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  1. Why the hell do people complain about the mule kick being in any of the maps. Why do people complain about ANY perk being in a map. If you don't like the perk...DON'T BUY IT.
  2. How exactly do you activate this song. The first time I played the moon map, it started playing at round 5. Then, a few days later, it started again after me and my buds completed the Easter Egg on round 27. Is there a certain trigger to starting it? Or is it completely random. Answers anyone?
  3. Richtofen used the golden rod and the focusing stone to switch bodies with Samantha and control all zombies....whats not to get? And what do you mean by why are the zombies still attacking him? Do you mean Sam who is now in Richtofen's body? Can you rephrase your post?
  4. Ok so you all of you know that whenever you are Richtofen you hold the golden rod in your inventory. Well I did the EE the second day moon came out and decided to play right after. When the game started I was Richtofen and I noticed I had the focusing stone in stead of the golden rod. I believe you must have done the Shangri-La EE to have it in your inventory to begin with. But what I'm confused about is what happens when you do the Easter Egg with the focusing stone instead of the golden. Are the results different? Or do you use the focusing stone instead when using the pyramid? Has anyone ever tried doing it with the focusing stone? Every time I get focusing stone I don't have the people and/or not in the mood to do the EE. 75% of me thinks the EE plays out the usual way because when you are hacking the computers as richtofen and put the golden rod between the two metal plates you can see the focusing stone in the middle of the golden rod; even when you have the golden rod. What do you guys think? Does anyone receive different results?
  5. I f**king love you mate. That helped me out alot. Here are sum [brains] s You too StopDropNKillx. Much appreciated
  6. Hey guys. I dunno if anyone has released any information on when the moon map will be released, but I really need to know what the deal is Tuesday. Me and friend were planning to wake up as early as possible, redownload the map pack, and get cracking on the Easter Egg as soon as possible. If someone has any idea what time it will be released, it would mean alot. If it has already been posted, my apologies because my internet has been very slow and it would take days for me to search for one topic. (Also wouldn't Moon be released at the same time Shrangi-La was released by any chance??)
  7. But the gas-crawlers are wearing shorts..... We let aliens wear shorts?
  8. I like the way you think Super. Have sum [brains] s as for wiz, they didn't teleport for a year, they teleported for about 20 years I believe.....a machine that has not been tampered with for 20 years tends to wear down and destroy itself. Theres a reason why you can't put a cassette into a DVD player. Technology moves with time, so why not the teleporters? What does that have to do with what hes saying?
  9. You guys cannot base the idea of us teleporting to another map (I am talking about Der Riese) just because of a poorly, commonly designed arm figure that has been seen throughout the previous maps. I'm guessing most of you are missing the classic maps because that is exactly how Nikolai's arm figure looks in Der Riese and Shi No Numa. And why would we teleport to the classic maps when Treyarch put the classics maps in the map pack already.
  10. Na....Thats why we have pack-a-punch.
  11. Enough! Jesus Christ guys. I leave for 4 weeks and come back to this rubbish. Stop with the insults and trolling. This is not how CODz members are suppose to act.
  12. Ascension being the last map makes no sense at all. In Ascension the characters make no hint at all towards acquiring the focusing stone or the golden rod or even using it on the moon. Besides, how would Ascension rap up thezombie storyline besides freeing some random guy who had almost nothing to do wtih the zombie storyline besides the thundergun, and the gersh device. You guys are making this waaaay tooo complicated..... The "Moon" is the last map and therefore takes place last.
  13. Na. I played with a friend who didn't even have the Escalation map pack. And he was Richtofen. He still had the golden rod icon at the bottom of his screen. When we did the Easter Egg, we let him receive the stone because he was Richtofen. He says the same quote he does everytime you get the focusing stone : "I control them ALL!!" And are you sure you didnt have the golden rod in your inventory? I mean its real tiny; you could have overlooked it.
  14. Once again. Stop complaining. Treyarch made only 1 person able to receive the 7 perks because they wanted to balance it out power distributed throughout the players. If every single person received all 7 perks all at the same time, do you know how easy it would be to get to higher round? Same way how when you kill george you only got 1 wunderwaffe?, same goes for this easter egg. They wanted to make sure that the Easter Egg did not impact the round players got to as much as the players who don't do the easter egg. Treyarch has worked their ass off for this easter egg and should be appreciative that they took the time to impliment this EE in the game in the first place. I see where you are coming from but if Treyarch gives all players the perks the game would be WAY too easy. Imagine if all 4 players got the wunderwaffe when you killed george. Same thing goes for Shangri-La
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