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  1. ​For some reason, the first thing I saw in the blue part of the sky, enclosed by the clouds was a dove flying with its wings spread. And there is a crow in the bottom right of the picture, they have referenced birds a lot so far. Maybe they are being used for their symbolism? A dove is usually said to stand for peace and a crow is usually said to stand for death and war.
  2. Not sure how relevant this is anymore, but back when Der Riese came out, Nikola Tesla was connected to the chalkboards there. Ended up drawing connections to the VRIL, radio tower mind control with HAARP, Tunguska (possible discovery/origin of 115?), and more. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/172153-tesla-haarp-for-mind-control-tunguska-event/page-2
  3. Nope, I'm still alive. This is probably the first time i've returned to the community in about 2 years. I aplogize, when Black Ops 2 came out my life was a little busier than it was when Black Ops 1 zombie storyline was playing out, so I had more time for it. Unfortunately I didn't have as much time after that. However, recently I saw some news that the next COD by Treyarch may have zombies, and may even further the original storyline, if possible. It reminded me of how much fun I had researching, speculating, and collaborating with others on such a great game made by such smart, creative, and talented people. Treyarch was able to inspire some deep thinking about a storyline in me, while I was playing a video game, which I can't say about many other games. Because Zombies was loosely based on some historical events it peaked my interest even more, because research and speculation to what "real life" things connect with the game could be at play. I spent a lot of time coming up with theories and with the help of many others even got pretty close to predicting what would happen on Moon and in the rest of the story in Black Ops 2. With samantha controlling the zombies, the earth blowing up, and the towers being used to obtain ultimate control based on Group 935's work. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/142061-%E2%96%91%E2%96%92%E2%96%93samanthas-existence-life-told-in-ee-songs-theory%E2%96%93%E2%96%92%E2%96%91/ Also, theorizing Samantha was narrating a story by playing a game in her room based on what we saw in Kino and where the story was going: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/156756-letters-from-the-field-photos-videos-from-pre-origins/page-38#entry1461494 Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing it, and if Treyarch decides to continue the story, I will definitly do my best to stay up to date with it and contribute to the community as much as I can.
  4. Well, the license plate on the bus says "Colorado 1960" and I assume that the missiles hit earth around that time, and for decades Richtofen and Maxis have been battling for control over Earth, purpose still undefined. I believe there was also a hidden audio file that talks about the zombies attacking for decades. So for now, the most logical theory is that the Earth was hit with missiles and Richtofen took control of the zombies during the 60's and for 20-60 years Maxis and Richtofen have been in a power struggle trying to get people on Earth to help them.
  5. Again, for those that prefer the text of the quotes: *NOTE: underlined are the storyline relevant quotes Bus Driver/T.E.D.D. "Passengers must restrain small children while the bus is in motion." "Please pay the bus far with exact change." "Holy crap the bridge is going down! Wait it stopped. Let's just test its structural integrity by continuing to drive this heavy bus over it shall we?" "What could go wrong at a darkened diner with gasoline covering the ground?" "What could go wrong at a darkened diner in the middle of nowhere!" "Now approaching a run down gas station and diner with undead things that want to kill you." "Everyone off at the tiny country cottage filled with creeps." "Everyone off at the charming country cottage covered with creeps." "? Cannibalism zone coming up next!" "Abandoned power facility ahead, what could go wrong?" "Abandoned power facility ahead, disembark and light up the neighborhood why