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  1. This was already posted here 6.5 years ago, but my post was atrociously messy (feel free to delete it). So I'm drawing attention to this mode that I literally still play today. Edit: This now works on XB1. They fixed the multiple team issue. Play with a buddy or just bots. It really is fun, give it a try if you want a little BO2 nostalgia. Concept: 5 two man teams, 1 life per round, multiple rounds to 35 points. Rules and set up: Bots: 1 friendly bot (or real life person), 8 enemy bots (the other 4 two-man teams). Pray your teammate is not shield guy. Maps: Small only. Highjacked, Slums, Rush, Standoff, Raid, Hydro, Grind, Encore, Studio. Avoid Nuke Town and Carrier because teams spawn in sight of each other (or just accept this issue exists and deal with it). Team Deathmatch settings as they appear: Time limit: 1.5 minute rounds. Otherwise it gets boring waiting for bots to find each other if you are dead, this is also why small maps are a must. Most killing is done by this point anyway. Rush to get points, camping is a bad early round play. Score limit: 35 points. Teams: 5. (Hardcore off). Team Deathmatch Settings: Points per kill = 2, Points per death = 1 (minus 1 really), Headshot Bonus Points = 1. Number of Lives = 1. Round Limit = Unlimited. General Settings (change these to) Team Change in game off, Dynamic Map off, Killcam off, then turn off the last 5 options: Revenge voice, Battlechatter, Announcer, explosive and kill streak delays (these last 2 are important). Spawn Settings: No necessary changes. Health and Damage Settings: Health regeneration = None (this is important), Friendly Fire = On. I hate when my bot shoots me, you could leave it off, it isn't usually a big deal. Custom Classes: CC = Allowed. Selections Allowed = 17 (not the usual 10). Make classes for this mode, suggestions below. Preset Classes: PC = Global. Set up the 5 Preset Classes with 17 slots (as allowed by Custom Class above). This way, you have 10 classes to choose (5 reg, 5 preset) and any friends that join could just use these for quick play. That's the set up, here's suggestions; Don't give up if you get early downs as you can make huge comebacks by eating the winners and staying alive. The game goes to 35, pace yourself. You'll quickly grasp the spawn areas and find the nearby bots. Get kills quick, you could be 1 of 2 players alive without seeing action if you are too slow. Class tips: Move fast, light guns, run Sensor Grenades, EMP, Stun, or Shocks, with C4, Semtex, or Claymore lethals. Tac Insert is pointless. Flak or Lightweight, Toughness and/or Scavenger for more sensors/lethals. Dead Silence and/or Engineer. (Remember, 17 slots). Killstreaks: Recommend; uav, RCXD (good at round start, round end, or if you are hurt bad), Hunter Killer. Cheap to get (low kills) and effective for the mode. Save Custom Game. I hope that someone tries this out for a day and falls in love with it as I have. Happy Gaming all! -83457
  2. I'm just here to say that that is pretty cool.
  3. Some good points, so let me clarify. Also hey! BO4 late camping may be a thing, but solo early is just zombies appearing from load spots right behind you (and everwhere else). Sans dlc, the base game was "run, then run more". I tried camping and posted on a few when this was new. But I've never done late game in BO4 because I (like most) despise BO4 zombies. Even getting to 40 just felt annoyimg, not fun. As for camping in general, I lost all desire to play past like 45 in most zombies because it becomes tedium: "shoot rocket at feet" and such. Or just take 30+ minutes to end a round of mindless repetition. So when I say camping is more fun, I meant "in my opinion, for fun, I'd rather camp for 30+ rounds in one spot trying to hold my ground, rather than make round 70+ by running in the same circle". 'Each to their own' is a fair way to describe this here with decent players, but most players (who are never on a forum) just try to camp and die before r15 more than they try to run for 30+ rounds, from what I've seen. So I'm unfamiliar with high round bo4, but in waw, bo, bo2, and bo3, I've always seen running as the high round strategy...but I'm not that good. Obviously some maps/WWs lend to running, some to camping. Text always seems so judgemental and final. I just meant to express my opinion and the players I've seen. Happy gaming all. I loved training when new, I got sick of it by bo3. Everyone else's opinions are just as valid...unless bo1 is your favorite zombies, then your opinion is just wrong! Mwuhahahaha!
  4. Hi new guy. I loved training when it was the new thing back in SNN. In BO3, it got a little forced, and in BO4, it killed the game entirely (52% on xb gave BO4 1 star). Camping is fun, training got really, really old and unfun by BO4. To this day, every zombie player that I speak with irl misses 4 man camping in the old WaW maps. Nobody says "running around alone is so awesome". Ha.
  5. It must be me or an odd bug. I'll have at it again, again. :) Thanks for the feedback!
  6. I have not tried BO1. I might like it better on xb1 if some bugs don't happen. The sickle/bowie doing no damage bug killed that game for me. Maybe I'll toss it in xb1 for nostalgia, I loved it when it came out, but it soured with time. Edit: I missed the gun glitches of WaW, they were so much fun. I even came up with a few, like extra guns from revives on zv, and the whole 'zombie magnets' thing which I've heard other people call it that so I knew they read my cheats back in the day. Just yesterday I revisited the old cheat site and read some old cheats, and it was literally 10 years and 2 days ago that I wrote the first cheat that I came upon yesterday. Oh nostalgia...
  7. So you can put money in the bank as well as take it out? Weird. I took almost 20k from the bank in Die Rise and died eventually. I played Buried and could not put money back in the bank. Then I thought 'maybe each map is separate on xb1' so I went back to Die Rise and there is no way to put money in the shower-bank, only withdraw. I didn't dashboard out of games or anything that might have lost the info that I took 20k out. Thanks for the feedback, I'll check it again.
