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  1. I'll be there for xbox! See you all later
  2. Oh wow that's pretty awesome. I thought they were giving them away.
  3. I believe we'll stay in the WWII era for the next 4 maps and then we are going to progress and start getting newer guns and what not.
  4. Also with the TV changing to what appears to be more "modern" that's a clue as to the time moving along. We're moving through the 60's.
  5. Maybe we will see a Bay of Pigs mission? that would be pretty awesome even though it failed they could make it a really cool mission!
  6. Oh dang everyone knows already? Well, that's a bummer, but someone start decoding the letters and numbers!
  7. gknova6 has been updated everyone look!
  8. Fishing hut! MP40 and Flogger.
  9. Well JD has said nothing about 6novagk and I've seen numerous people tweet him, including myself. I don't expect him to say anything anytime soon.
  10. Never thought of it that way Yeah seem here. That would make sense, but then also you would think that we would only get information on the game once a month? I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see like we have been doing since we all realized MW2 is not the game that it first appeared to be.. or since we didn't get Map Pack 4 and crave ZOMBIES!
  11. Wait a minute that's tomorrow! Also Carbon, who do you know for sure received this usb stick?
  12. Owww... I'm liking the sound of this Mr. Vosty. Can't wait! Also is there significance to Chad Yost? Brother of former Brewer's manager Ned Yost?
  13. Reply on my CoDHQ thread by IcedEarth213, awesome find. Also notice that the website was created on March 23. I'm glad we didn't find it then and had to wait even longer for the next channel or next clue. And here's what CHEFS said on the thread: So there is 0% that is anything other than CoD!
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