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  1. I am really excited to hear about the fact that Cold War Zombies will be playable cross-gen. I think this does something great for the community, finally bringing everyone together.
  2. I am going to be on PS4 playing zombies today around 2 pm EST.  I will have one with me that is a zombie veteran but has not had the chance to play the new hotness.  If anyone wants to join in on the fun, hit me up on psn (JJMFP)!

  3. Looking to do BOTD EE.  Need two.

  4. It looks like the Website is buzzing right now.  I no longer see just two people on at a time.  My prediction has come to fruition.  Its good to be back!

  5. Ah. How fitting. To bad we won't be killing him again.
  6. Did we solve the last game..... I asked for a B. Not sure if we are on the next game or not.
  7. Just giving you a hard time. I like seeing me at the bottom.
  8. I have read it up and down and still have no clue why you would throw me a pity point. Anyway, I am going to go with a B
  9. I'm going to say nix. I want to take my guess back
  10. JJMFP

    Airing Grievances.

    Well, with streaming on Twitch, I can Rep the website. Let viewers know that we have an active LFG, tell them about the content and community, as well as the overall content. We are not just another forum. I feel that we have a lot to offer. Just look at the good work "Unity Series". We have talent, we just need more exposure. I feel that this is not a DEVs job alone. It is my duty, as a donor, to take some form off responsibility for the success of this forum. I may not have donated much to the cause but I am proud of this title. We just need people that have the same mindset. I can
  11. JJMFP

    Airing Grievances.

    I say we add a new section dedicated to online streaming. The interaction could be worth the time given. I don't know if anyone streams but it is a dimension I don't think we have breached. I think it would be a good idea so that when someone plans on streaming, say the EE, they post here and then people can know that they have a place to go to see how everyone is doing things different. We have to compete with Youtube and Twich for followers. If we don't try then we will never succeed. Any thoughts on this?
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