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  1. Haven't been on in a while but now I'm back

  2. Yeah. Willing to do any of them. Have the niece over today, so I won't be available till much later
  3. I still need to do shangrila as well. So I'm willing to help
  4. So this is how I'm going to die, at the hands of my murderous father? Laying bloody in a trench to hide from both the horsemen coming for me and the rain. Who would have thought that the most powerful man in the city would have such a twisted plan. His attempt on my life was not subtle. Everyone in the court at the time saw it. And no one did nothing fearing my father. Everything was fine until about 5 months ago, a seer approached my father, Questioning his wealth, testing his greed. "How would you like to rule more then a city? How about countries? How about the planet? It is in your cards, but only one person stands in your way." That was all I caught till the both run off together to talk. When my father returned he looked it me with the upmost rage. That was when I started my plans. I was just going to leave and not look back. But last night made it clear, my father was going to die, by my hand, or the city he ruled. It must have been getting close to sunrise. Even though the rain blocked the sun, the area was lightening up. I pressed my hand on my shoulder, where my father stabbed me and tried to take my life. If he had gotten any deeper, he would have. Hell, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it now. "Hurry men, the trail ends here!" That was my que. I got up and ran not looking back. "There he is! Take the young lord alive, his father wasn't to deliver his punishment." Punshiment? For what? Trying to leave? Wanting to live? I had no idea what my fathers plan on world domination would be, or what me being alive prevents him from holding that wealth. I still don't have any idea after he attacked me. "You can run young lord, but not for much longer. Your blood trail is what helped us find you." He was right. I couldn't keep this up. I had to try to fake them out. I ran between the trees wiping my blood along the trunks as I did. I ripped off my shirt and warped it around the wound, and went back to runining, hopping I stopped the blood. I found some open roots, I jumped down and hid under the tree. Watching to see if they took the bait. "Damn it, his tail ends here." The General got off his horse. And he began looking around. I looked up above him and I saw a hooded man in the trees, stalking the general. He moved so silently. Even though it looked like the branch was about to break, his movements didn't stir the trees at all. I coughed slightly, blood was starting to fill my lungs. How much longer did I have? Not long at all, the cough brought everyone's attention was brought to the tree I hid in. "There you are. Get him boys!" I closed my eyes in fear. I didn't want to watch, bracing myself to be pulled out from under the tree roots. Then I heard a scream. I opened open eye, then both, not being able to look away. I saw the general with a arm reaching out through his chest, and in the hand that impaled him was his heartHe was gasping as his solders watched. The arm shot back out the generals chest, taking the heart with it as he dropped to the ground. 4 solders watched, and 10 more on horses were on their way. The hooded man brought the heart up to his mouth, and took a bite out of it. His eyes began to glow red. "Kill him quickly" the second in command said. Before his men could even draw their swords the hooded man had taken 3 of the mens heads clear of, bare handed, and now held the one who spoke by his neck. Chocking him as he lifted him off the ground. "Stop right there!" One of the men on the house yelled. They were still a good distance away, but that didn't mind the hooded man. The man he held by his neck was flung towards the one who spoke, knocking him clear off his horse and then some into a tree. The horse stopes in fear, as the rest fallowed. In fact no animal would even go near the hooded man. "retreat" the next man yelled. But the hooded man wasn't about to have witnesses. Quicker then he had took anyone else out, he disapeared, and one by one the solders heads were taken, now rolling on the ground. The man then reappeared in front of the horses as their bodies showered him In blood. "Don't fear me Lord DeMort." He spoke softly. He walked slowly to the tree as he brought down his hood. He was young. But his eyes seemed old and tired. "If I wanted you dead, you would have been before those men found you. Come out, before I rip that tree from its roots." I stepped out slowly, pressing the wound. "Who are you, and what do you want?" "Your dying, I want to help." He said. He walked slowly towards me, smiling as he reached out. I backed away quickly as he sighed and shook his head. "I've loss to much blood.. I'm going to die, and my fathers plans continue." "What if I told you, I could give you life, and the power to stop your father?" "And what? Condemn my soul to hell? Turn me into you? I've heard stories, army's dying at the hands of Vlad the impaler. Is that what you are?" He stepped away a bit as he laughed. "Educated. You'd be useful. Hell could probably be our king. Fact is Damian, weather you like it or not, your too important to let die." I stood there staring at him. Saying nothing. Glaring him, hating him for what he done to men only doing their jobs. "Look, you know I'm right, your fathers plans, witch my coven knows the finer details, cannot go through. He is stepping into territory no mortal should step. I'm not asking you to give your life to embrace darkness. I'm asking you to give it to protect the world as it is, before it is made waste." I thought for a second of what he said. He was right, my father was the problem, and all the orders he will give for his personal gain. Not this monster in front of me. "Well then... How do we go about this?" He walked closer smelling me. "Well your a virgin. You blood smells pure. That's good, other wise you wouldn't be able to accept the gift. I feed from you, till your heart is about to start. That starts the change. Before you turn, you feed from me. I'll cut my hand so you can taste the blood. That will free you from my control.if I did, you won't. I won't be able to force you against your will. We will still be linked mentally, I'll hear your thoughts, you'll hear mine." "What if I wasn't a virgin? What would happen if you fed from me?" "You'd turn into a soulless, mindless, flesh eating monster. We call them ghouls. Most will call them just the undead. Now are you ready?" I nodded. He got close, and sunk his teeth into my neck. I'm not going to lie, it was painful. Once his teeth was in my flesh, it started to burn. I griped him tightly, hoping the pain would pass soon. He broke away, before I was about to black out, and I fell to the ground. He then bit his wrist, and dripped the blood into my mouth. I couldn't explain it, but it was sweet. I wanted more. I brought his wrist closer, not able to get enough. He ripped his arm from me, knowing I wouldn't have stopped. I laid back, my vision darkening my head was splitting. After that, I died.
