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  1. It's the worthless thing in the game. I'm talking about the suppose to be, but not at all "Permaperks." How are you going to take PHD Flopper from its' Perk Machine, But have the machine on two of the maps? What the hell is wrong with yall? The New Wunder-Weapon allows you to fly and glide. But you loose PHD just before you hit the ground? Does that even make sense? I'm tired of taking fall damage when I get "PHD Flopper!" what's the point? I'm about fed up with all of your DLC and all your bullpiss. These 'Green Poofs' are getting on my nerves. I want to toggle On/OFF Switch for your lame ass "Permaperks." I don't try to get them and I don't try to keep them. Just put all of the perk machines in a single fucked up room. ALL OF THEM. In a Circled room up against the wall and it spins real fast that you and the zombies get stuck to the wall. Like that Carnival ride. PERMAPERKS ARE STUPID. GET RID OF THEM. THEY ARE A FAILED EXPERIMENT. STOP ADDING TO IT. THEY"RE WASTED MEMORY ON MY HARD DRIVE. JUST INCORPORATE THOSE BUTT FUMBLES IN THE EASY MODE.
  2. Got to round 30 on my 6th swing at it. Ranked 189th on solo. Blundergat pap with acid upgrade and the death machine pap with hells retriever and riot shield. Took the plane like 6 times too. Yes, I am bragging. :)
  3. I was playing with a few buddies of mine and we built the plane and two of us jumped on it. The n couldn't get a prompt to ride the plane. He stood there, walking back and forth tryan indication to hit 'x' and the plane took off. You figure, with a few people, the plane wouldn't take off so fast. I mean, you can't get hit while on the plane, so what's it matter? Please fix those issues. The 'limited prompt' and the take off time. Other than that, no patches need to be made on this map. Unless you see people glitching or exploiting
  4. Why do I get the feeling that this perk only works when you don't want it to work? I thought it was suppose to kill and/or stun zombies? But it seems to only work when you have one zombie left... Btw, eastereeg is way easier by yourself.
  5. Loud footsteps sorta indicate that the huge zombie from the Boss Wave in MOTD, is the mysterious big footed mofo at the end of Die Rise. lol The lock was also unlocked and the door was opened and closed immediately after. In the video for MOTD, we hear the zombie speak once he gets killed with instant kill. (He also didn't drop any power ups sucks!) Maybe this zombie has basic human intelligence? He speaks.. He could also be able to unlock doors at any time, if given a key. Maybe what we are looking at is the result of "The Flesh" and Maybe Stu is turning into one of these? (That last one was more of a theory with nothing to back it up lol)
  6. Either the Hell Hounds are in control of them or the Devil. The Raming Zombie speaks, maybe he's sorta in control over them?
  7. Does My Big Ass Tax Return Count? HAHA!
  8. The perk that is. They used my perk idea. well they modified it a little bit. still cool.
  9. i typed out a 3 page essay about ......................................................................................................................................... And it logged me off after I sent it.. why?
  10. I don't think I bought the game because some celeberty told me to. I've been playing Cod besically since before it was cool. I've seen the very game I love evolve into a great game. Never once, in those 7-8 years, was I ever lied to about the game and it's downloadable content. It's a low blow to humanity. This whole thing would be slightly better if NTZ was released for Season Pass Holders when DLC 4 comes out. That way I could play it and laugh at others for not paying for the Hardened Edition. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
  11. I was in the china room (upside down room next to power) and it spawned me at the very edge of a huge drop to the bottom and I was facing nothing. That's not very fair.
  12. Since we are only getting 4 DLC map packs, efn tran and its zits of a map(s) and ntz.... Dude, I'm upset. I dont even want to get the other DLCs.. We have this big ass EARTH that I can scroll through.. So, Let's see... NTZ (Global Scam) Tranzit... And the zits. Die Rise (Not Fun AnyMore) Turned (Never going to play it) ??? Probably going to be fun until it's patched over some bs. ??? Probably going to be fun until it's patched over some bs.. ??? Probably going to be fun until it's patched over some bs... That's horrible. That's, LOW expectations. That's what that is. My Expectations are lowered now. You had this imaginary bar set so high that you couldn't reach it. Then You step on our high hopes to reach it.
  13. We paid 20 bucks for a map we could have had for free if we only knew to wait one single month. That doesn't seem all that fair. That's like Subway sayin "Every Foot Long 5 Bucks!... Except that one you ordered. Oh, you only have 5 bucks? We'll take your money and here's a pickle. Go F*** Yourself." Even Xbox has a refund/compensation system when they know they screwed up. Yeah Microsoft has the money to do this. But you mean to tell me These two companies (Treyarch/Activision) don't? As long as this outrage has gone on. I am really surprised nobody from the higher ups have addressed this ISSUE. Thought the community was what you were trying to make as the heart of your bussiness? You fix EVERY ISSUE but this one that is going to haunt you. Idk, I wouldn't want a publishist making a bad name of my multi billion dollar industry. If I were Treyarch, I would start now, look for another publisher and right the wrong. You must've seen this scam coming a mile away? You must have got a cut from the Scam. idk, fuckin con-artists.
  14. Is Laughable half of the time. I usually spawn at the edge of a building or I'm completely cut off. I think I've revived myself once since the map came out. Does anyone have a list of spawn points? I'd like to know before I go down.
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