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  1. But you can get every perk, excluding Quick revive, for cheaper.
  2. Sorry if someone covered this already, but in the map you can get 'Shepard of Fire' to play. Around the map there are radios that DO NOT have an audio log, when you hold 'use' on the three of them the song plays, one is in the dig site under pack-a-punch, one is in a robots head, I think it was Freiya, and the final one was in the 'crazy place'. These other radios can be distinguished by them having red on the little glass parts. (thank you for the correction Max)
  3. From the box I've gotten a Skorpion EVO (it's beast) and a b23r with an extended clip.
  4. Doesn't the box open like, super early during round 1-2? You couldn't have completed any of those challenges then. That is it opening for the first generator, it gives a lesser reward I assume
  5. At spawn there is a board with 4 tokens. 3 that are individual per characters in the game, and one for all. Anyone if they carry between games because: http://i.imgur.com/mrvGepR.jpg (It's kinda bad quality) Left to right- Turn on all 6 generators, spend 30000 points, Headshot(I forget) many zombies Edit: They weren't there in my next game. :(
  6. So we remember how the first intro for Origins had an older Samantha, and the real intro had a young Sam right? Well in the map the announcer is an older woman is it possible there are two Samanthas? This is kinda out there and It would involve some moving between realities, but whatever. Uh *edit*, while powering a generator as Richtofen, he shouts "Are you behind this Samantha?" Am I on to something?
  7. Leaderboards name it "Digsite 64".
  8. It kind of looks like an alien, but I'm not sure about the idea that is a Vril. If it was, why glowing yellow eyes? Also, like Grill says, it doesn't seem to match the Vril description. There is this interesting image of the guy. Note the hollow, non-glowing eye sockets. Glow sometimes, no-glow other times! And it looks possible that his scalp could have been put back on with a new brain, but there's not really stitches or whatnot. At this point in the trailer I'm pretty sure it was showing him dying, the way he slumps looks pretty dead.
  9. A little glitch me and my friends encountered while doing the final step of the EE for this map. Okay so by now you probably know the shooting range/final step of the EE, and the time that goes with it, well while we were doing this step we activated the teddy song, and it played normally, but when it ended the firing range tune comes on. This would all be fine if it didn't get stuck looping until the game ended. Kinda sucked, we all turned off our music volume because of it.
  10. I found this out when Die Rise came out, my friend and I went past 30(high rounds for us) and were sad to see no leader board.
  11. Thank you Pinnaz Also, I did have double points when the Galvaknuckles were half the price.
  12. So I was playing Buried with my friends and whilst playing something weird happened, I was able to purchase things for half off. I noticed when I went to pick up my galvaknuckles, I had exactly the 6k needed, but it only charged me 3k. Later, when we got a fire sale, I decided to hit the box, and it was only charging me 5 points instead of the 10. I already had my perks so I don't know if they were any different. I have no idea what happened, nor can I post proof. (Sorry) If anyone can clear this up for me that would be awesome.
  13. When my friend and I were playing buried we had an idea. We went to the bank to store our points, but before we deposited them we set a time bomb. Continuing from there we stored our points then turned back time to when we still had the points, we then deposited them again. I'm not sure whether or not this doubled our points or if it counted the secondary deposit. I will check when I'm on tommorow. (If it works I will have 10k in the bank, if not I will have 5k) If this works it will be a kinda OP but easy way to double the points in your bank.
  14. I still need TranZit and Die rise, and would love to get em done prior to buried, if any of y'all could help.
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