  8. Hello zombie and similar fans! I just wanted to mention some backwards compatibility stuff regarding XB1 and CoD. Just some advice or reviews of these redos. First off, the xb1 controller is so much nicer on your hands than the clunkier 360 version, and the functionality is just better. Revisiting Extinction with a hand-friendly controller is nice since the 360 version gave me sore thumbs. And running circles in zombies is tighter/easier with xb1. BO2: There was just an update to this game recently, and I did not check what was fixed, so if I stupidly mention something that is now fixed, I'm sorry. BO2 zombies, I could take money from the bank, but not replenish it. I don't know if the bank is infinite or will get drained. (Maybe fixed). Bo2 bots: Many game rules adjustments were missing, like having 5 tdm teams in one game, and a few other items. I often make fun bot games and the xb1 version is lacking. (Maybe fixed). Overall, BO2 reprint was forgettable, I may as well play on xb360. BO2 Cool story Bro: My friend lent his 360 to his gf, so insisted that I download it on xb1 and play with him. Once downloaded, he realized that his xb gold ran out 2 days earlier. We never played it together. WaW: I downloaded this assuming it would be "fixed" of glitches and be no fun, but I was wrong. Easier controller, clearer graphics and 'drops', and all the glitches that I tested worked as normal, but I did not test them all. The only difference was the 'visual water effect' in Zombie Verrückt is gone if you walk through the falling water. I tested zombie magnets, extra BB from Mack Sammo on SNN and DR, the 'view your kills in solo mode'/splitscreen glitch, betty-perk extra gunslots on ZV (presumably still works on revives too, untested), perk-?box extra gunslots on SNN. I did not test the BB/?box extra gunslots since I only played solo, and I did not test the BB/Kar98/PaP 3rd gun solo glitch and '3+ pap guns' glitches as I never got around to DR play, but I feel everything plays like the original, only crisper and with a better controller. I did not test the quantity of zombies per round on SNN, I'm not sure if there is still a small amount per round for easy 100+ matches. Best zombies ever, just slightly better. Ghosts: The offline bot games play as the 360, only you need to set them up and save them again. All settings seem the same. You still have 10 class slots if you bought them back in the day. Extinction: It seems the fog seems foggier, but overall the game looks cleaner or clearer. The xb1 controller is so much kinder to the hands. Ex Online: Everything saves and carried over. I'm L31 eyeball with my 5555 extra teeth. Ex offline: Offline profiles, even shared with the same online profile, are gone. My god is Extinction hard at start, solo, with everything locked and no 'teeth' unlocked. Well, that's what I've got to type. I hope that I helped you decide to go retro or not, or maybe I just posted something to read. Happy gaming! P.S. I was gonna revisit Bleak slOps 4, but it wanted me to waste another 32gb on downloads for the worst cod zombies ever made. Well I deleted that shitty failure of a game and fit all these old games easily in its footprint. :) Beauty in symmetry. Edit: I'll update as I find any issues or things of value, and confirm others like zombies per round in SNN. I just need time.
  9. There is a small brown rectangle in each spot. Right of Dogshit Daiquiri, and right of the SMG upstairs. Then go down steps and immediately on your left, or on the left before the next steps on a small ledge. Then go down again and I think those two spots are on the right, in a bookshelf and then on a smaller ledge on the other wall before the air lock to pyramid. /iirc from memory.
  10. Ah yes. PC is definitely a better performing platform on so many levels. The only real good part of console right now is no (or limited) cheaters. I'd opine that XB1 is jankier that XB360 was overall, despite some improvements like a more hand-friendly controller, and graphics-wise.
  11. Was PC free of this issue? I thought all platforms had the issue. Not one match has crashed since the update was done. Previously like 80% of games ended in a crash. Took them 4 years but at least they did it.
  12. I hate BO4, but I've made it to 40s on VoD. I ran the Dining Hall, doors open to grand staircase, doors closed in Gallery to Deck (though this last bit doesn't seem to matter). Just keep looping that center white wall section. The stupid Turret actually helps. Alternately, I've run Forecastle (up and down steps) and the Poop Deck by the Shield Workbench, but they are scarier than Dining Hall.
  13. Hey all, I remade this post to help others who may be confused and seeking answers. Tags were added to attract information seekers. In October 2019, BO3 was updated to fix the issue which crashed Gorod Krovi on the Easter Egg (Main Quest if you prefer). This also reduced other visual and sound errors. This resulted in some changes, like zombie spawns in Revolution and other minor things. It may appear as a 7gb or 68gb update. However, the game simply re-installs and re-writes itself, taking no additional HD space at all. This gigantic update is also relatively quick. Mine did the 68gb rewrite in roughly 45 minutes on XB. Happy BO3ing!
  14. I started right about the same time as OP did, but I was 39, not 5. I've probably told it here before, but my friend wanted to show me this zombie game where "you were trapped in a house and zombies broke in but you could fix windows to keep them out". It sounded dreadful and boring and it was. Everytime I went there, we played this stupid game when suddenly I heard myself say "I guess that I need to get this stupid game". Edit: I forgot to mention that he had a new copy (in plastic still) of WaW and just gave it to me right then, so we could play online. I beat the campaign to unlock Nazi Zombies (remember unlocking the mode?) and began playing it. Then another friend got sucked in (splitscreen), and dlc 1 came out with Zombie Verrückt and we were blown away by the improvements over NDU. Soon we learned to "kite" zombies on SNN and then PaP and Bowie runs on Der Riese. I just played bo3 recently after they finally fixed it (Oct 2019). Still fun stuff. Nothing beats the originals for me, but bo3 reprints were pretty close. If we could just make zombies great again...
  15. Hey man! BO4 is the New Coke of Zombies.... Too much high fructose corn syrup. :0

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