get to the mystery box and travel between buildings in a pinch.
  3. He just told us to wait.....and the only riddle in that is what points mean...and I am positive that this game wont be finished until all dlc packs are done.....most likley you have to do stuff in new levels to activate content in the old ones.....good strategy to keep us interested(which is all they care about btw)
  4. The challenge is the fact we haven't played any levels where running from zombies involved precision jumping. It forces some people to change their play style. This level is easy when you play it the same way every time. The points of the other levels mentioned seem a bit confused. In five the point was not always to build up to catch the thief considering he is ridiculously easy to kill, more of it being the first American themed level with multiple floors/elevators in the map. The point of any zombies map..... ......is to kill zombies/cooperate The easter eggs, weapons, and anything else in the level is just to make it so your zombie killing experience is kept fresh and fun.
  5. Yeah good job posting that, its been found by many people and not hard to achieve. Im surprised that a video like this didnt make its way out sooner considering how well documented this game is kept.
  6. Yeah I wasn't happy I lost 27 rounds of play with around 800 kills ....getting kind of sick of these updates....I though I paid money for a finished product......
  7. The information they give shows that time is their focus and there is increasing tension between maxis and richtophen. I am skeptical to say that treyarch will end it with this game considering they chose an endless open topic such as time. There is a few things that could be said but I think there is too much going on plot wise so there's more to come unless they decide to wrap it up with some crazy twist....
  8. Zombies frustration is the worst ....i hate when i have days like that too
  9. Wilbizzle

    Keys ?

    I know that the key can be used in a grey box on the wall near where it is picked up to ride the elevator back up to the starting point. And i think it calls a perk to the location you insert the key. i havent used it much though
  10. The level is easier in certain areas (such as running to get perks and guns) but harder in other ways. It wasn't meant to be superhard or super easy i think that they were looking for a balance and found a pretty good one. BO2 is like zombie experimentation to the max
  11. Explain more on what you mean with the languages. I dont fully understand. Navigation is not the same in other languages though it is very similar grammatically. I think its for navigation as well(the bus) but it just does not make sense as to why we can use one and nothing apparently significant happens.
  12. Could the navcard be something to do with "the global banking conspiracy" Samuel talks about in tranzit. Going out on a limb NAV is a banking/investing term for how much a company is worth on a day to day basis. Could it be that each navcard will be a way to (invest/gain money) or simply by inserting the nav card in die rise it opens a way to access your previous funds from greenrun.(maybe someone has a more concrete idea out there) Not sure but if the one from green run is read by the die rise reader then would it be safe to assume that the next map pack will take the die rise navcard. It is easy to find on google so i assume many people have discovered this but i would just like to hear thoughts on this.
  13. Instant classic maybe...worth buying the season pass for sure
  14. I thought this was Samantha's game in bo1 and now its Richtophen's game in this one and the rounds were just for players to pace themselves initially but it would make sense with reincarnation being brought into the story that they will explain how the characters never run out of steam and why they can continuously keep on fighting level to level. I mean i think TreyArch has shown how ambitious it is and wouldn't be a long shot for them to explain why the gameplay is the way it is with a story that envelops your mind.
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