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  1. The round skipping to the next one while underwater is pretty dangerous. As for power, I turn it on as quick as I can. I Don't know why. Always did this on about every map so far. Well, maybe I wait a round when I play 'Five'. I'm one of those guys that likes to buy Juggernog before a gun.
  2. Maybe it was the title of this thread combined with the exact moment I joined in on this thread. Anyway, I found it hard to tell. Hahahah.
  3. At least they fixed the issue that you couldn't play split-screen at all <3
  4. Which was the other map you didn't like and why?
  5. The cutscene is pretty righteous! I wonder why DE was in comic style btw, but that's a bit off-topic I suppose.
  6. People use the slide other than walking back and forth on the bo3 maps? You actually use it when hoarding up zombies? Ok there's this gumball now, but would it be worth a slot?
  7. What about the BO1 terminal which you can access when we untie ourselves from that chair? Isn't there is a Kennedy file in there with dates to match it?
  8. What was wrong with the DRS-50? It was pretty strong. With triple (?) pack a punch, you could get iron sights. If only BO3 had the same system to work your scopes.....
  9. The video seems to be gone, or it might not play for me for any reason. How many pods did you have to open and at which round did you finally get the part? I've gotten the Shadows of Evil wonder weapons as early as round 15 and as late as round 35. What is RNG by the way?
  10. Another thing to take note of is the fact that the double pack a punch effects make guns so powerful that you don't have to flop. Although it's fun to do at times. I think I might play one or two of the old maps this weekend.
  11. Koslans


    Ahh, I forgot, they have 2 of them per person. Well, the story line is way too complicated for me anyway, lol. I'm happy if I can find my way back to Juggernog after I down. If I can find the way in the first place.
  12. Koslans


    Don't tell me Mob of the Dead is their 'insurance policy'... Sure it's the easiest map of all, but I still wouldn't feel really save over there.

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