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  1. My polite level is tied directly to my varying blood pressure. Haha. Never get old.
  2. "I didn't need to know it had a mucous membrane". -Red Foreman, That 70's Show.
  3. Old thread, issue still real. The chords are triads, you must do 3 tones to get it to continue or reset. So if it is messed up, it is waiting with 1 or 2 tones 'held' in play, waiting on 2 or 1 tone(s) so it can continue or reset. So, shoot it once, as if it had 2 tones 'stuck' and give it 20 seconds to reset after. Now try 3 tones. If it is still stuck, then it was at 1 'held' tone and you just cycled it back to 1 'held' tone. So after waiting like 20 seconds again, try 2 tones to complete 3. Then wait 20 and try 3 correct tones again. When it fails, it should say something, to hint at which number you are at, but if solo, this can be hard while being chased, also you have to input the triads semi-quick, so follow the tips above. I hope this helps anyone retro-ing this game. This is from memory so I hope it is as correct as I believe it to be.
  4. Thanks for the million, Lenne, if only in word! Music is so much better when you do not understand it. It's this crazy, lovely cacophony of beautiful mind scapes. Once you begin to learn anything about it, it gets less attractive. Like vagina. Hahahaha.
  5. A lot of zombie "tips" are cheats and this site is not that kind of site, so you won't find much here by me out of respect for that. Guitar is no joke to learn the real stuff. It's 6 keyboards without white/black keys, and you (mostly) need both hands to play each 'keyboard'. I'm mostly self taught + good youtube teachers. On the flip side, it was originally intended to be inexpensive (it is, comparatively), and anyone can learn a key and write chord tunes, or be taught to play along. So it's easy to learn, hard to master. On lessons, if you don't go to a proper school, lots of lessons are rip-offs; 15 minutes for some stupid exercise and it costs a pretty penny. I teach theory in bulk to any who will listen, because I had a high IQ and I learn by cramming tons into my brain and then crafting exercises to work on several things in a short span, and reviewing stuff that did not stick the first time. The trick is getting the framework of how it all works, and learning how to focus (target, emphasize) the current backing chord/harmony while slapping everything you know on it in a pleasing way. If you reach that point, you become your own teacher and focus on exactly what you wish to improve, and you can then use other teachers (or YouTube) to help with those specifics. But getting a rando teacher to teach you to teach yourself...only hurts their business, so that's rare. Damn you capitalism! I like lots of music, but I lean towards interesting guitar work more than anything: Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi, Jerry Garcia, Trey Anastasio, Les Claypool (bass)...Larry LaLonde (Haha).,... that kind of stuff. I'm no country or jazz guy, but there are always exceptions. I wrote originals but now I mostly just study and practice. I did so much mode work and 'natural minor' (all minors blended with chromaticism) lately that I realized I'd forgotten how to play Pentatonic majors...so that's been yesterday and today: Penta-major refreshers. Teachers on YT I recommend: Jake Lizzio (teaches everything, good attitude and graphics). Signals Guitar Studio. Qjam tracks. Tons of theory info and jam tracks. Fretjam. All graphics, great knowledge. Bernth. The need for speed. Tomasso Zillio (lizzio to zillio) Music Theory for Guitar site. Theory getting deeper. If you can barely solo, try Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar studio. A very 'school teacher' vibe, who teaches kind of old school-ish and simple, which can be good mixed with other stuff. And Steve Stine (and Guitar Zoom). His videos tend to be light on theory (he has paid courses for that) but he's a feel good teacher with tons of practical playing tips. He'll make you feel like you can do anything. Most theory is simply having the obvious pointed out to you. There is work to be put into it, but so much of it is simply education. Have fun!
  6. Interesting. I played guitar mediocrely for about 30 years, basically clueless. I wrote and sang (if you call it singing) lots of simple chord tunes with limited knowledge. The past year or so I finally became obsessed with it (I get obsessed with things) and packed years worth of theory into my old brain. Now I'm in a new world of way too much to learn, practice, and play. Who knew half century old fingers could ever move this quick? I occasionally obsess on some game or another. Magic the Gathering for over 22 years, zombies (until it wore off and then BO4 killed zombies), the past few years was on BF1, on XB, I can be top player often despite being old and half blind (it's just because they suck, not my great skills). I'm no lore guy in a game, I'm a 'figure out everything weird in the game guy'. My player type is "tinkerer" (Johnny in MtG terms), I want to use everything and see what weird shit that I can do. I'll never cheat in any match online, but I do love figuring out glitches and stuff offline. I mean, in WaW everyone had 7 PaP'd guns on Der Riese at some point, right? I posted many original zombie glitches on a cheat site that I found myself (like revive-betty extra guns on Zombie Verrückt). I used to hike always, but my spine died first thing this century so I'm kind of fucked at the moment here in 2020. Anyone spare a million bucks?
  7. Electro-gravity likely is the same stuff. This was the crt statement above. Unfocused magnetism, in this theory, is gravity. With the old CRT (big tube tv - cathode ray tube) tvs, dust would slowly get pulled across the room to the screen (those screens always had a fine dust coating). That was used as an example of "unfocused magnetism/gravity". Everything is magnetic, just mostly unaligned atoms, or unfocused. You and I are magnetic. You won't see it in daily life, but free floating in space, you would be "down", the center of gravity locally. See Ken Wheeler for this rabbit hole. YT = Theoria Apotheosis, if I recall his channel name correctly. I'm not associated with nor pushing either theory, just ruminating with wonder.
