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  1. Hahaha, thanks all! So the KT-4 is good enough, somehow I expected you'd need the Masamune. Is it more likely to get the AA shell when using more water on the same plant? Will it stay there to pick up, or will it vanish and come out of a plant again later?
  2. So has anyone figured out all the possible rewards for gardening and listed them yet? Using green water makes the plant that leaves a zombie alive for you. Using purple water makes the one that attracts zombies. Using Blue water is where it gets more interesting, as you can get all kinds of rewards from them. Now what would rainbow water do for you? Does it pick one of the three regular water colors at random? Leaving you with all kinds of plants? Other plants of interest: I was told that using three different kinds of water could
  3. It was a bit buggy at launch, but it's not that bad anymore. Most of the times. Cool environment, ambient sounds and character quotes. I enjoy playing it until it breaks again.
  4. Alright. I doubt I'm the one to find it though ;)
  5. Isn't that just the ADGFX Cypher in Mob of the Dead's loading screen? I doubt it's a painting of some birch trees.
  6. I couldn't find it to do anything either. I like the 115 quote in Mob of the Dead better than the 935 song, so I tried this too ;)
  7. I think it's just to advertise his Youtube channel..... XD
  8. Glitches will be glitches. Hahahah. I just wondered if I did something wrong at first. It seems like a proper bug you can't do much about. Oh well....
  9. @DaveLo07 In that case, we might bump into each other some time ;) I don't know at what time I'll be playing though.
  10. I'm terrible at this game. In both game modes. I appreciate the offer, but I'll just get us killed in an early round ;)
  11. It's a great game mode! I'm pretty bad at it though, hahahah.
  12. I took a look at the latest patch notes, but I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. I don't know what causes your struggle to be honest. By the way, I have the same thing sometimes. Some days, playing seems more difficult than other days. This goes for any game, be it a shooter or a race game or whatever.
  13. That may have been the case. I couldn't find the zombie, but I'll keep it in mind, especially that spot. When Shadows released, it had the Margwa's running into objects as well, except they didn't count towards the rounds. I've also seen clips of the Panzer being stuck, but I think it was fixed before I played it on xbox. P.S. I think the cocoon zombies are just as fast as the average zombie in that round. Last time I knifed those bags, I really had to run. XD
  14. I played ZNS last night and I had to quit a game because the zombies stopped spawning in. Checked every plant location I could think of and finally gave up after running around the full map three times. Anyone else had this problem?
  15. Koslans

    DLC 3

    I think the scraps of paper that you mean are the letter from the Emperor that is written in Japanese. But I'm not into cyphers or storyline. I think a Google or Youtube search should give you the answer though.
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