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  1. zombies matchmaking is so broken right now

    1. InfestLithium


      And even if you do manage to get into a lobby, you're bound to have like 7 people in one lobby. Out of the 100+ attempts to join a lobby, I've ever only gotten into 3.

  2. Never heard any of the RICHTOFEN ones
  3. can it be done split-screen? I dont want to waste time if it cant. I hope it can, because my friends always die but me and my bro dont die alot and we can pause if we have to do stuff. I havent seen the rod on split-screen though unless we play with 3 ppl. If it cant be 3arc fails again cuase all other eggs can be done on split-screen.
  4. Never have seen this Im curious as to what happens if you try the egg with it. Pic of it in your inventory? Keep us posted if you do the egg with it.
  5. The vr-11 will make zombies not go for the teammate even with the non pap version. The code might not say it but I have tested it. I will shoot a nearby teammate and tell them to go revive the other person and they do it just fine they just dont get the insta kill effect.
  6. The scavenger has become equal to how much i love the dg2. If you have phd. I love its explosive radius and the sounds both make. (yes im weird like that.) Next comes the wave gun. Then the thunder gun.
  7. anyone want to play custom zombies add me on steam -kiranearitachi
  8. really. I thought you had to have medal of honor. or is that for consoles. If it is without meadal of honor thanks for the heads up on the beta :D
  9. Thanks for the help guys and battlefield has never been played by me much so i dont know if i will like it.
  10. just wondering which one is more fun/has more replay value. killing floor doesnt have mods right?
  11. is there a video about this cause my friend told me he thouight my points went up yesterday by 500 lol.
  12. it can play left for dead 2 and starcraft 2 and portal 2 is that good enough lol.
  13. i put it in both cause it is about survival and black ops. should i not do that?
  14. i think they just got it like 2 weeks ago. but ill get [email protected] since no hackers and custom maps. I cant play anything on xbox [email protected] cause now they are modding zombies. :x
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