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  1. I am going to be on PS4 playing zombies today around 2 pm EST.  I will have one with me that is a zombie veteran but has not had the chance to play the new hotness.  If anyone wants to join in on the fun, hit me up on psn (JJMFP)!

  2. Looking to do BOTD EE.  Need two.

  3. It looks like the Website is buzzing right now.  I no longer see just two people on at a time.  My prediction has come to fruition.  Its good to be back!

  4. OH, how you are a product of BO2. Zombie Shields and buildable weapons are a new concept for the franchise, and I miss the days of spinning the roullette wheel, and grabbing the thundergun first.(@KlowniiN-)
  5. I could get it fairly easy. Sounds like a viable option.
  6. The Blue water + Kt4 also gives you guns, AA Bullet, and various other power-ups. Photo courtesy of @JESPERGRAN
  7. I never thought of sacrifing. Could be something there...
  8. It may be subtle but I am 80% positive that it has some meaning. Funny thing is, when I researched it on the net, no one is talking about it. They are only focused on the 935. Someone has to explore it more in depth.
  9. HAHAHAHA. Well. Ever since the elusion of Easter Eggs not found, I have tried little things that other people seem to have overlooked. This is one of them. Everyone knows that when the clock is on 9:35, lightning strikes the tower and we go get the plunger. I decided, that, 115 is just as important, if not more, than 935. The rate in which the lightning strikes leaves me suspicous. Got to be something there.
  10. Everybody knows how to get the plunger, right? Well, I was fooling around and decided that, hey if it works on 9:35, why not see what happens when I turn it to 1:15. Interesting enough, lightning continually strikes the tower, annotating that something different is going on. After looking everywhere, I found no hint at another hinden Easter Egg. I turned the clock to 9:35, obtained the plunger and the repeated the 1:15. This time I just left it there, lightning strikes and all. I also tried to jump into the portals, before and after grabbing the plunger, with no results. Does anyone know of this phenomenon. I search the web and this site but every seems to be focused solely on the 9:35.
  11. With that dragon, it showed almost like a trap scenario, when if fired up that whole zombie train. I think it may be fair to say that we will be using the dragon to complete part of the easter egg. Only thing is, what happens if we get burnt? (pun intended to direct the possiblity of failure). Remember, with so many hints to MotD, there were two paths to take. One may fail our mission, while the other may not. Just a thought.
  12. I am not @NaBrZHunter I am @JJMFP:23:

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      Damn I'm still just Boom

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      No way! The "illustrious and downright handsome Boom" himself???

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      One in the same

  13. Did you extract any from the cocoons? They slowly limp around and could have gotten overlooked. Or, something I had an issue with is Zombies running into walls and door ways. I have only seen it at the Green Water entrance to the bunker and the entrance to Green Water Lab (the 1000 door/ 750 solo). They just sit there running into the rocks or vegitation and I have been unable to reproduce it. It just seems like a random glitch.
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