  5. The TARDIS had landed outside by the fountain. I looked inside the building as I saw 4 people fighting for there lives. Zombies started popping out around me as I quickly turned around and jumped back away from the zombies, pulling out my sonic and locking down the TARDIS as I then proceeded my way towards the closest window. I dove through, shattering glass as I popped out by quick revive. It would seem I popped in around round 10. There was a M1911 on the floor and a knife imbedded into a zombies skull. I took them as I proceeded upstairs, where the gun fire was coming from. "We must not let them over run this wing." I heard a German say. "Damn it Richthofen, I swear if we make it out of here alive, I'm going to beat you to a pulp." "Clam down Dempsy, your starting to remind me of third wife. Here, have some vodka." "Is that your answer to every thing commie? Unless the bottle is full of Jugs then keep it to your self." Dempsy said as they sprayed Down the finial zombies of this round. "Quickly, while we have a chance, back to jug." A Japanese man said. "Right behind you Takeo, jug baby, here I come" The four moved quickly as I ran near them, running into Dempsy as we knocked each other over, along with Takeo. "Ow" Dempsy yelled. "Who the hell are you, your not a zombie." "A survivor? Are you who the German's been looking for?" Takeo said as stared at me. Nikolai came running down the stairs as he tripped over us, smashing is bottle of vodka. "Oh no my vodka!" he cried as Richthofen stopped at the top of the stairs. "Get moving you fools, or we will be over run here. We will figure out who the spy is later." Richtofen said as we quickly stood up, moving as one to jug. "Don't go to far out of my sight though." Richtofen said as he held me back while he let the others go ahead. He already had jug an wasn't to worried. After the other 3 got jug, we headed back upstairs to where they were camping. It was in a run down restroom. They turned around first and started firing, I looked towards the window behind them. With the M1911 in left hand, and the knife in my right so I could swipe quickly, I waited. I put a entire clip into a zombies head and slashed, but having hardly any effect. "We might have a problem, need something stronger then this knife and 1911." I said as I looked quickly to my feet, seeing a inactive grenade. I pulled the pin, waited, and threw it at just the right time it would explode on impact. As a backed up though, I bumped into Takeo. "Here," he stated as he handed me his sword. "This should be a little more useful." I graciously took it as I went back to fix the window while I had a second. The hordes were come hard from the front, and zombies were already at the window again. The first one came at the window as I stabbed through its eye, instant death. I pulled it out quickly as the other one got closer, and it when it got close enough impaled it's head. "Don't kill them all you fools. We still need to have a little chat with out spy friend." "I'm not a spy!" I yelled as I began to hold one zombie at the window, only killing it if another zombie came along. The round finished quickly enough. Takeo took my place at the window as Richthofen motioned me closer. "This is restricted area you know. Only people here are, more were the military scientists for group 935. And judging by your looks, your not a order taker like Dempsy over there. So my young little friend, what exactly are you doing here if your not a spy. Prove to me your not a spy, and I won't have to kill you." And with that he drew is gun on me. I took a second to pick my words carefully. How am I to inform him of how I know so much with out involving the timey whimey cross dimensional nonsense that I myself was still on the fence about. However, if anyone in this room would have any sort of answer, it would be the nazi mad man. So I dropped my weapons and rose my hands, gesturing I was not going to resist. "Out with it boy!" "What exactly do you know about time travel? What do you know about different dimensions with minor or huge variants then this one?" He looked at me with a raised brow. I thought I left him speechless, maybe he believed it, maybe he didn't. "your talking nonsense!" He said as he shook his head "stop playing your games, and tell the truth." "It is true Edward, you know more then you want them to know, don't you?" "How dare you talk to me so casually. How do you even know that name. Those fools over there call me Richthofen or just the doctor. And you've only been around long enough to hear them call me Richthofen. Your cover is blown spy!" As he rose his gun to get sight, I quickly reached into my pocket and pointed the sonic at his gun, jamming the firing mechanism. "What was that? what did you do?!" "Oh this little thing, it is my Sonic Screwdriver, and lately, I haven't left home with out it. Good thing to, because when I got stuck here, I found out somethings that have made me realize how useful this tiny thing is. See when I got it, it was just a pen, based off of the equipment of its name from a science fiction saga. Being the scientist you are, figure out what it can do." "If it was just a pen, then why did my gun stop working when you pointed that thing at it?" "Great question, looks like your finally ready to