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  1. So the zombies have red eyes in this trailer and theres a dragon which is so similar to the ones found in Der Eisendrache, I think we are finally going to get some kind of answers about what the dragons are and the constant connections with Mob of the dead. I'm super excited for this map and I hope it isn't disappointing
  2. I was looking forward to a new specialist coming into the game since there was that specialist display with only a king of hearts card in it on the map Gauntlet, but now I have to say i'm disappointed because I was hoping for someone who was permanent and had decent abilities even if we had to buy them with real money. But at least we get more opportunities to earn items from the Black Market which is great.
  3. It's so nice to see a topic like this with such positivity about BO2 and especially the Tranzit crew. I can't exactly say I miss BO2 because I still play WaW, BO1 and BO2 on PS3 but I do miss the Tranzit crew a lot because they were just so great and I hate to say it but they're better than what we've had in BO3, Misty and Marlton are my favorite characters in zombies obviously along with Dempsey and Takeo. It's sad to think back to the BO2 days because people were just so horrible about the game and the characters which upset me, the characters were great and the voice actors did so well but everyone still complained which made the game feel unenjoyable, there were hardly any people who had a positive thing to say about zombies. Also I really miss MOTD a lot and I really want them to try and recreate the map because it will always be my favorite and it would be nice to play a new version or something that's similar.
  4. The new weapons look great as always! The skull splitter looks gorgeous and i'm excited to finally see a new launcher in multiplayer.
  5. DLC 2 maps aren't really that great in general except knockout (which is gorgeous) None of the maps are really good for getting a bunch of long shots since there aren't really any places that look over a huge part of the map, although the bridge in Verge might be a good place to try.
  6. The reveal trailer for infinite warfare just dropped and I think it looks pretty cool which is weird since I have no interest in Call of duty games unless it's made by Treyarch.
  7. To get long shots you should more frequently you should use a Varix 3 sight on your weapons to help you see and kill people easily. It's easy to get longshots but sometimes it does just require a bit of camping in the same spot. The maps I think you should try and play on are: Nuk3town - go into the orange house and sit right by the desk upstairs and just aim out the window Infection - sit as far as you can against the walls behind you in the church or the building in front of it and aim out the window Evac - theres a certain building on the map that has view which spans over a large area of the map (i'm not really good at explaining what it is)
  8. Well I know how copyright works but the way you described it as being impossible and not really stating what the reasons are i was thinking some kind of drama went down with the map but I was wrong. Also it's not impossible to get the characters back because cod doesn't have a hard time getting actors in for the games, if the actors said yes before then they would most likely say yes again. I think it would definitely possible for them to get the actors back because who would turn down an easy acting job?
  9. Sorry for the dumb question but what exactly are the reasons for them never coming back? Kind of sucks that it wouldn't come back because MOTD is my favorite map.
  10. It's a shame you're not enjoying MP. It's a lot of fun once you get into it and play the right mode for you, I personally enjoy playing Kill confirmed and Gun game. Maybe you should give it another try later on and if you still don't like it then that's fine but I would say it's really worth another shot.
  11. Nobody here seems to talk about multiplayer, do you guys not like it much then? I think it's really fun and I've had such a good time playing it recently. I love the specialists especially the outrider, she's really awesome. My issues with it are the maps are kind of boring and theres only 3 of them that I love. Another issue is that they decided to remove all the party games except Gun game which sucks because party games were the funnest part of multiplayer but at least we have one instead of none. Also matchmaking is broken for multiplayer but it's also broken for zombies which is extreamly annoying. I've been playing a lot more multiplayer than zombies which is weird because I bought this game for the zombies.
  12. That's honestly horrible, how could they make something that looks so bad? I feel like it isn't a real video but even the comments are saying it's true.
  13. I'm not sure exactly how difficult the map is yet. I've been playing multiplayer all the time at the moment and I've played Shadows of Evil a couple of times but each game I get into with randoms they never get far, the first time I played the map we survived to round 4 since my teammate killed me and someone else in a trap then the other two died right after.
  14. I totally agree that it's had better zombies than all the other games. They really spent their time on this map and put in all the effort which I feel like the other maps were lacking, i'm not sure exactly what it is about Shadows of Evil but I've just completely fallen in love with it.
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