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  1. I'm not sure what to think right now... I don't want to go crazy and be angry at Treyarch because there has to be more to come, so i'm keeping faith and trusting Treyarch with this.
  2. I think i'm just one of the only people who really enjoyed BOII as a whole (except Origins... Please don't hate me.) but it's just my opinion after all and I just like those maps better than some of the ones featured in Revelations (At least I got see a bit of Mob of the dead again so this map fulfilled one of my wishes)
  3. It's not enough though.. I don't know it seems like they put that in there just so people couldn't say that those maps weren't included at all but that whole part of the story is still put to the side. But I guess this is the best we're going to get...
  4. At this point in time I can only think of one more con and it's the lack of maps featuring the TranZit crew, and I know that theres going to be things about it in the comics but that's not the point. It feels so wrong to have Revelations without at least one of the maps getting it's own area, why does Mob of the dead have an area but they want to erase TranZit, Die Rise and Buried? I'm upset because I feel like if people didn't complain about these maps so much then they wouldn't be forgotten... There needed to be an area dedicated to one of the maps and it would have probably been Buried. This is the one big thing I really dislike about this map. I feel like i'm dealing with Star Wars again where they erased the prequels from everything... It sucks. This whole thing is just upsetting considering the fact that the TranZit crew maps are better than most of the ones included in Revelations
  5. So now that Black ops III is over I was curious what everyones top 5 zombies maps are My top 5 maps: 1. Mob of the dead This map will probably remain the best map in zombies history, they have never managed to make a map better than this one. This map had the best feeling when you played it for the very first time. I loved the new weapons so much and wasn't disappointed with any of them. The characters were really awesome and the maps story will always be my favorite part of the zombies story because it was just so different and interesting. This map wasn't too difficult which was something I loved about it, it wasn't a pain to set up and didn't feel boring each time you replayed it. I also loved grief in cell block, this was one of the best things about BOII even though many people disagree.. I used to play grief all the time on this map and had such a good time. 2. Five I love this map so much and this is probably my most played map from Black ops. I have so many good memories from when I played this map, I used to have my friends come to my house and we would play it all the time, I remember one of my friends didn't know how to play any video games and was just awful so I used to use the elevators and leave them alone to survive, they started screaming every time this happened. This map is just really fun and extremely underrated. I loved the map layout and the thief was really fun especially when you're freaking out with your friends about him trying to steal your guns. And the playable characters were funny to play as. 3. The giant I love this map a lot and I prefer playing this updated version than the old one but that's just my opinion. This map is simple and I like it because you don't have to do much, so whenever you want to have a chill zombies game you can just play this map. 4. Shadows of evil This map gets a lot of hate and I will never understand why. This map is amazing in so many ways, the setting is so beautiful and it's close to being as good as motd setting wise. This is the one map that I actually enjoy setting up (the rituals) I always have a lot of fun on this map. The characters are cool and their stories are interesting. I love the music in the map so much and it really makes the map even better. This map is probably the best from BOIII and I wish people would appreciate it more. 5. Der Eisendrache Der Eisendrache is a such an amazing map and it actually shocked me when I played it because I was kind of expecting something a bit rubbish.. I didn't like Origins at all so I was scared to see what the first new map back with the original characters would be like and I was so happy with the result. Gorgeous setting and the map layout was really good. The bows are awesome and one of my favorite weapons from zombies. This map never gets boring in my opinion and I could replay this all the time. I need to mention some maps that almost made the list: Tranzit Buried Kino der toten (Revelations will probably be on this list once I've played it more)
  6. Scream the tv series - I know it sounds awful but I think it's better than the movies and I love the movies Teen Wolf (don't judge me) Desperate Housewives (a modern masterpiece) Stranger Things Pretty Little Liars - idc about the plot anymore but I can't leave the characters behind, the older seasons were amazing though Orange Is the New Black Scream Queens iZombie Jessica Jones Ghost Adventures
  7. Don't ever stop saying you love TranZit, everyone has to keep spreading love for that map!! Keep letting everyone know that you like it. Also I love Mob of the dead so much (way too much) that it hurt to read this
  8. It's crazy that i'm super excited for zombies just from some logo that shows us almost nothing