don't ya?" "I'd warn you about this place, but I doubt you'd listen." "New route announcement engaged. Now approaching consolidated coach corporation bus depot." "Next station, the crowded? bust stop filled with undead." "All on for a one-way trip to deadsville?" "Town center stop, get off now for shopping, movies, dining, maiming, killing, buying." "Everyone off for the rotten burned-out hellhole crawling with the undead." "Oh, what a beautiful small town, oh wait no it's just that burnt out wreck again." "New route learned. Cross referencing mapping software. Automoatic route guidance still in effect." "If you look to your left, you can see the river of lava that we appear to be falling into, time to panic." "All passengers must remain behind the yellow line at all times." "Thank you for riding Consolidated Coach Corps bus-line." "Doors engaged." "Please do not hurry the driver." "Welcome aboard speed ? buslines." "Clear the road ahead, move up to deluxe coach." "More accommodations available on Consolidated Coach corps double decker class!" "Mysterious and dangerous forest just ahead." "Hey, perhaps you should get off and explore this dark and mysterious forest, i'm sure nothing bad will happen." "And yet another mysterious and dangerous forest just ahead." "Please display courtesy to the automatic driver." "It is unsafe to distract the driver while the bus is operational." "Warning! warning! software failure imminent." "Stay behind the yellow lines at all times, or you'll be sorry asshole." "Woah! did anyone else feel that?" "Door privileges have been fucking provoked." "Ladies and gentleman please remove your possessions from the seats next to you to make room for new passengers." "Error. Self repair protocols enacted. All passengers must disembark upon pain and slow agonizing death." "Danger! persons damaging Consolidated Coach Corporations buslines property will be reported to the authorities." "As we drive over this collapsing bridge, please remember that there is no afterlife that your loved ones will be joining you in." "Please do not board or exit the bus while it is moving." "Danger! This bus is not equipped for rooftop sightseeing." "As a friendly reminder passengers must restrain all children while the bus is in motion." "Warning! local police officials have been alerted to unruly passengers." "Broken bridge to nowhere coming right up." "Go on, jump off and pick some corn, what's the worst that could happen?" "Everyone off the bus! It's time to get murdered underground." "Vandals will be ejected without a refund." "Fuck you. Now I am not stopping." "Fuck you. Get your ass off my bus." "These beautiful green rolling grass covered hills are home to thousands of ? Dairy cattle." "This bus is out of order. A replacement driver has been notified and will be here in approximately 123 years. We're all fucked." "No free rides, bus thieves will be punished severely." "Get behind the yellow line or risk termination." "No fighting on the bus!." "Please step clear of the closing doors." "Consolidated Coach Corporations busline is pleased to deliver you to your destinations." "Consolidated Coach Corporations busline invites you to upgrade to first class." "Go ahead, get off here see how long you last." "Oh fuck! we are all going to die! Goodbye cruel world, goodbye! Oh we made it consolidate coach corp would like to remind you to stay calm in any emergency situation." "Peer out the windows in terror as we navigate the broken bridge." "Interferring with proper bus control is unsafe for all passengers." "Hey asshole! I'm telling you to stop or I'm driving you off a cliff." "Welcome aboard, please have a seat. Thank you for choosing consolidated coach corporations buslines. We know it's a big decision who you ride with and we are privileged to have been chosen." "This vehicle is equipped with anti-vandalism response." "Passengerds who engage in violence will be forecefully ejected." "Corn maze disembark for the dizzying corn maze that you will never get out of." "Authorities have been alerted to your destructive actions." "Please excuse the delay. Rush hour traffic alerts are now in effect, please expect a 12 minute slowdown." "Error. Error. Transport vehicle is under attack by city