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  1. Umm... so, good theory? well, fact... lol... I am actually amazed! xD
  2. MOTD will have nothing to do with the next map... (my opinion)
  3. Welcome to the forum! And no, no one here has forgotten about them. But we spent so much time when Black Ops 2 come out discussing them, that there's really nothing to talk about anymore. If they ever come out, then so be it. But until then, they're just going to be words in a script.
  4. MMX, perks are things you get from doing a certain thing to help you out. That is exactly what these are. What ever Treyarch likes to call them is what ever they like to call them... It doesn't mean EVERYONE has to.
  5. Great thread! 1 down side... I would not call the Perma perks. They are not permanent. You should call the Persistent perks.
  6. Thanks man, good to know... Didn't even know it existed hah
  7. I don't know how I did it guys, it just happened... Anyway... After doing a round 50 run on Buried, I went into a game with a friend, and basically messed around. We did things like holding off at Jug, Pack a Punch room and stuff like that. I had all 7 perks and 3 PaPed guns. Well, I inevitably went down. However, when I got back up, I only lost 1 of my 7 perks. The one I lost was double tap. I still had 6 perks, all 3 weapons and monkeys. I went down again, and when I got revived, I still had 5 perks and all 3 weapons. I lost Stamin' up. But when my friend went down, when he got back up, he lost everything. So, I don't know what happened, and I don't like making posts like this really, but I just want to know how this happened...
  8. So, I have seen some post's about this subject on the website, but haven't seen a actual review on it. So this is what this is going to be. So, with the new update, we are able to put gun's in the fridge on Die Rise. Including exclusive weapons to that map. The same goes for Buried. However, when we go into other maps that do not have the selected weapon, you will withdraw a different weapon. Here's what you will get out of the fridge with different weapons. ------------------------------------------------------------- PDW will change to the Chicom -------------------------------- SVU 21 will change to the FAL -------------------------------- LSAT will change to the HAMR -------------------------------- AN94 will change to the Galil -------------------------------- Remington New Model Army will change to the Python -------------------------------- If you put a Pack a Punched version of any of these guns into the weapons locker. You will get a Pack a Punched version of the alternative weapon. However, it will not have it's normal ammo count. It will have the ammo capacity of the first gun you put in. (I really hope that made sense) * Will be updated!
  9. Time can be re-written. So long as the out-come remains. Al can escape, but the final outcome is still correct with the 3 men dying of Electric chairs.
  10. So, I've seen many theories on why the rift is here, and why the zombies are there. So, I wanna tell you guys why the rift was created, and why the zombies are there... If it's anything the Doctor Who hasn't told me. Doctor Who In a Episode of Doctor Who, Rose Tylor went to visit her Dad in the past (Stay with me here!). But she asked to see the point where he Died. Rose never met her dad, and for some bizarre reason this is the point she wanted to see her dad... ok. Anyway, she watched him get ran over by a car, and he watched him die. She then said, let me see it again Doctor. So she hides out of sight and waits for her Dad to cross the road. (You following?) When he started to cross the road, Rose jumped out and got her Dad out of the say of the moving car, letting him live. (When shit hit the fan) So now the rift is broken, because something that happened in time has been changed. The Doctor can no longer use his time machine and they are trapped there. Now, the car that was going to run over her Dad keeps on appearing and disappearing in the same spot each time, going round and round on a loop (you following?) and it doesn't stop. Because the rift is broken, these creatures with red eyes appear, as they are there to fix the rift. They basically want to kill Rose Tylers Dad, because with him alive, shit is going down. You know that these creatures are controlled by Satan as everyone has to run into the Church for safety, and because of this the creatures can not attack them. Near the end of the episode, Rose's Dad runs out of the church and in front of the on-going loop of the car. He Dies in that spot. The creatures then disappear and they and the car keeps on driving. ------------------------------------------------- Now, that may have mind-freaked you guys. But I will just say the basics. 1. Rose broke history. 2. Rift broke. 3. Creatures with red eyes come to fix it. 4. The car that was supposed to kill Rose's Dad, kept going on a loop. 5. The creatures were Satanic, and did not attack the church. 6. Rose's Dad jumped in-front of the car. 7. Shit got fixed. ^ That my friends is basically the exact same stuff that is happened on MOTD. 1. The 4 men re-wrote history because they killed the guard. Letting all 4 prisoners escape. 2. Rift broke. 3. Creatures with red eyes appeared in the prison to fix the problem. 4. The 4 men are now stuck in a loop until they fix the problem. 5. The creatures are Satanic, as we can see with many, many clues around the map. 6. 3 Members of the crew died, Al escaped. 7. History was re-written HOWEVER, the final out-come of the 3 men dying of electric chair still happened. So then stuff got fixed. -------- How the story ends, is what matters. Dr Who always says, time can be re-written. It's just the outcome that needs to stay the same. The story said that the 3 men, died of electric chair on New years eve. Which they did. However, since the rift was broke when they arrived dead on the bridge, History was the same, but then they could revive themselves. Then the 3 men still needed to die, however, Al could escape as that was only 1 little part of the story that he died, and that could be re-written, and it was. So when Al and the Zombies (remember, they want to fix the rift. And at this point, killing the 3 men is the only way to do that, so they go for them and leave Al alone) kill the 3 men, the cycle is stopped, the rift is fixed and time keeps going. Now, if you need me to explain that ^ lump of mess, I can. Just ask me! But I hope this helps you guys! ~ Ryan
  11. 50 on town is done by almost everyone. 50 on farm is harder, but possible. My highest out of the Green Run Survival maps is Farm and I have survived over 50.
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