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  1. Ryan Nowell

    see me at the cafeteria!

    Got to round 30 on my 6th swing at it. Ranked 189th on solo. Blundergat pap with acid upgrade and the death machine pap with hells retriever and riot shield. Took the plane like 6 times too. Yes, I am bragging. :)
  2. Ryan Nowell

    Jumping Jacks Being The Clue For Next Map?

    I thought it looked like a set of mine cart wheels
  3. Good Call Out. I saw (and still see) a mine cart wheel and we'll be playing under ground in a coal mining area.. Not really sure where
  4. Ryan Nowell

    Jumping Jacks Being The Clue For Next Map?

    They're Evolving. Maybe into the 'Beast' at the end of DIE RISE. They do speak of a beast in a few of the maps.
  5. Ryan Nowell

    Jumping Jacks Being The Clue For Next Map?

    Seems like you thought too deeply about it lol. I was just pointing out the hands. haha
  6. Ryan Nowell

    The Flesh

    NGT Zombies has 3 parts of stu's audio quotes...
  7. Ryan Nowell

    Jumping Jacks Being The Clue For Next Map?

    Or Perhaps, In Space again? Ohhh Saturn, Here we come!!
  8. 'Jumping Jacks' sounds retarded. Nova-Phasers makes more sense. Plus, I Like It! Now On To My Theory With Potential Proof? :arrow: :idea: Here is an image of the "Nova Phasers" taken out of a Youtube video... Now, I like how they have "Webbed Hands/Feet." Perhaps this is a clue for our next map? Maybe, We Will Be Playing Under Water Somewhere?! Using Advanced Under Water Technology in Atlantis? 8-)
  9. If they do that they might as well not create a whole map, but rather expand on nuke town... Purhaps a tranzit mode where the mode of transport is some kind of train or tunnel, there could be a seceret area where we get to access the. Teleporter to moon breifly, maybe find something about where the O4 have gone..., there could be an underground lab area possibly? The map name could be A-51... THAT"S WHAT IM SAYING!! Expand on Nuketown! When Nuketown is highlighted, you see that we play on this "sliver" of a map and the rest is blocked off. 2/3 of the map is highlighted along the rest of the map. They need to open it up now. I won't play that map ever again. Unless they open it up or add in a real easter egg.
  10. Maybe we'll play underneath Nuketown. There are images of 'Underground bases' being built inside the craters after they were formed with nuclear tests. Maybe we'll be able to go inside the Fallout Shelter at some point in the story? Maybe Marlton forgot something vital in these series of events? hmmm
  11. Ryan Nowell

    CG_Spawn: no free fake entities

    I was in theater mode. but I wasn't in it too long
  12. Has anybody else had this error message pop up on them? What does it mean?
  13. Ryan Nowell

    Tac Inserts..

    YES! Awesome!!
  14. Ryan Nowell

    Tac Inserts..

    I guess I'm a Forum noob lol
  15. Ryan Nowell

    Tac Inserts..

    you don' spawn next to your tombstone. I'm talking about choosing where you spawn so that when you spawn, you'll be where you chose. You don't have to have your team all get together in one spot where all of the zombies are going to be.

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