listen. As I said, it is biased of an idea from a work of fiction. When I got stuck, where ever it is I am, it started working like a sonics screw driver. I wonder if it will still work as a pen?" I pulled the cap at the bottom as the pen tip was still there, I drew my a quick diagram in my palm as he looked more curiously. "So your a time traveler, or you've seen other dimensions? What are you exactly. Where did you come from and how did you get here?" "Exactly, I'm both. I'm human like you. Or so I'm still choosing to believe." I showed him my palm. Witch showed a few different diagrams, one explaining how alternate timelines and crossed dimensions come to be. "Time isn't straight, especially when your a time travelers. There is this reality, with it's many timelines. Each dimension has it's own fixed points in time, the rest is up for grabs for who ever is courageous enough to try to write the future. Where the littlest of different choices skew into it's own sub time line. Then, from as much I have gathered, there are other dimensions where the law of physics don't apply, where time means nothing. Where anything could happen and change at a moments notice. That's what happened to me. I got stuck in what my guess would be the void between each dimensions. The ether, purgatory, hell. Or I might have been there all along, hell we might still be there. But that is where it became clear I might be more then human. Witch is were we get back to this pen. This sonic screwdriver. The doctor, that's his name, only those who don't know him, or his enemy's asked for his real name, created the sonic screwdriver. He is a alien from the planet Gallifrey. A Gallifreyan, or time lord, seers and proctors of time. They created a device capable of time travel. The TARDIS, Time and Relative Dimension In Space. The doctor stole one, when on many adventures. Met my alleged grandparents, met his wife, who is apparently my mother, and Saw his wife give her life for him. Not all in that order. Before she gave her life, all that collective energy that was creating me left her and floated through out space, finding a crack in the universe. My friends tired to trap me in a loop, and I found the TARDIS, witch confirmed this. But that energy wasn't the only thing that came across. There was a vampire, who dabbled in dark magic, who killed his brother. His brother "soul" left their world, and found the energy that was making me. But as I said, could all be lies, this could be hell and I'm being played a fool." Richthofen stared at me, sighing as he shook his head. "Gott dieses Kind, ich kann nicht feststellen, ob er lügt oder nicht. Aber wenn er nicht ist, und er weiß mehr über meinen Plan dann auch Maxis, muß ich." The TARDIS translator systems kicked in quickly, and I knew everything he said. God this child, I can't tell if he is lying or not. But if he isn't, and he knows more about my plan then even maxis, I must keep and eye on him. He'll maybe I can even find this time traveling device to make the mpd more functional. But I wasn't about to let him know I knew. Or that I would be able to speak German back. "I guess your as trapped as we are. Tell me young time lord. You seemed very familiar with killing zombies. How long have you been killing them?" I stood there and thought a while. It was extremely difficult to calculate time when you feel you've been running forever. "Let's see, I'd suppose it would be 5 years since I got lost in that mansion that brought me here. I only escaped because I found the TARDIS. Had to survive Nacht Der Untoten. That's what most people called in from my dimension. Do you know what a video game is? Of course you don't. Anyway it is a visual game, won't get deeper in details, but there are a lot of them, wouldn't believe the ones with zombies in them." He sighed as I smiled, "I wish I hadn't ask. Come now, you will take me to your time machine." Then my face quickly straightened out as I pointed my sonic at him. "Your not going anywhere near it. So you better get the notion out of your head before I wipe your memory." I bluffed. Obviously the sonic doesn't harm people, or wipe their memories, but he didn't know that. He began taping his foot impatiently. "Then I guess we must travel the old fashioned way. Come along now," he picked up his gun and walked back to the group. "We will survive till the zombies stop. Could you reverse what ever it is you did to my firearm so it isn't useless?" I pointed the sonic at his gone and fixed the firing mechanism. "Thank you." I fallowed him closely as we made it to the others. "You two work out your shit?" Dempsey said as Takeo walked away from the window and Nikolai kept drinking. I grabbed a stg as I handed Takeo is sword. "Gentlemen it would seem our young friend is going to join us in our onslaught against the undead." "Am I now?" I said as he nodded. "We both have secrets, you know mine, I know yours. I suggest we be friends. And friends start with telling each other their names. You know ours, but we have yet to hear yours." I stared him down as I gritted my teeth. He was surely not going to let me leave easily. "Damian DeMort." "Well Damian nice to meet you, now if you don't mind, you've taken enough our time" he shot the zombie and like that, we were back to surviving.
