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  1. @Electric Jesus @Naitrax @MysteryMachineX for class of 2019 hall of fame!

    1. RequixEclipse


      Man its been quite awhile since I last spoke to Mr. @Naitrax😅

  2. Starting up the zombies grind today starting with Town!
  3. I proud of you my little prodigy ^ (; Also today I had chicken STRIPS instead of a chicken sandwich I'm sorry guys
  4. Guess whose back, I haven't been on since the whole date thing because it really sucked I was trying to figure things out and I think I'm good now
  5. Happy Birthday to my cousin also know as Electric Jesus. Have a great day man!
  6. Me and EJ at the "cinemas" as Mitch would say. silly Aussie. Check out his shirt too.
  7. Hey guys upon talking to some of the guys in skype and Xbox I've decided I will be YGM for now on.

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