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  1. I dont know what it is but it could be a generalised error code meaning its not always the same problem generating the error code I not tech savy or know anything about the toolset but i do believe that the devs work hard to constantly improve and maintain the toolset Its really not as simple as saying lets dump the engine and get a new one There not going to move to a different engine when they have the gtkradiant based toolset already developed and working successfully Even if they did it wouldnt be a error free zone and you would still need to customise the toolset It takes a long time to develop toolsets and its a difficult job to develop a tool set in parallel with the software you develop it with
  2. There is a option on imgur to upload high quality in settings (sorry if you have already done this and still bad )
  3. Maybe all three, a library contained in a object capturing everything from the beginning to the end or something like the golden record Sorry i was going off on a tangent If you look in to the spelling and greek it is inherited from I think its quite interesting and doesn't seem related to time Really don't know why they have used a slashed zero either
  4. Its a double edged sword butterfly both sides, the good is you find EE are not there that people fabricate ,the bad you find out about content that you should find by trailers or in game. I wish we could go back to world where datamining wasn't the first source but I would be a fool to think so Maybe if we as a community checked out what content fully and questioned in every detail that we are given from both official and unofficial channels maybe things would have been different But alas mining is here to stay I suppose the devs can make there code from human parseable to barely runnable but it makes it harder for modtool users (which I think they already doing) Back on topic : I hope they introduce some strange botany and tie it into the story without it getting to farfetched I suppose we could look at It as a new branch in the story
  5. https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21328502-000-lost-treasures-the-soviet-seed-bank/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikolai_Vavilov Its doubtful its connected but its an interesting read And also the rumours concerning die glocke there where supposed to be experiments with plants seeing how they decayed next to the device
  6. I knew about the teleporters being marked FRA ENG GER but didnt realise that there where only 2 letters on the right and the third is on the left there could be more to this i will keep an open mind The text on the radio i find very interesting it looks like its VV and not w and the dial to the right is strange also it goes up in 13 until it gets to 104 then goes up 16 to max at 220 i also cant translate the text below or Ratrprtiflmepa or find it on any ww2 electrical equipment Lautenrk u. vvenderknr maison glaicha farbgunya-Nr. hubrn
  7. Zombie manual Another radio pic sorry but I find it interesting and there might be some data within the dial A B C A G R S I cant make out the other side
  8. Sorry for the terrible title if you read any of my posts your know I'm not very good at these sort of things This is a thread for screen caps of out of place things in DE that hopefully will be explained Firstly the gauge what does it read it has numbers top and bottom And this AR. 410 any ideas ? Whose bunk is this and what book is on the bunk is it one that is seen around elsewhere in the map Has anyone tried to translate this radio
  9. Sorry for the mistakes in my post I am trying to edit them as I go just finding going from 6bit to 8bit really difficult

  10. I have only one game successfully migrate , I don't see it as anyones fault if there was a quality connection that can port forward between everyone then it should migrate 9 times out of ten this doesn't seem to happen , you need to have more insight into the evidence to make a correct and proper judgement before blaming bad netcode
  11. I haven't completed nightmares yet but here is the first missions text Hopefully a few people can record a couple each and we will get them all to review
  12. Not a lot they can do with audio files there is a format for them they can be read , once the header is dissected it just a case of reading the quantized data Unfortunately this is the way were going with who can crack it first by any means and its difficult to prevent circumvention
  13. I just used PS4 share to record and clip it , then copied it to usb and played it using media player classic at a slow speed ,you can take a screen cap with MPC aswell Its difficult to get the whole message with screen caps though If I get more time I will record them slow the speed down and make them available so anyone can read them As for what I was talking about the report seems from taylor and he saying that they didn't survive the DNI surgery which isn't the same as the story Quote form above image "I personally interfaced to assist with there intergration acclimation and training. Unfortunately complications arose during the procedure - They were pronounced dead shortly thereafter" EDIT Here is the video of mission 1 https://youtu.be/kdi_38mDqU8
  14. Is anyone recording and reading the text at the beginning of the missions I have had a look at the first one , and it says they didn't make it through the op , any ideas ?
  15. Sorry to double post but Firstly I should say that I should not just learn maths but also how to search the forum If I had I would have found the answer to the calculations the thread below http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/index.php?/topic/154218-adfgx-cipher/&page=1
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