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  1. This is an achievement on Buried. All you have to do is destroy the fountain in front of the Ghost house with Leeroy and then go through the house and destroy the last fountain with a ray gun. Then jump through and the 20g achievement is yours! Hope you enjoy! 17MH5437X-k
  2. This video shows you how to get to the pack a punch on Buried. It doesn't take too long, you just have to go through the witch house and then make your way through the maze and then you're there! Hope you enjoyed this video and I have a few more videos coming up! K9es5rJheq0
  3. This is a pretty simple way to get a perk. All you have to do is kill the ghosts, and once you have killed the last one you get the perk! I recommend having the Ray Gun Mark 2 for this as they get pretty annoying. Thanks for watching and I hope this tutorial helped! O-itvi-lrGc
  4. Really? I'll probably try it out in Die Rise/Tranzit in a bit, but you will still die from fall damage :(
  5. I got this perma perk by falling from a distance a few times. It does exactly what the normal PHD does, but it doesn't cover splash damage or fall damage. You can loose it by getting fall damage. Anyway, thanks for watching and see you later! E7rbAndB_E0
  6. Today as I started to play Buried I watched the Solo intro, and Marlton mentions something about Brokenarrow and the 'incident' happening. Does anyone know what this is? Is it something related to the final map pack? I included the intro for anyone who hasn't watched it. SrAseiSE6Yc
  7. This a video where I received the Toy Box perma perk in a game with a few friends. As you can see I mainly received LMG's and an Executioner. I got this perma perk by spinning the box a few times. This was the only time I used the mystery box that game. Anyway, thanks for watching! Have you got this perma perk? meYETpU8kvk
  8. This was just released yesterday in the patch. The secret bank is literally in the room next to the secret weapon fridge in the showers. You might have to crouch to use it. Hope you enjoyed the videos today! UOpTl1ajFZQ
  9. This was just released yesterdau in the patch. The bank is also there and I will be posting that soon. The fridge has the same basics as the TranZit fridge (no ray gun, pistol, ballistic knife, ect). Hope you enjoyed the video! 4_dYOVtqXa8
  10. Ah, I see. Even though you cant see I was hammering X down repeatedly.
  11. Hello everyone, I am back with a glitch I encountered yesterday whilst playing Mob of the Dead. What happened was when I pressed X to use the gondola it didn't register it, therefore making us die. You can see I have around 6,000-7,000 points. This glitch is really annoying as it could ruin a decent game. Anyway, thought I'd share this with you. Hopefully this gets fixed soon! See you later! Note to mods: Would have put this in media center but I think people need to know as this could ruin games. Sorry if I was supposed to anyway. acMTzxCE1XA
  12. Hello, my name is George! I am a pretty good zombies player (20+ on each map), and I love to read about the storyline. Ever since World at War Zombies, I was hooked! I have bought every single map pack. In my spare time I love to use this forum and I also have a channel (I've just started) where I upload Call of Duty related content (www.youtube.com/user/MysteryBoxHD). I play zombies a lot, add me on Xbox: Faction935 and say that your from CoDz and I'd love to play!
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