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  1. I know right? I just barely got my last fragment from the oryx challenge Monday to finish my year two moments of triumph. I got a Titan at 335 and the other two are at like 333 so I'm set till the next expansion. Figure with the increase in light I'd carried the rest of the way Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  2. Haven't been on in a while but now I'm back

  3. Yeah. Willing to do any of them. Have the niece over today, so I won't be available till much later
  4. I still need to do shangrila as well. So I'm willing to help
  5. So this is how I'm going to die, at the hands of my murderous father? Laying bloody in a trench to hide from both the horsemen coming for me and the rain. Who would have thought that the most powerful man in the city would have such a twisted plan. His attempt on my life was not subtle. Everyone in the court at the time saw it. And no one did nothing fearing my father. Everything was fine until about 5 months ago, a seer approached my father, Questioning his wealth, testing his greed. "How would you like to rule more then a city? How about countries? How about the planet? It is in your c
  6. The TARDIS had landed outside by the fountain. I looked inside the building as I saw 4 people fighting for there lives. Zombies started popping out around me as I quickly turned around and jumped back away from the zombies, pulling out my sonic and locking down the TARDIS as I then proceeded my way towards the closest window. I dove through, shattering glass as I popped out by quick revive. It would seem I popped in around round 10. There was a M1911 on the floor and a knife imbedded into a zombies skull. I took them as I proceeded upstairs, where the gun fire was coming from. "We must no
  7. Glad to hear someone other then myself is enjoying it. Personally I think it sucks, but that's my personal problem, I think I suck at most things lol anyway working on the next two parts some time tonight, probably while my parents are catching up on SoA. The next part should be up tonight and the part after that tommorrow
  8. Hey, welcome slushy. Hope you enjoy yourself on the forum, and feel free to add me if you ever want to play
  9. It was round 15. I had been sitting up by the grenades for a few Rounds. There was surprisingly a green soda machine with Mule kick written on it. It was just like cod zombies, each kill would give me points witch I could see if I closed my eyes briefly. I could only hold two guns at a time unless one of the guns was a cz75, witch I could have 2 of. If I had bought another gun, the one in my hand would just vanish. I had drank mule kick and went back to the box. I already had a ray gun and thunder gun, but what I could really use was monkeys. Didn't really needed the other gun, just wanted one
  10. Last night, it was one of those nights where I really couldn't tell if I was asleep or awake. My first love comes over, one thing leads to another, fast forward the creepy for play and love making to the next morning. We decided it would be a good idea to start look for more work, and a place to live. It was like all the problems me and her in the past never happened. So we leave my place, only to run in to my once best friend. He tells us he had been on the run the past few weeks, avoiding his now ex and trying to start over. We laugh as we joke for a bit, telling him about how me and my firs
  11. Welcome to the comunity. I'll be sending you an add if you would like
  12. Actually if you don't mind it's just the doctor. Welcome to the site
  13. Meh... It is nice to meet you. Then again. Meh
  14. Welcome to the Forum man, hopefully your experience on this site will be better then the last site you were active on.
  15. Thx for being a friend! Nice to meet a new, friendly face.

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