  6. Glad to hear someone other then myself is enjoying it. Personally I think it sucks, but that's my personal problem, I think I suck at most things lol anyway working on the next two parts some time tonight, probably while my parents are catching up on SoA. The next part should be up tonight and the part after that tommorrow
  7. Hey, welcome slushy. Hope you enjoy yourself on the forum, and feel free to add me if you ever want to play
  8. It was round 15. I had been sitting up by the grenades for a few Rounds. There was surprisingly a green soda machine with Mule kick written on it. It was just like cod zombies, each kill would give me points witch I could see if I closed my eyes briefly. I could only hold two guns at a time unless one of the guns was a cz75, witch I could have 2 of. If I had bought another gun, the one in my hand would just vanish. I had drank mule kick and went back to the box. I already had a ray gun and thunder gun, but what I could really use was monkeys. Didn't really needed the other gun, just wanted one. So I hit the box, first was M72 LAW, then a china lake, a Dragunov, a famous, then popped up a RPK. I took it. I kept hitting the box, the crawler hitting my ankles and making me play this game of back and forth with the box. But then I finally got them, monkey bombs. I kicked the crawler on its back and curb stomped it with a twisted grin on my face. I was enjoying this more and more. I went back upstairs and waited for the zombies to pour in. I was going to stay on that corner until all that was left was monkey bombs and the RPK for ammo. I lasted two rounds with what I had before I lucked out with a nuke and max ammo to get through the rest. Then came round 20. I had to survive this round in order to leave, other wise I would be stuck in a loop like I was at the mansion, witch I could still be in. It was close, almost getting cornered and having to buy the barricade on the stairs, but I pulled it off. The knife and guns vanished and the bard gate opened up. "Now Damian," I heard Josiline begin as I approached the TARDIS. "You will be trying to figure a way to free me with that box won't you?" I tired opening the door, but it wouldn't budge. It seemed to be locked. "Of course. I mean, it'll be hard getting anything done if I can't even get inside it." I had an idea, I took out my sonic, pointed it at the door, and activated it. It didn't take long at all till I heard a loud clank, like a bank lock unlocking. This machine was old, had seen many wars throughout time and space. I was amazed such a thing even existed, or was still functioning. I walked in and looked around, knowing it was going I be bigger on the inside. The funny thing was it felt like home. Even decorated how I'd want the main control room to look. Walls that were black with thousands of little white lights to look like constellations, with big red balls, all shapes and sizes. And the light and balls would move. As if you were standing center in the universe. The control console held the classic in style as all the pervious doctors TARDIS, with only minor changes as each had. Wires were exposed like it was always being repaired. There were so many buttons and leavers and switches that it was almost overwhelming. There was even a phone so I wouldn't have to use the one outside. "It may been able to go through time and space at one point, and has the potential to cross dimensions and realities, but as of now it is stuck here with us. Who ever made it so it could go across other dimensions, was smart enough to foresee the many situations it could be in. You've charged it enough to get out of this loop, by taking the energy from the zombies you killed. But it will more then likely put you into another one till it is charged enough to break out of this pocket universe That was created to imprison me." "Who was it that figured out how to make it multi dimensional? I know time travel always makes the opportunity to creat another dimension where something else is different from the original. But in order for it to travel between those dimensions, with out ripping apart existence itself, it would have to hold something more powerful, and compatible to the original energy source. Also how am I still able to hear you in here?" "Already the doctors blood in you is obviously reacting to being in the place you were created. All these questions, I can't answer, but you know them. You'll figure them out the longer you stay in here. How you can hear me on the other hand I can answer. Because I chose you. You reminded me of a man I once knew long ago, that's why you inherited his name, Damian DeMort. The name you thought your real name was all these years, was falsely given by your earth family. Just as Damian DeMort may not be your first name." "So jenney. Who was she? Was she ever real? Was kiefer real?" I looked thinking of all the times I spent with them. Realizing that none of it may have even been real. There was so many things I wanted to say and just didn't say "Jenney was a projection of myself from when I was still human. Kiefer is the real problem. He is just using my power to create the zombies and bend reality in the loop. In your and my original world, the zombies are all people I fed from who were not pure. The chalks and drops are Alistair's deal. He is using Kiefer's memories against you. Kiefer was real, but now his mind may be dead. Alistair is a old problem of mine. He was a vampire like me, but dabbled in even darker magic, the greater evil taking control of him and giving into his dark desires. He became a walking paradox. Referring him self as the contents of Pandora's box. My love, the original Damian, fought him and sealed him away to what most refer to the other side at the cost of his own. The void between all the universes. That's why I chose you, the man that a Shouldn't even exsist, the son of the doctor. The only person I've seen in all the universes that reminds me of my Damian." And with that, I realized the mess I have walked