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  1. IX first for me... It was BoTD until that trailer drop, try and see if they tie any loose ends up, but now I'm foaming at the mouth to get all Gladiatorial.
  2. We not a tad late Boom? I'll be sure dip into the chat through the day, props for doing this.
  3. Thanks for updating which ciphers are left to complete guys. Now, I haven't ever worked on any ciphers before other than a few simpler ones (Caesar and Polybius with my son just to leave each other little messages) so as to what help I could be cracking these remains to be seen. I do however, have 8 hour work days with pretty mundane work to do and I'm more than willing to sink some of my time (or rather my companies time) into learning what I'm doing and helping in any way I can. Do we have any indication as to the type of ciphers these remaining ones are, a few of them look like BASE64 from what I've been reading up on but the cipher text doesn't work when trying to decode them (such as The Giant #1 and a few of the Rev ones). I've heard that some of these have been double encrypted (which would explain why The Giant #1 appears to have a keyword and be in BASE64 which doesn't need a keyword) but where do you even start with double encryption? The first encryption is going to return text which will most likely read like gibberish until you decode a second time so how would you even know if you were on the right track with the first?
  4. Ha, nice. That was a great pick, I knew it would be something barely noticable after the whole buried pants fiasco. I'm going BLUE again, this time in ZnS.
  5. I'm curious to see if Yuri returns. The Pentagon Thief is such an iconic staple of 'Five' that I feel he would have to really. Not sure how that would fit though unless we are there at the same time as JFK and crew were, should be interesting so see how they write him into it.
  6. As efficient as ever Lenne, thanks. Other than the MotD one, do we know these are all still unsolved?
  7. Yeah I'm with you on this. They should have addressed the error really, maybe updated the loading screen or something. Considering we had the solition to this cipher before MotD even dropped too, yeah a bit of a let down really. Makes me think of the other unsolved ciphers though. They could also be in another language. Do we have a list on here anywhere of all the ones still to be cracked?
  8. Close eh... areas involving the plane... What about the cables running into the right of each electric chair on the bridge? They're red, close ad in a cable, and linked to plane by being on the bridge. I'm clutching at straws a little here though.
  9. I haven't ever played MotD as much as I have over the past weekend, roped a friend in to join the hunt too. Its been a blast. My next guess is going to be the red hose on the gas tank used to build the plane.
  10. Going to try the location marks ( x ) on the checklist for the plane.
  11. Didn't figure you would go easy on me. Working from memory at the moment as I'm tied up at work. Going to have to put this to one side until I get home and load up. BTW, thanks for the excuse to go revisit MOTD, its been too long.
  12. How about the dog head that you feed but before you start feeding them. The marks on the walls are red.
  13. I'm going to start off with a more obvious one. The control boxes that you use to put you into afterlife?
  14. There we go... Maybe I went too far. Well Played.
  15. No again. This ones proving to be harder than I thought.

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