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  1. @TheHiddenSpectre Nice write up and I understand it.I used these methods to find out if transposition only or subsitution only on TheGiant cipher and worked out neither was possible The undercroft cipher I can rule out Transposition only Vigenere using standard b64 order alphabet and still being in s B64 format ready to decode 3.Mixed case Ascii mono subsubtution " I cant totally rule out or manually plot ascii mixed case and numbers but doesnt seem likely " That's why I was looking into finding a pattern or keylength w
  2. Had another thought that it could be double transposed using one key word from the list that meets the requirement of the last 2 columns being the first. The reason i think this is the scibble above the cipher could be 2 blocks of text. For instance using "TRIPOD" for 6 column transpose then collapsing the text and making 4 columns and transpose using "TRIP" Will have to check how many words that can have the 2 end letters ommited and still retain being a 4 letter word. I cant do anymore with the 48 combinations so I'm looking at all other possible ways
  3. Ok i know the transpostion keyword is not important on its own but it could be used in the alphabet. Its obvious the alphabet in not primed with a six letter keyword as it makes too many letters static. But it could be shifted with an offset shifting those static letters backwards and forwards. There cant be that many six letter words that fit the 48 transpostions. A quick look for FEDACB FEDACB ZOMBIE I think i got that right but you get the idea. Also im not sure on this idea put you could also try a primed alphabet with longer isograms that may have a connection to
  4. Thinking way out side the box here and been looking at other ways that make sense to interperet the ciphertext. What if there are two sets of columns one of 4 columns and one of 2 columns. The reason i say this as it looks like 2 words scribbled out above the ciphertext and its possible the style the way the letters are squeezed in that they have been put there after The only other obvious is its read by columns but the final AF is evidence that the message is at the stage before that part of the cipher. Mind you reading this did make me wonder https://www.d
  5. Ok I'm not 100% I did the right thing but took the strand and did a substitution so AA=a etc for the 25 letters of the alphabet and then run ioc test on it and it compares this to the value of 0.0667 which is the friedman ioc value for English. Why I think its right is because it mirrored the results for both strands starting DG and GD So 0.0667 is the friedman ioc value for English text and the other is the value its calculated the ciphertext at. Maybe I have misunderstood the concept but it maybe worth checking Edit //////////////////
  6. Sounds like you got it covered but your video sparked an interest so I looked over some of the old work and I think there was something wrong with the IOC test because I redid them and got different results where I only had 16 out of the 48 showing mono also they where mirrored in the order in equal amounts for ciphertext starting DG and GD which makes sense. GD FF GX GF GF FA GF GG DD FF FF XX FG FD GF FG FD GF FF FD GG AA FG FG DX FX FX GF XF XD FF FA GG AF RNUSSLSTGNNZOMSOMSNMTAOOKPPSXWNLTC IC_analyzed = 0.06952 IC_provided = 0.0667 Mode = monoalphabetic/cleartext
  7. @oxin8 I know you are using your own software but have you investigated cryptool2 IDP analyser for ideas in your own software the source is available and I believe it is written in c# I can test but I'm having problems with page navigation on the site with IE and FF only see the first and last page of the topic so I cant see the ciphertext easily can someone paste it as I'm still working on "theGiant" cipher which btw I seem to have exhausted vigenere to base64 conversion I just cant seem to get the starting blocks to 01 and kinda out run out of ideas for it EDIT
  8. Sorry for the double post again but i thought this was interesting. I dont know what to think about and cant be sure if its correct or not. If you take "TheGiant" cipher text and input it as ASCII and then convert to UTF-16 you get this. 䍫汭䙧㙩啇乊歧汎儱ㄴ扦祦潌䙃䍔汶歱楚佬汋塁穁ㅐㅕ祵䈱㑅晕䉐灦测䱭扏奪兮剎慂瑐楋坖捺䄵瘴睏砳敬䘸桏䝁婊朷椴佮湷䩤䵸癏㍏捤䴱㈸瑡吲㤶㔳潲煔坹杄䝴⽄睨剷㍆䡯䙱㕍捖ㅷ瑊乬獢坧浒漴⼴畱䑅婫砷䈱㜲戵㍘䘯ㅯ What is strange that it seems from a first glance it seems the glyphs are from the same language and all the symbols are there and none are missing so it seems like it isnt just a random load of bytes converted to unico
  9. I have been looking at B64 character "/" bit pattern "111111". There are 3 occurances of "/" in the whole of the ciphertext. The only ASCII character i can map that to is "?" bit pattern "00111111". That would mean it would only fit into the 4th slot (bit 18-24) of the 24 bit block. I dont think that "?" question mark would be in the plaintext so that would mean a transposition only on the ciphertext and then decode from B64 cannot be possible. What do you people think have i got this right and do you think that assuming a question mark in the plaintext is so unlikely that
  10. Sorry to triple post but i have changed subject. I have been looking at "TheGiant" cipher again and have made a fresh start to see if i have missed anything also i found i had made some mistakes in my charts so this is a recap and rebuild of data. I started by using this Cipher text lowercase l for lima and uppercase O for Oscar. kCmlgFi6GUJNgkNl1Q41fbfyLoCFTCvlqkZilOKlAXAzP1U1uy1BE4U fPBfpKmmLObjYnQNRBaPtKiVWzc5A4vOw3xle8FOhAGJZ7g4inOwn dJxMOvO3dc1M82at2T6935roTqyWDgtGD/hwwRF3oHqFM5Vcw1 JtlNbsgWRm4o4/quEDkZ7x1B275bX3/Fo1 Firstly i have converted each
  11. Ok I got it I was overcomplicating things and I should have kept things simple but I had fun working out the full Lorenz machine and now have a small insight into the cribs they used on the real cipher even though that wasn't required I will leave it for others to find out as its enjoyable to work out
  12. I know its been a while but i would like also to know how the lorenz cipher was solved Im not sure how the method to program all 501 pin locations was found I tried to reverse engineer the first letter to start with I may be wrong but to turn a W anto an N you need the sum of xor the key to be 11111 11001 W 00110 N I can only think of twelve sums to get the bit pattern 11111 XOR SUM 11111 USE 00000 and 11111 / and 8 USE 11111 and 00000 8 and / USE 10101 and 01010 Y and R USE 01010 and 10101 R and Y USE 11100 and 00011 U
  13. I dont know what it is but it could be a generalised error code meaning its not always the same problem generating the error code I not tech savy or know anything about the toolset but i do believe that the devs work hard to constantly improve and maintain the toolset Its really not as simple as saying lets dump the engine and get a new one There not going to move to a different engine when they have the gtkradiant based toolset already developed and working successfully Even if they did it wouldnt be a error free zone and you would still need to customise the toolset
  14. Liking this at the moment Bit of mix but I just wanted show a little of the different genres I like
  15. Alpha i totally understand that waiting for him to release the info is fustrating and i am sorry if my manner was very blunt in the posts above.I have tried to be fair and see everyones point of view but i can be inarticulate at times when getting my point across i hope this situation is solved soon without anymore conflict.
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