myself into. A novice time lord, a mediocre warrior. What about me was so special other then apparently being the so of the most known time lord in all of the universe. Even then, he didn't teach me anything other then what I've seen on television in this reality. The only explanation was there was more I wasn't being told. That maybe I was more then a reminded of her old love. "How am I suppose to go against the darkest being in the cosmos? How am I suppose to stop him from taking my friend? And how don't I know this is all lies and I'm already in hell? Both things you and Kiefer said contradict each other. He says I created both of your guy's imprisonment here. How don't I know I'm just going insane?" There was silence for a few second, as if she didn't know what to say. I looked down to the console in front of me, into a monitor in bedded In it's face. For a moment my eyes glowed Crimson and my faces paled. I blinked quickly and my face was back to normal. Then she spoke. "I can't promise what you will learn once you get out of here, will satisfy your questions. Or even that the truths I can't bear to tell you will break your heart, and that you need to go through it alone. Only how to break the loops and charge the TARDIS. I could even create people you knew to help you out, weather you remember them or not. Other wise, this is your cell. This endless box sharing mad men's thoughts. It could be a cell, or a sanctuary. That will be your call." I kept looking at my reflection in the monitor, waiting for it to change. She was right. Only way I'd get anywhere is if I just keep pushing forward. But as she spoke, I was only left with more questions. "You said I'm not suppose to exist. Why? How was I born?" "The show Doctor Who did a great job of telling his tale. But things were left out. In another universe, there was really and doctor and a river song. And their story is almost identical minus one minor detail. You. The 10th doctor was the one who helped make you, before River sacrificed herself. Trying to save her, he dumped her conscious into a digital world. With her body gone, some of her energy stayed outside the digital world. But it was only a small amount of her. The rest of it was you. The energy drifted through a crack in the universe, drifting the void till it found a universe and settled settled in a women who you called mother for years. When you saw Amy, you didn't really meet her. That was the TARDIS projecting an Image to help you remember. Only that TARDIS and I saw you coming." "Is it possible that whatever was left of your Damian, came along with me?" I looked down at the console and begin pushing buttons. Planets would project out around me, and there on the screen was more detailed input commands to change the time, location, and the dimension. "That's for you to find out." I inputted my destination at random, hoping it would bring me to where I needed to go. I flipped down a lever and like that, the TARDIS engines roared up and I was off. I flipped the lever back up and stepped out. Looking around I saw my next destination. Ironically enough, it was Verruckt.
  9. Last night, it was one of those nights where I really couldn't tell if I was asleep or awake. My first love comes over, one thing leads to another, fast forward the creepy for play and love making to the next morning. We decided it would be a good idea to start look for more work, and a place to live. It was like all the problems me and her in the past never happened. So we leave my place, only to run in to my once best friend. He tells us he had been on the run the past few weeks, avoiding his now ex and trying to start over. We laugh as we joke for a bit, telling him about how me and my first were getting back together, looking for a new place and a job. That's when things start getting real. Kiefer, my friend, looks at jenney, my first, and smiles. "Well, I was just about to head to a place looking for mad people. Like you have no idea how great the place looked. Free room, free food, and you get to work right in the same building as you live, so there is no need to worry about transportation. I'm waiting for the bus if you want to join me?" I looked back at Jenny and she nodded, knowing I would have fallowed this kid into battle fields. And it was a battle field I was walking into. We got on the bus, and arrived to what looked like Charles Xavier's school of mutants, but very run down. The place looked abandoned, like not a soul had been there for years. That's when Jenny spoke out. "I don't like this place, reminds me too much of the hotel from shining. Last thing we need is for you to be chasing ghosts" she complained as she looked at me. Kiefer laughs as he shook his head. "I know it doesn't look like much, but the post said the living quarters were run down, but that labs they have here are state of the art. And the pay is better then anything I've seen before. If we worked and lived here for a year, we would each be trillionaires by the end." We both looked at him in disbelief. "You sure about this? With that kind of money, and that much time, it would seem like we are hired lab rats. Is it worth it?" That's when Jenny tugged on my arm, "well decide quickly, our bus is leaving." But it was too late the bus was already gone. "I guess you guys have no choice." Kiefer states as he walks to the door. We fallow him as he reaches out for the huge door. It had one of those lion heads with the ring in it's mouth to knock on the door. He pulled at the door, in hopes that it would open but shaking his head. "Heavy bas**** won't move." He whines as he pulls harder and harder, the door not moving an inch. "Dense-ness," jenney begins as kiefer keeps pulling. "It is more then likely locked. And didn't your mother teach you manners? You should knock before trying to enter." Outraged, kiefer bangs on the door, but there was no answer. As big of a place it was, he knocks again, and again. Giving whoever enough time to get to the door. We stood there for what seemed five