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  1. Weapons would be from all the games in the box. Wall weapons and perks are stretched out through the map in their usual places.
  2. Ok this has been a thought that has been floating in my mind and I wanted to write it down here. I was thinking about a time travel map. How it works is that you start out in Nacht Der Untoten and go through up until Origins. It has no impact on the storyline at all, it's just for fun. Lets say at round twenty your screen looks like something like the transporter form Der Reise and you spawn in Verruct and you play off from round twenty till round forty and you transport to the next map.
  3. So I was thinking about perk idea's for future zombies. One idea was something like the Pack-A-Punch, I know alot of people made a name up for it. It would be called the Perk-A-Punch. I was thinking it would be a machine where you enter it and it takes your perk and give you a new one. But I also came up with a new perk idea! It's called The Mixer or The Bartender it mixes perks! Like if you mix Double-Tap with Speed-Cola you would get something called Gunslinger. You can mix two to four perks together, I could only think of one mixed perk. Comment more mixed perks ideas!! Also maybe you could
  4. So I was thinking about new idea's for new zombie maps in the future. One of my idea's was a Carnival. It may just be like a little side map that has little to no impact on the zombie storyline. Parts Of The Map Midway: It's sort of like a arcade/booth area. Very close quarters and you can get trapped easily, has four entrances/exits are located in the north, south, east, and west of the building the midway is in. It has broken down arcade machines and has trash and blood all over the place to show that the zombie infection has made it's way here. Jugger-Nog and Electric Cherry are found
  5. I was on Die Rise when I heard a voice coming from one of the TV's. The voice came from the CDC, (Center for Disease Control) it said that the rockets from moon had released 115 into the air. Could this lead to the characters becoming zombies throughout the storyline?
  6. I was playing Die Rise with the voice volume down and the SFX volume down because the song just started when I noticed one line "In vitro planet earth" it made me think, is something living in the earth that we don't know about? Think about Agharta, basically it has to do with a advanced race of beings living in the earth. Maybe the next map will lead us to one of the entrances to Agharta. Or maybe to the hollow earth itself. 8-)
  7. All of you have played the Black Ops 2 zombie mode, right? Then you would know that Nacht Der Untoten is in TranZit. For all of you people who had read my post (Look up Old maps returning as easter eggs?!?!) I only said that because of one article that I found on a website (link on the post) I never said it was true and I'm pretty sure that treyarch only put Nacht Der Untoten as a little reminder of how and what started it all. Treyarch MIGHT put the other four original maps as reminders on the future DLC maps or they MIGHT not. One last thing, for all of you people who say that Nacht is Germa
  8. Of course I did, what does the trailer have to do with my theory?
  9. I was searching on the internet and I found something interesting that may have the many gamers that love zombies anxious for the upcoming maps. "The gamer says that you can go back to Der Riese to undertake an achievement in the map pack. This is called “Where it all started” and here you need to find a giant. Interestingly in Germany Der Riese is a giant. This tells you that the Easter Egg is going to take players into the old map." This is from an article that I read pointing to what might be a key element to the zombies community ------> http://www.examiner.com/article/new-bla ... s-
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