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  1. Devil vs Weasel?. So the devil is trying to get rid of him?, Why?. Cause he killed people & did sketchy things?. Also yeah i heard about that the reason Cherry doesn't fade out like the rest of the perks is cause it was the 1st one made back in that time & these are new ones, Made years later, But i also heard from a YT video, I think HexZombies, Not to sure, But he said it could be like a space tear, Ripping through the map.
  2. So if you enter "115", It quickly turns to "666". And if you enter "935", It quickly turns to "777". 777 is Gods number, As 666 is Satan's number. So is this map in the mist of fighting good & devil, Maybe that's why the perk machines & PAP sort of look like they are disappearing, Some say it is a tear/rip in space. Maybe good vs evil explains why that is?. Edit: People say since you don't do an EE in MOTD for either Maxis or Richtofen, They are not involved in this map, Yet they are. Richtofen obv isn't in control of the Zombies, But when you look at the fireworks in the sky, There are only 2 colors - Orange & Blue. Orange = Maxis, Blue = Richtofen. You see Maxis' whole plan is to overthrow Richtofen. So maybe Richtofen in the case is the "Evil" & Maxis is the "Good", Hence the two numbers - 777 & 666. I know that probably doesn't make much sense cause then wouldn't Richtofen be in control, But idk. I'm not good at theories, But the whole Good vs Evil thing does make sense & also maxis trying to overthrow richtofen making maxis the good & richtofen the evil. Edit #2: So many people are confused as to who controls the Zombies on MOTD since it's not Richtofen. Well as we know, Element 115 created the Zombies.... So as we though. In MOTD when you go to the numbers generator for the plane part in the cage & you enter "115", You here a voice, Sounds a little like Brutus that says, "Not this time" & the numbers quickly change to "666". Well maybe in MOTD the Zombies were never created by Element 115, But by Satan. Maybe now we have 2 types of Zombies. 1) The yellowed & blue eyed ones that richtofen & samantha control which were made by 115 & now the red eyed ones, Red obv representing hell, Controlled and/or made by Satan himself.
  3. It's not a fucking glitch. God i'm tired of kids calling it a glitch, Saying oh i don't do glitches, It's a glitch. It's not a fucking glitch. Do you jump anywhere outside of the map ?, No. Do you go anywhere in an invincibility spot ?, No. Do you go anywhere in a pile up spot ?, No. Zombies can still get to you & can still attack you. It's the same exact thing as spawn killing in MP, It's not a glitch.

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