minutes before I sighed. "My mother didn't teach me manners, but she would always blame my father for mine. I'm getting in." I reach inside my jacket as they laughed at what I pulled out. "Your pen? What are you going to do with that toy?" It was my sonic screwdriver pen. It looked just like the tenths sonic, only it had changed in my dream. The blue light was now read, the body black, instead of sliver. And pen cap at the bottom was now sliver, not black. "You would be surprised. My bother in laws xbox was red ringing, and I pointed this baby at it like the doctor and bam, the xbox started working." I joked as I pointed it at the door. "That should do it" I said as I pulled on the door. This time, the door didn't budge. They laughed at me more as jenny kissed my cheek. "Don't feel bad, kiefer couldn't do it either. Well, I guess we aren't getting in." We turned away as the door opened slowly, creaking with each inch. But there was no one on the other side. The door no one could budge now opened with the gust of wind bringing the storm that would have kept us there forever. We heard to coming thunder as jenny shook with fear. "I don't care how it opened, let's just get inside before we get caught in this mess." So we entered, but there was no one there. The inside looked as abandoned as the outside. But there was power. Lights were on, the place was fairly warm for having no occupants. There were no leaks, even with the down pour that now started. "See, it isn't so bad" kiefer smirks. "It is dry and warm, no sign of ghost jenney." I saw it, but no one else noticed. And as soon as I saw it, I forgot it. But I remembered the dead it caused as I looked at jenney, who must have saw the same as I, for she was now as white as a ghost, and shaking. "There is just something about it I don't like. All I can feel is fear. And it smells like something died in here." The intercom kicked in, but all that could be heard was static, and lights began to flicker on and off. And the door behind us slammed shut. "Let's go," Jenny said in fear. But kiefer, he had the look of a mad man. He was smiling, and laughing uncontrollably. "We can't leave. It is too late" he said as his eyes met mine. They were darker the the corners of the room where no light was shown. "They're coming. They're here. They're coming,. They're here." The intercoms spoke over and over on a loop. Jenny grabbed my hand tightly as she got closer, straying away from kiefer. "What is going on kiefer, this isn't funny anymore. Stop it." But he kept laughing, as he joined in with the audio. "Who are they kiefer? Who's coming?" I said as I looked at him, adjusting my glasses. Then all noise stopped as kiefer floated over towards us as if he was possessed. "The flesh are coming. The flesh eaters are here. All so they can expose you for who you are my old friend." It started with a bang down the hall, like something fell. Then the rain began to pick up in noise, at least I though it was the rain. But the sound I heard were feet, hundreds of feet running, shuffling. Then began the screaming. High pitches screams that could bring the bravest of men to their knees. Screeching and gargling as you began to hear the moans. Kiefer pointed to each side of him, to opposite sides of the room. Each side held a dark hallway that no one could see. And the hall way behind him began to lit up with the eyes of the monsters moving closer and closer. The red glowing eyes. "One leads to the lie that I led you guys here on. A future together, where you spend the rest of your lives trying to escape, trying to find each other. The other side leads to the past, the truth, where you Remember who you are DeMort. I won't tell witch leads where. Only that the path behind me leads to the end. But if you don't choose soon, the undead will come, forcing you into one of the two escape routes. Past or future Damian." Jenny grabbed my hand tighter as she shook her head. "Let's just leave, please. I don't care what you choose, as long as I go with you." I couldn't decide, and time had run out. They were indeed here. Kiefer floated back, into the crowd, vanishing in the sea of bodies that were running towards us. Holding her hand tighter I ran, not caring witch way I went, only that she would be safest by my side. But kiefer had other plans. As I reached one of the exits, he came back out of the masses, and flew pass me, taking jenney with him. Holding her just high enough above the crowd that thy could just touch her shoes. "I forgot. She doesn't get to come with you." He said. Her eyes were wide with fear as she screamed. "Please don't forget me." And with that, he dropped her. I watched as the Horde of the undead ripped away at her. There was nothing I could do, so I turned Away in tears, walking into the darkness. Not knowing where it would take me. After that time speed up, rewound, or stopped. It was so hard to tell. This building had changed, each room leading to a different nightmare if mine. Around every corner, zombies. Every so often I would come across guns and ammo. But mostly I used a katana I had found in one of the rooms. Only pulling out guns when I was over run. It went on for what seemed like years. Till I finally found the room. The room kiefer was talking about. The "truth". I walked in, and the room was white. It was so bright,I had to squint. All I could see was what looked like a mirage. A red head dressed in white. "Come here child" she said. "I've waited all of time and space for you." I approached her slowly as she turned and looked at me. "Your..." I said in disbelief. "Amy pond." She smiled as she shook her head. "You remember more then that boy led to believe.. Or is it because of things you have seen in this reality that you know who I am?" "There is an actress that looks just like you, plays you in this television show. And after the years I've spent battling these monsters, seeing the things I have. I have no problem believing your really Amy pond. But why are you here?" "To help you remember." She