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  1. Sorry I guess I misunderstood the meaning of this thread. The Origins taking 3 hours to set up is doing the Easter Egg, to have Ice and Wind staffs accessible together for Max Ammos. Taking into account most of your comments, I guess a few of my ideas would be either OP, too game changing or not liked by everyone. Whilst the majority arent, Some leaderboard Glitchers are infact rather easy to identify,people who have round 95 Origins with 12 Kills... Or round 100 on any survival map, or round 25555, rounds that are simply impossible to achieve can be removed. Another note, I read
  2. What Zombies NEEDS: Removal of the 4 perk limit - The most urgent thing, 8 perks only 4 can be bought? Why? OR ill expand on this idea below. Refined Leaderboards - Private matches return, but when someone disconnectes or leaves a game, leaderboards carry on. If you disconnect from a game, you have a 10 minute period where you can join back in with your guns perks and points, and remain on the leaderboards. Glitchers be HEAVILY penalised. First offence - glitched round removed from leaderboards and one "strike against your profile visible to all players. Second offence - ALL yo
  3. Perk bottles with drinkable drinks in. Would buy one of each perk. Life size wonder weapon replicas like the wave gun that was at CoD XP
  4. Probably achieving my first round 100 Granted it was Ascension and I got there with 3 downs, but 100 was my goal and it was late so I suicided on 102.
  5. Yeah, I know my connection is not so good, but why cant the game just switch to offline, and back online if you reconnect, and the same with host migration, why should it kick you out of a game? Guess Ill stick to BO1 high rounds until I get better internet, maybe Ill try 100 Der Riese
  6. This is REALLY annoying, black ops 1 didnt have this problem, just played round 71 Origins with EE complete and set for 100, but upon "Disconnected from xbox live" My game ends to be told "network connection lost" I am playing SOLO, ONE player, why should disconnecting end my game? I could play offline, but then I get no leaderboards, and if leaderboards is the reason for this, then its utterly stupid, all the game needs to do is if you are online when you die, post the game on the boards. There is NO NEED to end the game when you disconnect. Im sick and tired of every 100 attempt on this
  7. Oh my god, gutted I ended it now, thanks for the respons le anyway, guess ill try again tomorrow...
  8. Oh my god... I left one off to eventually have just 3 on to stop generator zombies hindering me... That still doesnt stop the staff holders blocking the red button, I also never get the blue lights behind the holder after the final staff placement... With the generators on, is it still possible to hit the button with the staff holder in the way? I ended the game so cannot test...
  9. 2 games in a row, When I get to the staff placement step, I place all the staffs in their holders, but they do bot go back to the dig site, they stay in the robots, yet I get the quote for the next step. I decided to try and do the "Rain fire" step, but the staff holder blocks the red button, preventing me from completing the step, and therefore the EE. If I cannot fix this then I will have to give up solo Origins, as without the Easter Egg ammo runs out in the 90s, stopping me from getting my goal of 100, I know people say "use the robots feet" But I still run out of ammo, with the E
  10. Never mind, we just ended on 35, 2 of us had 2 ray guns and we ended up running the biodome, finishing with a chaotic round in the receiving area.
  11. Me and 2 friends are planning to beat the Easter Egg in a couple days having finally finishing Shang's, and attempt a really good game afterwards. So what are some good 3 player strategies? We are planning to have 3 lots of Gersches, 3 hackers and a couple of us with 2 Ray Guns, and obviously perma perks. Any good areas worth holding? Obviously Tunnel 11 is open because of the EE, any other areas? Or will Biodome be our best bet? How is the Cosmonaut typically dealt with on high rounds? And whats our best way for hacking Excavators? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  12. I remember seeing that video now, great find! Pretty much summarises everything.
  13. My first guide, so sure, any criticism is welcome, feel free to add any changes/improvements
  14. On solo, when you down, Electric Cherry releases a burst, stunning all the zombies around you, causing them to stay still, stood around you and not run away, meaning you get revived, instantly trapped and die. In MOTD it wasnt a problem because you could zap them away with afterlife.
  15. So doing the EE causes problems on solo? I did 2 games to 94, second one with EE completed. The first I ran out of ammo on 93 and robot-footed to 94. Second one battery fell out of my pad, I had the EE completed and full ammo in Ice and Wind. What problems does the EE cause? (I train at tank station, if thats significant)
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