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  1. WHO ARE WE? A fan made Short Story #1 Germany – Breslau. This is where my journey started. My name is Dempsey -- people call me Tank. And I have seen the impossible creatures. I have seen the unspeakable monsters. And I have fought the unimaginable daemons. I and a group of comrades were told to investigate strange goings on in Breslau, Germany. A factory names “Waffenfabrik” was the objective in hand. We were told little to no information. We were just told to investigate, and shoot on sight if needs be. Germany – Breslau. This is where my journey started. My name is Nikolai. A communist Russian. I live for my country and I fight for its empire. I was told by my commander to take some of my friends and officers and investigate an unknown named building. We believe that this was a large German military base, where experiments of any kind were going on. Of course, these are all speculations. We would need to go in and investigate to truly know what is going on there. Germany – Breslau. This is where my journey started. My name is Takeo. A lone Japanese officer. I have been recently investigating the goings on at Waffenfabrik, Breslau Germany. The military group 935 and other unknown military personal have established there forces here. I must investigate what this military base is up to. For the greater good. Germany – Breslau. This is where my journey started. My name is Dr. Edward Richtofen. I am second in command here at Waffenfabrik. And I know what is truly going on here. I am currently working on a project that requires a lot of bodies. Lucky for me then, we have some prototypes ready and I heard we’re going to have some visitors soon. OH JOY! – What is it? Oh yes! I’m coming Maxis! – bleeding swine! Episode 2 - Coming Soon in "Where are we going"
  2. Added firesale, took away Carpenter. Fair trade!
  3. A mysterybox location is close to this door, and it has a comnstant ringing sound. Maybe it is that you are hearing.
  4. I believe Maxis made them for Samantha. Good find!
  5. Wrong. All the characters play a major role in zombies. They could be using Russ like they used Takeo. Keep him quiet, until the very last DLC, where we see he true side and goals.
  6. Interesting. I never noticed the FEAR before... If the next DLC after Uprising begins with a 'S', we have our 'RUS' as seen in the bus stop. The final DLC has to start with a 'S' again then... Who knows, but still interesting.
  7. I know this. Look at my theorys But, he stated that it was the ONLY un-destroyed base. Where's the proof?
  8. It's just that Paris is the site of the only known 935 base that hasn't been explored. How do you know that?
  9. Maybe it is a clue to the next zombies map. On treyarchs twitter, their twitter background is intresting. On it, you have a bit of Tranzit, a bit of Die Rise, a bit of a Prison image and a nuclear power plant, maybe clues to the next map, but other then that, Who knows! I still want to know about the helicopter on the leaked image of Die Rise still...

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