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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!


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  1. It's never done this before, but for the past week, just on Black Ops 2 zombies, on public matchs and just myself on my 360 it starts lagging. I don't know what you'd call it, it just stops, plays, stops, plays, and usually with me and/or my teammates down. At least once in a 1 hour long game.
  2. Well they're going to want more money out of us so I don't expect more than 2 that come with game. Kino and FIVE were GREAT maps so we'll see what they do. Though I don't know why they put traps in FIVE because you can't use them with the map being so small.
  3. I hope it's an actual demon as the demonic announcer instead of a little girl or a crazy guy. On Moon Samatha hinted about something far worse being in the aether. I'd like to see that!
  4. Tranzit, Die Rise, and Buried. As long as we don't get maps like that, we're good. Banking system and locker totally ruined BO2 zombies making it even MORE easy than what it was. Mob of the Dead, Origins, Nuketown were good though. Bo1 duh. I'll just wait and see.
  5. ​That right there is the reason why I'm not jumping with my eyes closed into the hype train. ​Yeah, I can't imagine the huge disappoint Tranzit was after waiting for 2 years after BO1. I got the game last year and all the DLCs so Mob of the Dead and Origins made up for it.
  6. Ha I think I asked this same question about a year ago as well, and I was told Call of the Dead. Very good choice if you're just picking one since Ascension is basically Kino but instead of crawlers you get monkeys. Very easy maps. Shangri la and moon are pretty useless when playing with randoms with Treyarch changing how to pack a punch and to get perks. I play Solo only and it's pretty easy with the MPL to get PHD and Mustang and Sally and eventually the 31-79 JGB 215 So my choice (besides getting all) go with Call of the Dead. Good wonder weapons for solo and co op, decent boss and you
  7. Not gonna lie, this site really needed a new design (clearly you guys realized this) I'm liking it so far though! I went through withdrawl, loading this site every five minutes =/ says a lot I'm sure....
  8. I just wish the map wasn't so small! By round 30 the mustang and sallys are useless and aren't helping me get out of every freaking corner.
  9. I don't know why I don't mute them, maybe I secretly enjoy getting insulted by random people online, but what exactly do I do to provoke them? It's mostly on Town and Nuketown honestly. Like I was just on a Nuketown game with 3 guys, with mics, one left after 5 minutes =/ The other 2 were friendly with each other, but absolutely HATED me for no real reason (I wasn't talking) I checked after finally going down at round 27, I had 33 revives -___- mustang and sally the whole game because it makes everyone easier to get to, and 5 downs. #1 Medic RIGHT HERE PEOPLE! So yeah, I had to vent. So
  10. I'm surprised nobody has answered this 0_0 I'm trying to find out too because it doesn't kill 24 zombies like the Thundergun I'm guessing maybe "back in the day" when the game first came out, it was like that, but by now they "fixed" that.
  11. If it's not here, it's Youtube comments with people just preaching that Ascension is the best map EVA!!! Why, exactly? It's interesting with all the space stuff, and it's big, and imo with the best Richtofen quotes, but that's it for me. It's to easy and no new wonder weapon. And the monkeys.......no, just no nobody touches my perks. It's the only map I limit myself to two perks because I don't feel like going after them or buying them again. Solo=quick revive/jugg, co op= jugg and speed cola The maps for me, from best to worst: 1) Call of the Dead Everything else from Kino down lol
  12. That's pretty funny XD I've dealt with idiots like you and those guys though it's pretty easy to be a jerk and them not being able to reply back.
  13. People were also saying the nova crawlers were monkeys back in Black Ops. That one makes more sense because we do have the clothed monkeys in Ascension. This theory though and yours still don't make sense to me though.
  14. Ha, well people are noobs at this game. I do know now that VR-11 is better than Howl, but all I was thinking about was the theme of COTD and the weapon itself. Ice.
  15. Well I'm not sure about the "best" map ever made I give that title to Call of the Dead
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