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  1. I love how I made a poll JUST LIKE THIS a few days ago and it died, but this thread gets 50+ votes. I'm not mad haha. Richtofen all the way. Like I said in my thread, I always thought Maxis was a tad shady.
  2. In the simplest terms, yes. Essentially, your bullets split into 2 when you hit the trigger, meaning you have double the bullets, therefore the potential to have double the damage.
  3. I got a Voice of Justice in there. Put Double Tap with that and you are SET.
  4. One very good pack a punch is the DSR when you obtain the tron sights, amazing when you put it with Double Tap II. I notice that it's a little harder to get, because it usually gives you variable zoom or suppressor.
  5. I believe it is to the left. The fog makes it really difficult.
  6. The bowie knife is in a shack right outside of Town. It also holds a part of the Jet Gun. I've never went there myself (I just save up for the Galvaknuckles).
  7. Unless the robot driver an upgrade, ever think about that? ;)
  8. Did anyone pay close attention the camera movements? I think most of this was made form the theater mode! :D
  9. I believe the bus will travel around the map, yes, and then stop at different areas for different things, i.e. perks and weapons, pack a punch, etc. Then, when the area gets too overwhelmed, you can all go on the bus to GET THE F*CK OUTA THERE!
  10. @1:24 It's takes up a tactical grenade slot, you can see it disappear right after. Still have no clue what it does though.
  11. Fu453


    I believe the reason why the player was able to shoot through walls like that was because he/she had the equivalent to FMJ attached. You know how FMJ showcased a bullet? See the secondary weapon? See the 2nd attachment? Looks like a bullet if you ask me.
  12. This thread is NOT about anyone's disappointments, Call of Duty "stealing" ideas, or anything like that. This thread is made SPECIFICALLY to analyze this trailer. Not to hate on it. Not to compare it to Battlefield, Halo, or whatever else. This thread is here for us to see what we will use in MP in a few months, not for anything else. I know I'm not a moderator, or an admin, or anything above the normal CoDz member, but I think I speak for everyone when I say I DO NOT want to see walls of text that don't relate to this trailer. Let's get back on topic.
  13. If you look at my posts a page back, I say nearly the exact same thing. Everything count as one point. Look at my post with all the Creat a class screen caps. They all have 10 things in total, whether it be weapon, perk, attachment, equipment, etc.
  14. Yes, I said that a few posts ago. It can also be a defense for no specialist.

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