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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!

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  1. I'm not sure what to think right now... I don't want to go crazy and be angry at Treyarch because there has to be more to come, so i'm keeping faith and trusting Treyarch with this.
  2. I think i'm just one of the only people who really enjoyed BOII as a whole (except Origins... Please don't hate me.) but it's just my opinion after all and I just like those maps better than some of the ones featured in Revelations (At least I got see a bit of Mob of the dead again so this map fulfilled one of my wishes)
  3. It's not enough though.. I don't know it seems like they put that in there just so people couldn't say that those maps weren't included at all but that whole part of the story is still put to the side. But I guess this is the best we're going to get...
  4. At this point in time I can only think of one more con and it's the lack of maps featuring the TranZit crew, and I know that theres going to be things about it in the comics but that's not the point. It feels so wrong to have Revelations without at least one of the maps getting it's own area, why does Mob of the dead have an area but they want to erase TranZit, Die Rise and Buried? I'm upset because I feel like if people didn't complain about these maps so much then they wouldn't be forgotten... There needed to be an area dedicated to one of the maps and it would have probably been Buried. Thi
  5. So now that Black ops III is over I was curious what everyones top 5 zombies maps are My top 5 maps: 1. Mob of the dead This map will probably remain the best map in zombies history, they have never managed to make a map better than this one. This map had the best feeling when you played it for the very first time. I loved the new weapons so much and wasn't disappointed with any of them. The characters were really awesome and the maps story will always be my favorite part of the zombies story because it was just so different and interesting. This map wasn't too dif
  6. It's crazy that i'm super excited for zombies just from some logo that shows us almost nothing
  7. I'm just confused because why would Monty want them to split up? What would he gain from having them be enemies? And his way of doing it seems very strange, he's making Takeo distrust Dempsey and Richtofen but he only makes Dempsey distrust Richtofen, plus he never mentions anything to Nikolai about the others which is very weird. Theres is obviously something going on between Richtofen and Monty but what is it? Richtofen did all those bad things to reach his goal but he still did what Monty wanted him to do, so why would Monty have those bad feeling towards him? I trust Richtofen beca
  8. This may be a completely stupid topic.. Idk i get nervous before posting something on this site in case i look dumb. Please tell me if this is dumb. Thanks to JusticeOfKarma on Reddit for making a list of the quotes, a google docs can be found here where you see what other people have heard during the game. Okay so I think we’ve all noticed how much Richtofen has changed from the older games, I mean he’s still a little crazy but he’s had definitely changed but I don’t know if he can be trusted. He’s very cryptic and doesn’t tell the others many things about what's happe
  9. Ah thank you for this! I've been waiting to see one without people screaming down their mics whilst watching
  10. There isn't a decent video of it up yet but heres one that someone recorded from a stream (the people talking are so annoying) I'm at a loss for words after seeing this, it's just such a shame that the people who finished the EE first cheated and trash talked other streamers who put in actual effort..
  11. I'm on the fence about this game, I'm just not sure if I should get it or not. It looks amazing but I don't want to waste money especially when there's games like Mafia 3 coming out which I need to save the money for.
  12. The dragons are super cool and I like how they didn't make the fire an annoying feature, it can make things challenging sometimes but it can also really help you out in situations. FFAR + PPSH are great additions to the maps, especially the FFAR which is gun I hope I get out of the box all the time. The NX ShadowClaw seems like such a waste of time, it's weak and worthless, even with the ability to revive downed teammates you still wouldn't catch me using it. I hate setting up the dragon because it feels so boring and repetitive having to do it each game you play. The Valkyri
  13. Each comic series is different but I would say an issue every month is pretty normal from what i've dealt wtih, but theres no way to be sure until we have the details. They said they were doing signings at Comic Con (i think) so it's a physical comic definitely and most comics do digital versions now which are almost always cheaper.
  14. Well I was going for a high round but I got to round 15 then disconnected so i'm off to a great start
  15. Doing comics is such an amazing idea and i'm so glad they're going ahead with it. It's great to hear the Tranzit crew will be returning because I've missed them a lot and I've always liked them, just a shame that I wont be at Comic Con to hear/see more about it.
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