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  1. This is why I love this forum, although I don't post much I've always felt welcomed and that my opinions matter. Sure discussing topics that people are so passionate about can get heated, but despite this I have always felt a sense of decorum amongst the CoDZ members. Being a lurker by nature (and not in a creepy way) I don't often post and on most other sites I've encountered this in itself can lead to confrontation. On other sites members would lambaste any post I made on the premise that because I don't post every two minutes my opinion is less valid, or due to the fact that I'm not par
  2. This right here. They have worked the original maps into the storyline by looking back at them, but bringing back the maps would give them opportunity to reaaly flesh it out. Add some depth to whats already canon. That being said I would prefer new to remastered if done right (by which I mean not BLOPS2). I like how BLOPS did it, a zombie dedicated DLC with 1 new map and the classics. This would be the best case senario I think. A good compromise would be to have a new map per DLC as is the norm, and then for the last one just give us the remakes. I didn't even entertain play
  3. Thanks all for the kind re-welcome. @CovertGunman was your 'mission' a success?
  4. Thanks @PINNAZ, and thanks for the BRAINS. I remember a lot of talk about brains when I was here last, but they had stopped handing them out. Good to see they returned. I will have to look into getting my medals back, I'm too vain not too. Not that they were that impressive. I noticed the old Medal Request Thread isn't there to call upon, I will have to go and retake some pics.
  5. So, I thought that a little reintroduction was in order considering its been a while since I was last here. Like the majority of people who frequented this forum I jumped ship like a 'plague-riddled rat' as soon as the Zombie hype started to die down, and now I'm back with my tail between my legs as soon as I sniff a zombie again. Please forgive me my indiscretion. I'm Woood, 32 and from the UK. I'm mainly a lurker (both online and IRL ) but will most likely chip in from time to time. I've noticed some big changes to the site during my absence and I must say brava. Well played to
  6. Yeah, I was at work and unwilling to do anything productive so came back here (its been a while) Was just creeping round reading a few posts then I thought why not post something.
  7. I always thought there would be more pain, but it’s really quite serine. There is a feeling of bliss coursing through my body as I lay here motionless, covered in my own innards waiting for the inevitable. Time seems to be irrelevant; I know that I have only been in this betwixt state for a matter of seconds, but the clarity I have now is remarkable. This one moment is frozen, no moving forward. Lying here reflecting on my life, reliving the events leading up to this moment with the benefit of hindsight I realise the mistakes that I made. If only I had packed the torch that Billy so intent
  8. No probs. You have to have played a game in October though
  9. Thought a link might help to their posting http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/51565/grand-theft-auto-online-half-a-million-gta-stimulus-package-this.html
  10. Whaaaaaaat!? I suppose that's kinda cool. But everyone will now buy the $400,000 apartment now lol. Hmmm not really sure what I would actually do with that money since I just bought an apartment with a 6 car garage. Might have to save it and invest it when the stock market is enabled. Yeah its on the R* Newswire, I'm sure with DLC there will be largers App's, buy a swish car :D
  11. So I'm back, not posted for about two weeks, since online opened to be fair. But Bugger me backwards, what a game. R* have excelled here in me opinion, yeah its been buggy and the loading / tutorial issues were nightmarish for some, me included. But hey they just announced two GTA$ 250,000 drops into everyone's accounts, one next week and one week after, by way of apology for this so, whoop!! Any CoDz clans out there, or anyone wanna join mine? http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shedtastic No criteria at all and only 10 of us ATM so chance to rank up quickly. We
  12. Excellent post Alpha, I remember hearing Richtofen in Origins say something along the lines of "I know what you really are" to Samantha at some point in the game. I've heard it a few times, whilst in Zombie Blood as Richtofen. This does back up your theory quite well. ZombieGK, your a quotation machine, do you have this quote down? I'm pretty sure it was in Zombie Blood. The different accents have got me though. Being around for several millennia you would witness countless different accents and dialects, however if you were a greater being such as Satan and are truly omnipresent t
  13. You have to activate 6 generators, not your team. You have to be on the platform as the powering process completes 6 times. If your friend does obe at the otger side of the map is doesn't count for you. Also to note it isnt all 6 generators, its just 6. so after templar guys come round let them shut one down if you dont get it and then reactivate it. You can do the same generator more than once. I made a tutorial for the challenges if you interested. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=155&t=36256
  14. Made a little Trophy guide if ya wanna take a look. Might help out a little. Fun map though, 3arc didn't dissapoint (at least this time.
  15. Cheers for the offer R102609 will do. And thanks TAMB, I aint no expert either by any means
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