stood up from her chair and walked over to me. In her arms was a baby. "This is what I want you to remember. And this is why you have been brought here. She is to young to tell you, but I know who she is to you. I know who she is to him. Even if none of it has happened to us yet, I know because this building, this pocket dimension allows me to know." The intercom started up in static again as we talked. I wasn't sure how much I could trust. "What are you getting at?" I asked as I looked at the child, knowing that it was river song. "Why have you been waiting here for me? What am I suppose to remember? This feels like bad science fiction." "You can't hear it on the intercom? It is a message for you, a question that should never be answered. And your going to keep it's secret, because the secret is rightfully yours. Just like it was your mothers secret. This room is a fixed point in time, because it is where you first remember how you go here. Why you never felt at home. Why your so naturally smart, but so dumb as well. You forgotten everything important about yourself." I looked at her as if she was crazy, but something told me to reach for my sonic again. "What about my self have I forgotten?" I held the sonic down in hopes she would wouldn't see it, but she smiled as she looked up at the only speaker in the room. "Your his only remaining son. My grandson. Just trapped in this universe where we are just characters you watch on the televisions. And the pen, was always more then a pen. You just needed to believe your who you always thought you were." I pointed my sonic upward as I closed my eyes and pushed the button. The louder my sonic got, the more of the message that was revealed. "Doctor who?" it looped over and over. My mouth dropped as the message began being drown out by the noises of the undead, now coming for me. "Run boy, don't look back. Just run, and hope you get the answers to your longing questions." Then I awoke, to my boring life, where kiefer is still my worse enemy, and jenney still wants nothing to do with me. It seem it had been ages since that day. After meeting Amy pond I knew, not just time, reality was nothing more then a universal joke. In one life you just a gamer trying improve your ranks, do Easter eggs. One your a time lord's alleged son. And who knows, in another I could be spider man, a rock star, a vampire or even the dragon born. It doesn't mater why things are the way they are, only as long as you keep doing what you have to in order to keep pushing forward. And sometimes your lucky enough to find friends to remind you what your dreams are, and why you strive for them. But none the less, in the moment, this is my reality. I'm the doctors son. And even not, how would I explain a pen I kept as a joke work as what it was modeled from? Back to that day, when I met Amy, I had gotten over run again. Briefly, my body acting on instinct, my mind believing that I could do anything in this house. There was some chalk on the ground that she used to keep track of the days she had spent there. I drew a rough out line of a katana as the chalk glowed and formed the sword out of thin air. And my body, it was moving faster then it ever had before. Stronger even. With my first swipe I took off several zombie's heads. Taking out zombie after zombie, even finding a chance to draw up a B23R. I had turned around to check on Amy, but there was never any trace of her. It was like she was never even there, not even the calendar she had made. I managed to loose them and explored the mansion I've been stuck in for all this time. It was amazing, in a way. This building did go on forever. It looked big on the outside, but on the inside there was room after room, stair well after stair well. I must have gone up at least a few hundred floors after spending a month traveling across one level and not passing a window or door outside, hoping that I could find an exit. I had come across many library's, theaters, kitchens. Staying only long enough to read a pages of a book, make a small meal, or use a rest room before a zombie horde would come my. I sill had the katana, but the B23R ran out of ammo so I scraped it. So I was always running, just like my alleged father had. Occasionally I would come across rooms that would play with my head. Have me believe that some close to me was trying to kill me, or was really behind all of this to unleash the zombies. It made me make choices I normally wouldn't make just to get through it alive. Only to find out it was all fake, and the only real thing was the zombies. I have even gotten over run and died. But I would wake up in a room somewhere, the only things coming with me was the katana and sonic screwdriver. Stuck in a loop. Running, but no idea where I'm running to. "I see your dealing with being trapped in here well. However, it would seem you picked wrong." I had looked up, reaching what looked like Nacht Der Untoten, only outside the windows there was no sky just cosmos. There floated kiefer on the second level, looking down at me smiling. The was not a single logical explanation of how I got here. The door I walked through had vanished. The only ways out was jumping through a window, but the ground outside vanished after only 100 feet. "We both know, I've been waiting for the apocalypse. Always told myself if I got stuck in some pocket dimension between worlds, I Hoped there would be Zombies. So I really wouldn't say I picked wrong." Kiefer stopped smiling as he floated down to my level, eyes not moving from me. "You left your girlfriend to get eaten alive, only to find out your a fictional characters bastard son. That sounds like a lie to me. I brought you here to figure out the truth, not to keep you here to play games with you." "I don't mind the occasional game now and again. And you've done a great job making me believe the choices I've made here, the things I've found out, are the truth. For someone who wants me to know the truth, you've haven't really done anything to keep me from believing