population. Engaging emergency riot software." "Error. Error. Global positioning system navigation error. Maintain current course. Implement automatic course upgrade protocols." "Secluded wooded areas, perfect for hiding corpses or quite murders coming right up." "Keep talking with me, see if I don't crash this bus and kill us all." "Road conditions are contributing to a overall bumpy ride, please bear with the highway repairs." "End of the line. No seriously this is now the end of the line." STORYLINE RELEVANT QUOTES HERE "Bismo Beach. There's nowhere quite like Bismo Beach." "Now arriving Groom Lake. Last call Groom Lake." "Grand Central Station. End of the Line. Grand Central Station." "Bohemian Grove, put on your hoods and disembark at Bohemian Grove." "Yellowstone park, step off the bus to see beautiful Yellowstone park." "Welcome aboard, please secure all personal belonging and take your seat. Now departing for the HAARP research station." "Harvard Yard. Everyone off for Harvard Yard." "Ladies and Gentleman we are now arriving at the fast flux test facility." "Santa Monica Provident. Ride the Ferris Wheel, surf the pier." "Now approaching tunnel entrance for Dulce base." "Attention passengers next bus stop is the island of Hawaii. We're all going to drown." "Dehacheby? Ranch just ahead. Please gather your Biohazard suits if Dehachebby? Ranch is your stop." "Grand Canyon dead ahead. Now crossing the Grand Canyon." "Greenbrier resort. Everyone off for Greenbrier resort." "Houston Astrodome, all riders off for the Houston Astrodome." "Error. Error. Bus transponder not operational. Defaulting to program route cycle. Now arriving Savannah River Tritium K reactor." "If you look out the windows on your right ladies and gentleman, you will see the beautiful Great Slave Lake. The cleanest freshwater lake in the region." "Please gather all top secret files and disembark for Deep springs Gravitational Anomaly." "Darkened hole and a cliff, just ahead." "Attention passengers, please activate clean suits and disembark for Mount Weather." "Everyone off for the Majestic Mount Rushmore."
  6. Well, Element 115 has some radioactive properties itself. Remember that Group 935 discovered Element 115 with experimenting on Americium 243 and Calcium 48. Americium 243 doesn't have a single stable isotope so technically speaking the 115 used in Zombies would trigger a geiger counter in a heartbeat. EDIT: * Another thing to note, Americium 243 requires a nuclear reactor and Uranium or Plutonium to create. So Element 115 is not only "naturally" occurring in some strange areas, but remember we haven't seen a Group 935 Nuclear Reactor, yet. So there is still some interesting things to find out about 935's Nuclear connection with Manhattan Project and it's connection to Element 115, but I'm sure we'll get there soon This also proves that Group 935 had scientists that were deep into atomic research and had well developed knowledge of what the Americans were doing with the Manhattan project, because of their spies and such. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-234 In fact, I think that as more of the bus driver's hidden audio clips are coming out, I am starting to see an ever larger and more detailed connection with all of this secret underground black ops nuclear sites and the Manhattan project an what it all has to do with zombies. It has to do with more than the final easter egg on Moon. And I think I may have finally cracked Manhattan DOWN, in fact I will have a thread here in the asylum pretty soon with my latest theory and TONS of evidence and connections that I think everyone here will enjoy. -Blackopstiger / Jared EDIT: Also don't forget Treyarch gave us this on July 29,2010. They have always been seriously mysterious and vague in the hints they give us, but they do everything for a reason. http://www.flickr.com/photos/paul1995/s ... 610495490/ They gave us this picture for a reason, they wanted us to figure out that 935 had tested Nuclear "devices" Berlin is Silent for 60 hours due to an electromagnetic pulse, only strong enough by a nuclear detonation. And all of the things about Paperclip and the scientists that went on to work with the CIA afterwards, it was all for a reason.
