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  1. Tank. Still as badass as in [email protected] I love this guy. From an LMG to a knife and a handgun, still knocking them down without breaking a sweat.
  2. In gameplay footage, we definitely don't see a scope on our new starting pistol. So, what will it be for? Will we even see it? What I think is that it may link to it's Pack-a-Punched form. With the Colt, we were given Mustang and Sally, or originally, C-3000 b1at-ch35. An hit-sensitive detonating grenade launching pistols. Ultimately a very...unorthodox transformation. So, if the Mauser were to follow the tradition, what kind of transformation shall it be? This is where the scope comes along. What if it becomes an ultra-powerful Sniper-Pistol? Perhaps it will gain a variable zoom scope and become the most powerful one-hit weapon Zombies has ever seen? Trumping all other sniper rifles. Something that can pierce through zombies and kill them up to Round 30 with a single bullet. Or, I could just be going crazy. Maybe it's another Mustang and Sally. Who knows :mrgreen:
  3. I just want a leginimate ending, not like in BUried's egg. I want a map where we knew that this would be the end. Buried is a good map, but not a good finale what so ever. It all depends on the Oigins egg, really. Once we see what Origins has instoe for us, I'll give my final answer. But until then, I can't get enough of these freakbags.
  4. My apoligies. I put it on the poll now, but the vote count has been reset :cry:
  5. Hypothetically, DLC 4 might just be the last zombies map. But hey, who knows? So before the map gets announced, I'd figure we'd all take votes on the best map so far that has been playable since November of 2008. Every map from World at War, Black Ops, and Black Ops 2. You may get 2 votes. One for the best map and one for the runner up. I believe I did something similar to this just before Moon was announced as well, so I might as well do it again for it's successor. You don't have to reply or anything. Just vote. If you'd like to discuss, be my guest. I'll put my two cents in. I think the best is Der Riese, with Moon a close second.
  6. Top 3 are Tank, Billy, and lastly Richtofen. All badasses in thier own ways, some more easy to explain than others.
  7. I've heard some real funny one and some real...odd ones. I'd like to know what you guys call him! I like to call him Papoose...don't ask why. I also say Big Pimpin', Daddy Long Legs, and Daddy Day Care (because he holds the crawlers like babies. Funny, right? No? Okay....) So what do you all call him? Besides the regulars like Leroy, the Sloth, and Lennie, that is.
  8. PHD Flopper all the way, no doubt about it. Back in the BO1 days, if I could hold myself without Jugg, my first priority was Flopper. The jingle is nice, too. "When you dive to prone, it's gonna shake ya to the bone, all the zombies gonna groan, 'cause of PHD!" I'm bout that #divetoprone lifestyle.
  9. I love the Executioner Pack-a-Punched (Voice of Justice). Add Double Tap and Long Barrel and it's just amazing to me. Just point and shoot at a train and they all fall within 3 shells.
  10. I love how I made a poll JUST LIKE THIS a few days ago and it died, but this thread gets 50+ votes. I'm not mad haha. Richtofen all the way. Like I said in my thread, I always thought Maxis was a tad shady.
  11. Oh this will be fun :twisted: Can't wait until Buried come to the PS3. I will take use of this for a long time. I like using snipers, but I find myself quickly finding something fully auto. Perhaps this will change the tides.
  12. There have been reports of some sort of persistent upgrade that would either double the points earned or halve the points spent. This is just further proof. Next question is how do you get it?
  13. NGT got it doing their livestream. They were around the EE step where you had to Galvaknuckle the signs. Out of nowhere it kicked them back into the pregame lobby and gave them the error. Pretty damn strange if you ask me. I have small grip on game mechanics but I have no clue on what this could mean. Best guess is an animation error of some sort.
  14. Well, we know our sides. We know what will happen. We know who we want to root for. SO VOTE! Richtofen or Maxis? Explain your reasoning if you'd like. I'm Pro-Rictofen. I knew Maxis was a tad shady from the start. I know both control the Aether for their own selfish ways, but I feel the world is in better hands if Richtofen is in control.
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