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  1. zombies matchmaking is so broken right now

    1. InfestLithium


      And even if you do manage to get into a lobby, you're bound to have like 7 people in one lobby. Out of the 100+ attempts to join a lobby, I've ever only gotten into 3.

  2. sometimes there are graphical and game glitchs. example we just did transit to get everyone set for extra ending. we killed under tower with no explanation if it was done. We then tried emps and got both quotes at once and completed it. if all else fais try next step if a step is glitched
  4. i thought i was the only one on these fourms who cared about how good grief on this map was. seems everyone is only interested in the regular map atm
  5. another op way is on die rise. down yourself with whos who deposit points. then revive and deposit again
  6. just used this to save my friends on grief viewtopic.php?f=152&t=33348 so usfull even though i find the gun part itself boring
  7. So i just played the longest grief match i have eve played and it was so fun. for the last few rounds i was flying with the petrifier reviving my friends because no one had money to go down. i wish i could record it but i only have my theater game play which i will save for anyone interested It lastested so long that we got tired of going down after all 4 ppl on other team. Then we just took the loss and quit because of to many zombies during that round.
  8. i love the free points and ammo drops. and since i dont train like a boring person i like the sent effect too
  9. they are not random. They have a chance to drop from any ghost outside the house. My friend was in the regular map while i was in the house. He got 2 perk bottles while killing the infinite ghosts in the regular map. They can also drop from the last one following you in the maze. I have a theater video if you would like.
  10. ammount of times does NOT matter she just has to be outside the house. the maze counts as outside house
  11. saw them and someone in my game lit it up with para. def something to do with the ee
  12. this gun is so bad i got it on grief
  13. Post you findings and i will update this page. 1. Buildable in saloon. (host ended game before i had a chance to see what it did
  14. nice find same reason people complained that nuketown is bad because no jug instantly. They do not have any skill. In 4 games of grief I played on cellblock i only went down during my 4th game.
  15. it is a fake video look at their achivment list lol they like to lie markowskyw 18 minutes ago This is a fake I went compared games with them to see if the have the achievement and they don't Reply · 6 playthegamecentral 1 minute ago We do... Don't lie. It gets you blocked. Reply · in reply to markowskyw
  16. I think its thier way of making grief more of skill or something unless someone found jug and im just over looking something
  17. Feel free to post anything I have missed as i only played 3 games. 1. Lock in box- spawns the warden to stop people from staying around the box.(replacement for bear) 2. PHD Flopper 3. NO JUG???? 4. Wonder Weapons finally in grief 5. 6. Traps may be used to stop enemy team from reaching your box or to stop them from reviving a teammate in the box room. 7. POST ANYTHING I HAVE NOT SEEN YET AND I WILL UPDATE THE LIST
  18. I had a train went down. It spawned my double in the same exact room and the zombies got me instantly. Thye just need to tweek the double spawning distance
  19. I want turned and grief on other maps. If grief was on transit or die rise it would not be as bad as it is now
  20. Well we were almost done with the easter egg and then waffles jumps onto my flinger by accident :/ A7_YrXza-Ls
  21. Never heard any of the RICHTOFEN ones
  22. can it be done split-screen? I dont want to waste time if it cant. I hope it can, because my friends always die but me and my bro dont die alot and we can pause if we have to do stuff. I havent seen the rod on split-screen though unless we play with 3 ppl. If it cant be 3arc fails again cuase all other eggs can be done on split-screen.
  23. Never have seen this Im curious as to what happens if you try the egg with it. Pic of it in your inventory? Keep us posted if you do the egg with it.
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