  9. I'm just confused because why would Monty want them to split up? What would he gain from having them be enemies? And his way of doing it seems very strange, he's making Takeo distrust Dempsey and Richtofen but he only makes Dempsey distrust Richtofen, plus he never mentions anything to Nikolai about the others which is very weird. Theres is obviously something going on between Richtofen and Monty but what is it? Richtofen did all those bad things to reach his goal but he still did what Monty wanted him to do, so why would Monty have those bad feeling towards him? I trust Richtofen because he isn't the same person he used to be which is clear from his dialogue and I think even he is too tired to carry on with being bad. This is the quote you were talking about: I don't think Monty is telling him to ditch Maxis. I'm sorry I have more questions than answers
  10. It's a shame you couldn't make it but there's always next time! I think they're coming back to Europe in 2018 so it could be easy for you to get to wherever it is
  11. I don't know if anyone from here was there but I thought it would be cool to share some stuff for anyone who was a fan. It was an amazing day and I wish I could have been there for all 3 days but I only got to be there on the Sunday, there was so much stuff do to and we got bands that let us into two of the panels they had going on which were the Carrie Fisher panel and the Future filmmakers / Closing Ceremony I'm sad I didn't get to see any trailers at the Closing Ceremony which was something everyone expected but we got see John Boyega and the new Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) We got loads of exclusive stuff from the stores they had around: Exclusive Emoji pins: Shirts: Exclusive Pop! Vinyl: Other stuff: I kind of got see some of the new Rogue One costumes but they shut it before I could get a close look so I only got to see from outside so they aren't very good quality:
  12. I get this reaction from people all the time when I say I don't like the game, recently someone random person on a game started shouting at me for not liking it, they said I only hated it because it was popular and it doesn't make me cool to hate popular things. Oh and on the game we were playing they killed me because of it just so I couldn't do anything in the match we were playing anymore. Agreed. The fans are so rude, they're just a bunch of crybabies to be honest.
  13. Heres my unpopular opinions and yes none of them are jokes I loved Shadows of Evil and it's my second favorite map from Black ops 3 and probably in my top 5 out of all the maps People need to stop giving Infinite Warfare hate because it doesn't look bad at all and it's annoying that so many players wanted a change in Call of Duty yet they complain when they get one I thought X-men Apocalypse was an amazing movie and I liked it more than Days of Future past Days of Future past is the worst out of the new X-men movies and the best is First Class X-men Last Stand wasn't even a bad movie and I actually really enjoyed it X-men movies are better than Disney Marvel movies (still great movies though) Revenge of the sith is my favorite Star Wars movie of all time I think the prequel trio are better than the others Padmé is my favorite character from Star Wars I think the new Ghostbusters movie looks amazing and I can't wait to watch it Uncharted 2 is not the best Uncharted game it's the second worst. Uncharted 3 is better and Uncharted 4 is the best Uncharted game they made I like Sam Drake more than Nathan Drake. I also really like Rafe Nathan Drake doesn't deserve Elena Fisher I hate Undertale
  14. This may be a completely stupid topic.. Idk i get nervous before posting something on this site in case i look dumb. Please tell me if this is dumb. Thanks to JusticeOfKarma on Reddit for making a list of the quotes, a google docs can be found here where you see what other people have heard during the game. Okay so I think we’ve all noticed how much Richtofen has changed from the older games, I mean he’s still a little crazy but he’s had definitely changed but I don’t know if he can be trusted. He’s very cryptic and doesn’t tell the others many things about what's happening because he feels it would be too much of a burden for them to know (i think that’s what he says) but maybe he has other things planned or he could actually be telling the truth. Dr. Monty seems to think that he can’t be trusted from what he says to Dempsey about Richtofen in Gorod Krovi He seems so convinced that Richtofen is up to no good but I kind of think it’s all rubbish. I feel like Monty is messing with the other 3 because he knows they already have doubts about this whole thing. I’ve seen so many people say they feel like Monty is a bad guy so why wouldn’t he try to break the group up and foil their plans? I think he's trying to split the group up by telling them things that would make them distrust each other. We see that Monty is saying these things to make Takeo think that Richtofen and Dempsey are planning something against him and Nikolai. Also why would he talk to Dempsey and tell him how he thinks Richtofen can't be trusted then talks to Takeo saying he thinks Dempsey and Richtofen are working together? It doesn't make sense. Monty talks to other 3 in different tone to how he talks to Richtofen, he talks to them as if he is a friend and it always seems like he’s trying to make them feel like he can be trusted. Like I said before Monty knows that the others already dislike and distrust Richtofen so he keeps trying to play on that idea and makes comments about trusting him. I don’t know I can just see some sort of betrayal coming or something..
  15. Ah thank you for this! I've been waiting to see one without people screaming down their mics whilst watching

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