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  1. Just thought ii would pop back to the old stopming ground and see whats going on in here.
  2. Black Ops 2 Zombies Origins Extra Perk Slots Trick + Free Zombie Blood To get an Extra Free Perk & a Zombie blood you should follow the steps below. 1. Have the staff of ice 2. Fire the ice staff at the 3 burning Carts that are around the Main excavation site ( when you do that the flames will go out ) 3. Collect your free zombie blood from near packapunch ( you will hear a noise like a challenge noise) 4. Run around the map looking for a glowing dig site and dig it up Thats it you have an empty perk bottle to fill. After about 5 minutes you can get anoth
  3. Origins Zombies Blue Ultimate Staff Of Ice Challenge Get The Staff of Ice Staff and enter the crazy place to You’ll find some slabs floating in the air with some symbols on them as well as a changing Symbol that appears on a nearby pillar. The symbol on the pillar corresponds with a particular symbol on the floating slabs. You must hit the correct slab with the ice staff to flip it over, and flip over all the slabs in this way. If you hit a slab the symbol changes, to signal that you must now hit another slab. Here Is The Key To Save Time pic.twitter.com/t1EcBukDvN
  4. Origins Zombies Purple Ultimate Staff Of Lightning Challenge Take the Purple Staff Of Lightning To The Crazy place.The Entrance Is around the House ( Generator 5 ). Once In the Crazy Place and you’ll find a collection of purple glowing triangles on the wall.Think of the triangles as piano keys, with the lower triangles as white keys and the upper as black ones. The symbols on The Walls are the key as to which triangles you need to hit, and in which order. You Need To Hit A Total Of 9 Keys And Here is the order Sequence 1 Sixth lower triangle First lower trian
  5. Origins Zombies Yellow Ultimate Staff Of Wind Challenge Take the Yellow Staff Of Wind To The Crazy place. Here you should see several large stone rings with symbols on them on the ceiling. You can also see some symbols on the rocks that line up with the rings. You can rotate the rings by hitting them with the staff of wind to create different combinations of symbols. The Correct Symbol sequence is here pic.twitter.com/LTvOCml4Wd Once The Symbols are aligned Samantha will speak Next Next Step Go around the map ( Locations In The Video ) and look for some smoke sta
  6. Black Ops 2 Zombies How To Build Red Staff Of Fire The disk for the red staff of fire in normally based around or in the church ( sometimes under the tank on a box) The Parts for this staff are found by Turning on generator 6 Shooting down the glowing plane that fly's low around the Church Killing Panzer Soldat Now you have your 3 parts and your disk you need to head into the excavation spot that is near Generator 1. Next - you need to head into the excavation point near Generator 1 in order to enter into the FIRE portal to the crazy place. Place The Gramophone on
  7. Black Ops 2 Zombies How To Build Purple Staff Of Lightning The disk for the PURPLE staff of Lightning in normally based around or in the Generator 4 ( sometimes on the table near Juggernog) The Parts for this staff are found by Riding on the tank there are 3 jump points 1st part is before the tank station near generator 2 2nd point is after tank station in main excavation point 3rd just before the church on the right Now you have your 3 parts and your disk you need to head into the excavation spot that is near the House ( Lightning Sign). to enter the crazy pl
  8. The disk for the YELLOW staff of Wind in normally based around or in the Generator 5 ( sometimes in The Lightning Room On The Table) The Parts for this staff are found by Standing in the path of one of the giant robots, one of the feet they will have a yellow glowing circle on the bottomyou need to shoot that foot to open the portal. Stand in its path ( make sure its the correct foot ) you can tell the areas on the map by the footprint. And wait for red flashing pillars. when he stamps on you you will teleport into the head Grab Your Part And get out Now you have your
  9. You know someone had said that to me and i was 50/50 on what way to go it worked for me by changing levels but it may have been snowing
  10. Black Ops 2 Zombies How To Build Blue Staff Of Ice The Blue Staff Of Ice is one of the easiest Elemental staff's to build. The Disk is always located on one of the shelves in the Tank Station All the parts required for this staff can be found by digging them up from dead bodies on the map ( Dig Spots ) The problem is that they can be anywhere on the map and you tend to get only 1 part per level. ( Not Confirmed ) Once you have your 3 Staff parts you need to go in to the crazy place by using the grammar phone and the Blue Disk or LP ( Its not a CD lol) Next - you n
  11. Zombies How To Build The "Head Chopper" Buried To build the head chopper you only need 4 parts from the general store on Buried Zombies, Head choppers can be used to get to a high round strategy Guide http://youtu.be/BlWXlmjNEgY
  12. It works pretty well when you put 1k in the bank and share it.
  13. Zombies Buried Shooting Range When You Cant Hit Them All So as we know not everyone is a crack shot and some can just not do Target shooting or the shooting range at the end of the Easter Egg on Buried. Have no fear this may help Use the Paralyzer its a hip fire weapon and works very well for shooting down the targets,Just lower your sensitivity and you will be able to easily hit the targets See the video and see how you can use this gun to your advantage and it works on all 4 locations http://youtu.be/vXdvlVKUFpE
  14. "Black Ops 2 Buried" Double Your Money Trick in the bank double your money On Buried Zombies This way you can max out your bank so when you do the achievements you have extra cash you need and all the best WEAPONS All you need is GalvaKnuckles & a Time Machine Watch The Guide Enjoy being Rich Guide http://youtu.be/vRd0tG0Dl7Q
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