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    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    I thought this was Samantha's game in bo1 and now its Richtophen's game in this one and the rounds were just for players to pace themselves initially but it would make sense with reincarnation being brought into the story that they will explain how the characters never run out of steam and why they can continuously keep on fighting level to level. I mean i think TreyArch has shown how ambitious it is and wouldn't be a long shot for them to explain why the gameplay is the way it is with a story that envelops your mind.
  2. Wilbizzle

    <NEW FIND> Double Insta-Kill???!!!!

    Great work to everyone!!! I was sick and took a break from playing and i come back to this (heck yeah!!!) nice videos everyone. Yes this was definitely recently updated as I've had insta-kills before and received no kills with it active. Every new thing added just means more to think for the easter egg and upcoming maps
  3. Wilbizzle

    Were We Wrong?

    Time line is nothing in a game that focuses on teleporting and time shifts. How can a timeline be known if you do not even know where it ends...for all we know it may go right back to 1945 in the end.....no way of knowing fellers only strongly supported/refuted internet speculation.

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