  8. Cool stuff indeed. I don't have any saved material to share, just a lifetime of watching and reading sciences, good, bad, and in between, and then try to find the facts amongst it all. I'm a jack of all, master of none guy. I just pack my brain with knowledge and try to update it as better information comes along. For example, I used to think gravity was just time's reaction to mass (I literally watched a video yesterday on this theory that I've held for 40 years), but I also entertain Ken Wheeler's Aether and magnetism videos. Perhaps gravity is simply unfocused magnetism (like dust to a crt screen), as he seems convinced of. I sure am not sure. So, I may be right sometimes, wrong others, but I'm also no slave to dogmatic belief, I take hard facts as 99.9% right, I always leave room for a surprise idea. You will likely find stuff if you search things like 'pigs as ancestors', 'human and pig shared features', 'how similar is our dna to pigs', and then follow the rabbit hole. You'll find trash and treasure, be discerning is all that I can warn. Some people will say anything, but some will supply good evidence, or even bogus evidence. Brien Foerster's dna videos should be findable on his channel "hidden Inca tours", he documents lots of the civilization that existed before which covered the world with megaliths that we can't make today (unless the tech is hidden from the public domain). Also see NewEarth channel. Lots of long video evidence of ancient stuff, even if Sylvie's views of humanity get a bit different than most of us might except. Skip the metaphysical ones and stick to the documentaries. Happy hunting.
  9. Ah, okay. I usually find games are built for pc and then dumbed down (and buggy) for console, but I guess not in this case. GTA (at least some) sucked on console, but rocked on pc. Playing BF1, it's clearly a pc game, the xb1 version is still 'unfinished' to be polite to Dice/EA.
  10. Being no story guy, this post'll come out of the blue, but this thread touches on a personal favorite topic of mine: What the crap are humans? So let's blend. In studying humanity, it's appears that we have 2 lineages; mitochondrial (mom's) dna going back 250,000 to 300,000 years (estimated by generations of dna), and a much older set of a ridiculous amount of defects in our dna as if we are an ancient species (look at that dysfunctional Y chromosome), or, more likely that an ancient species created us as a blend of them and us. Pigmen: We are pigmen. Picture a pig-ape, what would it be? Simple, push your nose-tip up and voila(!) instant Orc. We are closer to pigs than chimps genetically (by a tiny bit). Seriously, picture dog-ape, cat-ape, pig-ape...we are pig-ape. Traits of humans and pigs, but not apes: Throat that warms air (apes use nasal passages). Mane and beard like some pigs (apes have body fur all over, no mane, no beard, no change in hair type mostly, they don't go bald). We have mucous snout, like pigs (no apes do) and can hold our breath under water like this. Penis bone (apes have it, pigs and men don't). Skin, naked and sun-burnable, requiring mud (sun screen now), clothes, or shelter. Also our wounds are different than most animals, requiring surgery for what might not be a big deal to a normal Earth creature. Vestiges of tails on some babies (apes don't have tails). Some blood anomolies. I can't recall the important bits. One geneticist deduced we could be from mating and cross breeding pigs/apes (Female ape offspring, then the offspring mate with female apes, repeat this freak show until humans appear after a long series of wackiness). While possible, this implies (in my and others' opinions) an outside force controlling this, but maybe our great grandies we're just pig-fucking sickos. So, it SEEMS that we are not the normal evolution type, more like evolution meets creationism (in a scientific setting, though I can't rule out divine beings). Lastly, a cave was found in Africa where lots of humans fell and died. They were reportedly various sizes, explained at the finding 'as if someone were making various human kinds'. Oddly, this article was never seen nor heard of by me again. Not debunked, it was real, it just disappeared. Watching Brien Foerster videos, dna found in 'starchild skull' is inhuman, and it has thin, hard, fibrous bone. Dna in large heads "Paracas culture" is human, but odd. They have the neckhole in the wrong place (compared to ours) and 2 holes in the rear of the skull for blood vessels, as well as a missing front suture line, that we have (their head is like a large plate here, with a ridge up top). Unstudied: Brien also was shown 2 skulls way up on a mountain (with a third Paracas Skull too) they both had a sideways crest mid skull up top with a trench on either side of the ridge (I've never seen these before). These were otherwise 'normal sized' and had the front suture. This is just some odd info for you to read. I'm pushing no agenda, just trying to suss it all out. Humans are a bit weird. Have fun ruminating on this and zombie topics. Apologies if any of this is clearly debunked (not all debunking is real or correct, aether anyone?). Most is quite real and been studied and restudied, differences of professional opinions vary (except dna tests), so mine may be wrong, me being just some random freak on a game forum.
  11. Random fact; 6 6 6 was never six hundred and sixty six except in the Iron Maiden(?) song. 6 was the number of incompleteness, of falling short (7 was divinity). Repeating something thrice was like exclamation points. So 666 (six six six) means "really not complete, really missing the mark, failmode activated" et cetera. Just a bit of fyi.
  12. I'm no story guy, but you folk always find neat stuff. The look of Shang always made me think Vietnam or similar. The fire-guy? I'm just glad he helped me stand in 1 place and headshot my way to 30 solo...I'm not very good at any version of this map.
  13. 83457

    IX For Beginners

    Thanks for the kind words!
  14. Mostly small maps. I listed them in the first post. That being said, Raid just 'fits' the mode quite well. Slums, and Standoff come to mind. Anything small works but Nuketown and Carrier (kind of large) have teams spawn in looking at another team's back or side, so I don't recommend them.
  15. Cool beans. I hope that it was fun for a day or more. Sometimes you get an idiot team bot (if not playing with a friend) or some other team gets great positions and sneaks the wins, but it wouldn't be fun if you always won. Sensor grenades are a good friend. Enjoy!

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