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  1. Here is a video i found on YT of some guy shooting the pistol, then he attaches a shoulder stock on it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV9J2ceUeUk My theory is that maybe in DLC4, it starts out as just a pistol. Maybe you get it from the box. Then you run around the map & pick up or maybe even build parts for it. Like that attachment scope, the shoulder stock, that extended mag. Maybe you can choose what you want it to be?. Like the scope to make it a sniper. The mag & shoulder stock to make it an SMG/MG.
  2. So does anyone know how to get this perma perk?. Some say you have to constantly buy the Olympia off the wall. While others say you have to draw all the chalk weapons, then buy them all. I'm not at my Xbox right now, so i can't like test it or anything. I don't wanna say just keep buying the Olympia over & over again every game, cause how does it know to automatically switch to a ray gun. Anyone have any leads on this PP?. Video proof for Die Rise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ewqcu9V8F40 (green mist) - Russman (solo) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97t1DvN-EAE (green mist ) - Marlton (4 players) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUhv9dwMYXo (greenmist) - Samuel (4 players) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zncgtcgy6i0 (greenmist) - solo - All 3 maps (samuel / Marlton) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGgKpyaVqeQ (4 players) ( No green mist? ) - Marlton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDEoRcA33h4 ( No green mist? ) (solo) - Marlton ~way
  3. So basically to get this, just keep restarting games after you buy 4 perks?. Like say you get 4 perks & you don't get a green puff. End the game & do it again & again & again until you get a green puff?.
  4. Thief

    The Mansion?

    So you obviously can't go to the mansion every round to get a free perk. Like say you go to the mansion & get SOH. If you go back, she wont follow you out. Does anyone know how many rounds you need to wait before you go back to the mansion for a free perk?.
  5. Thief

    8th Perk?

    Already tried it bro & got nothing.
  6. Tried it twice & got nothing.
  7. Thief

    8th Perk?

    I don't even know. These persistent perks that they introduced in BO2 are really retarded. No one knows how to get them. You loose them randomly & instantly. Iv'e tried the same exact strategies as everyone else. You go into the mansion, get 7 perks, go back, get the perk bottle & that activates it. You get 4 perks on round 1 & that activates it. I don't even know. Seriously Buried is getting on my nerves. I'm doing exactly what everyone else is doing. Do i get it? NO.
  8. Thief

    8th Perk?

    Idk bro. All i know is that when i watched my friend's recent game. All he did was buy all 4 perks. He kept going back into the mansion for the others. And finally when he got them, he went back in a again, picked up the bottle & that bottle activated it. He wasn't holding candy, or booze, or anything. I then went & tried that same exact thing & nothing. So i figured i'd come here, maybe someone here knew how to get it.
  9. Thief

    8th Perk?

    I think it's if you go in the Mansion and not get touched once you'll get this. But it's not a perk, also you only lose one perk when you go down. The 7 perk thing is only for when you do the easter egg. Once you complete it, only in that game even if you go down, you keep all your perks. Wait wait wait. I'm so confused. Are you thinking of what i'm talking about as the easter egg thing?. Cause you can get 7 perks w/o doing the easter egg & i watched my friends video & yes he did get hit, but still got it.
  10. Thief

    8th Perk?

    People are saying that there's a secret 8th perk & that it allows you, while going down, to still keep all perks except quick revive. Now my friend told me to get it, get 4 perks, keep going into the mansion & killing the ghost lady until you get 7 perks, go back into the mansion & she'll drop a perk bottle, when you pick it up, it'll activate this perma perk thing, but iv'e done that same exact thing multiple times & nothing, i still loose everything upon going down.
  11. -Question #1- David V tweeted out saying his name is not leroy, if you do the EE, you'll find out his real name - http://gyazo.com/552ca51873b72e3e0f3264a0a993dc5e Has anyone found it out yet?. -Question #2- If you do Richtofen EE, he takes over samuel's body. What happens to Maxis?. Also do these 4, except probably Samuel, die?.
  12. I'm wondering that as well. I went and watched the recent game for the #1 spot on solo player & he had all 7 perks & when he went down he only lost one, which was Quick Revive, and he kept the rest, but the weird thing is that he purchased 3 perks at the beginning of the game - jug, quick & soh & the rest he got for free killing the ghost lady.
  13. Is it still available via the box, or did they hotfix it?. Also people seem to think it's only for "Season Pass Holders". I find that stupid cause isn't it an accident that they put it in?. Even if the "Season Pass" thing is true, when Buried actually comes out, will everyone be able to get it or will it still only be available to season pass holders?.
  14. I think they fixed the LB's to where if someone backs out, It still counts. I was playing 4 player before & everyone backed out & i was only one left & since i was playing alone, I was able to pause the game like you can do in actually solo. If the game recognizes you're in solo, Shouldn't it recognize the rounds?. I unfortunately died before i can get past my solo high round to see if it counts, So can someone who has a low solo round, Go into online, Make them all leave, Get past your solo round, Die & check the LB's to see if it counted & please report back to this thread.
  15. I mean who knows. No one knew that you could upgrade it in the first place, So a possibility?... Yes!. I have a theory, Can someone please test it for me?, Thnx. - Upgrade the Retriever into the Redeemer, Then go back to the bridge, Get 30+ kills (I'd suggest staying for 2 whole rounds using Redeemer only), Then go back to map, Throw into pit, See if it takes it. Who knows, Maybe the 3rd one is green & it has acid. The Retriever is red, So it's on fire. Redeemer is blue, So electricity. Maybe 3rd is green, So acid.
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