that The Doctor is my real father." Kiefer snapped his fingers as he spoke, pointing outside at the end of the snap. "That's not the truth I wanted you to find out. And how do you know it isn't a lie? You have always been oblivious up the things happening around you, Damian DeMort. Is that even your real name?" I looked out side, and out of no where, Jenney appeared, bloody, dirty, pale, and unconscious. There were cuts all over her, and and blood under her finger nails. "What have you done to Jenney?!" I drew my katana at him, holding it against his neck as I pulled his body closer to me. "And Why do you keep calling me that?" There was a loud screech, fallowed by demonic childish laugher. I couldn't take his games any longer, he had to go. And I was going to be the one to send him off. But when I had looked back a Jenney for only a second, Kiefer had returned to the second level of the building. Now holding my Katana I drew. "I didn't do anything to her. The state she is in she done to her her self. And I call you by your name. The name the rest of the universe knows you as. The name your parents gave you. Do you what to know what it means? Damian is Greek for tamed. DeMort, well.. Morte, Mort, all mean death in a few different tongues. Some thinks it means Demonic Death, but as long as I've known you, you've kept yourself tamed. So I say, either The Doctor and River knew you'd be either a Demon running through the cosmos, or just a tamed killer like your father. Either way, clearly they didn't want you, so the threw you in a pocket dimension when you were a baby. All so you would never know where you came from, and never become a destroyer of worlds." Could he been telling the truth? All my life I had suffered from short moments of "insanity" for having suffered from abuse or neglected, or witnessing it happen to someone else. But I would always pull myself together before I dug myself into a hole I couldn't dig out of. In fact these months spent here were the most violent days of my life, and it was towards the undead. "Your lying.." I said as I looked down. My hand balling up tightly, finger nails digging into my hands causing them to begin dripping blood. "I'm only going to ask once more, what has happened to jenney?" The smile had come back on his face. He spun the katana around a little, each rotation, part of the blade would deteriorate, until there was nothing left. "Her name was never Jenney. Her name was Josieline Rose. A human soul that has been stuck in a time loop. Never aging, never knowing her surroundings." He dropped the hilt and handle he continued talking. "Did you wonder why you could use chalk to draw weapons? Why there zombies all over? This is one giant game to her. Every few hundred years, she picks a new playmate to keep stuck here. I was her last. Then she had caught the smell of a time lord, and sent me out to find you. Even go as far as getting you to trust us both, only to stay stuck in this hamster wheel while she feeds of your energy. I guess you could say is a vampire, looking for a way out of her prison. And these zombies are her minions." The moaning began as Kiefer stood up, bowing as the sound got louder. "You have a long journey. What's future for you, is my past. We were once adoptive brothers, but then you brought me here, not telling me why. Then I never saw you after that. You left me here with her. So that makes me leaving you here easy. We are already in a paradox, and I have spent too long here. I don't care how I leave, as long as I leave knowing you suffer. Hoping I can stop all of this before you make it so again. My fate won't be left to a mad mans son, and his demonic girlfriend." And with that he vanished. I was stuck here like he had been. I could hear Rose's laughter as zombie began breaking down windows. "Damian, would you like to get out of here?" I looked to where I had last saw her, but she was also gone. I kept looking around but couldn't see her anywhere. "Stop that, you look silly. You won't find me, because I'm not in one set place. I'm everywhere. Do you want to get out of here?" I looked at my hands, covered in my own blood as I thought over what's Kiefer said. If he was working for her, why is she offering me a way out. And if I wanted to stop all of this, I had to die here. Kiefer wouldn't be stuck here, Rose wouldn't be. None of this would have happened if I just died here. "Is there another way? A way to free you two from this cruse? Other then me dying here?" She laughed as a green hammer dropped on my head from above as the windows boarded themselves up? "Why do you think I'm being so nice? As long as your here, I can control what happens, helping out no mater how random it may seem. As long as your in some place that is based off of your precious CoDz, I'm the one in control. Anyplace else, the zombies are out of my control. And they will fallow you because Alastair, or kiefer, also shares the dark powers I have after being stuck here for so long. I'll let you leave here, but your going to be challenged first. This will be just like CoDz, make it to round 20 and I'll give you your way out." I looked around to find an exit she was talking about, pulling out my sonic as I scanned around, revealing chalk out lines, doors that could open, and the infamous mystery box. As my sonic buzzed louder, I could hear it in the back ground. Even over the zombies. With a loud thud, outside stood a black police box, and the windows would grow red as it finished settling. "A TARDIS!" I said with some excitement. "Not just any TARDIS. The TARDIS. Your TARDIS, your fathers TARDIS. Only thank to the powers I have here, it is more then able to go anywhere, not just with in time and space, but the whole multi verse. Round 20, and it is yours, more of it will be returned to you. Do we have a deal my love?" I put my sonic away as suddenly a M1911 appeared in my hand along with a knife. "Do you really have to ask if I want to kill some zombies?"
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