  7. For those that prefer text or just want to come back here to copy and paste for future reference, Glad we got to it before those wonderful folks over at CoD Wiki But they do have the other quotes here http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/TranZit/Quotes I've underlined the quotes that seem important to the story. Richtofen "Oh Look. You got the Wunderwaffle DG-2! Ha! Just kidding!" "It's like playing don't touch the lava. But with real lava!" "Is that all the damage those missiles did? I was hoping for less ground and more lava." "I remember doing that used to anger the little girl" "Oh his screams are so delightful!" "Ah, this building looks familiar." "No power, No Juggernog. You have it easy compared to how they had it." "It looks like a Max Ammo, but I can't be sure. I can only see everything at the same time." "That gift was just for you, don't you throw it away! I think i'm offended." "Speed Cola! Oh how I miss that invigorating taste." "One of them is down!" "Only one of them remains. Show no Mercy!" "Two enemies are dead hahaha" "Two left, let them suffer." "Three enemies remain." "Now we need the 115, the only place to get that is from the flesh, the flesh!" "You must raise? the 115 from the undead by killing them. Oh boy do you need a bunch of it, get busy!" "*German* Produce? the electricity here. All at once." "You know I used to be in your shoes, then I became an all powerful omnipotent being." "Sometimes my pretties need help, Attack!" "ah this is good you have accomplished much, but to activate the computer you must have the little nav-card thingy, which plugs into the computer thingy, don't worry your little brain about what it does or how it works, just go find it." "Crushed beneath a heel!" "Yea! Yeah! You did it, soon this planet will be healed once more. Oh the flesh will cover the Earth, oh the glorious day that will be for you. You will be the hero that has saved all of the Earth, for me to play with." "Ah! Good job, wonderful. You have done well my friend. But this is not a sprint, this is a marathon. Of your group you seem to be the only one that is able to hear me. So you must convince your deaf friends to heat up the obelisk! Setting a puny fire will not be enough, it must reach an extreme temperature. Now, if only you knew how to build a portable engine of some sort which might blow very hard. hmm. Some sort of jet engine with an afterburner. Oh what you do? Oh Goody-Goody. So, why are you still standing here listening to voices in your head? Get to it schweinholt, or Maxis will kill you all!" "*Cough* Excuse me, just getting used to the Aether." "Oh, wonderful, but now too much power is flowing into the obelisk. You must reduce the incoming power by a factor of 4!" "Time for a fire sale." "*muffled* You need the power! Make a flipper-flipper again Dokovh?" "Ahahaha we will work together against the zombies. Yeah?" "Idiots! You have missed a step somewhere. First the hot, then the flesh, then the electricity! You are almost useless! If I wanted a mindless thing to save the earth I would send a zombie." "Now you have everything you need to make the jet engine! Quickly!" "That is a large group of lebendenton? Now lure them to the obelisk and make them go boom!" "Now, which one of you is going to take care of that little basket? While everyone else runs around." "You know I never liked how that little brat never told us how anything worked, so the secret to survive is *Noises* aha and that's how you win!" "Now go look at everything!" Excellent, your skills are superb. Now get this thing to the obelisk. We must hurry for Maxis is a peachy? little beaver and the dam? he built will kill you all! Trust me!" "You know, I think i'm starting to miss the other 3." "Okay. You seem new to this or at least you are a bit nervous, no? Okay tell you what, I will keep my pretties from overwhelming you too much, so relax!" "You fool! The obelisk must be hot, very very hot. Like me" "Even a stupid American and a drunk Russian could do better than that!" "Almost. All for must do it simultaneously. Together idiots, together! Must I do everything? Look how much I do for you already, it's the least you could do to save your pathetic planet, I swear some people have no ability to work as a team." "*Speaks German* Try again! The obelisk must be as hot as you can make it!" "Hmm. Let's see. I can help you up and over pretty one. This is how she did it, I always knew she was cheating." "*Speaks garble* *Sigh* I think I'm starting to miss that drug." "Is no one going to say anything about Vodka? You guys are boring." Maxis "Good! The Tratotamus? system is now complete." "You have done well, but yet we need more energy." "That is but one of the required three points to complete the design." "You have done well! Now activate the spires power are you circumcised? Oh, Hold on." "That's it! Now complete the device, do it!" "Yes, outstanding. Now we can continue our other tasks." "You have constructed a control mechanism, which programs the computer. You will need to secure an application nav-card. You will have to seek it out, then return here and activate the spire. to save mankind." "The creature is to far away, you need his energies, or all your efforts are for not." "The creature is near, lure him to the spire." "excellent you have freed it, but now you must turn off the power. An activ power grid will disrupt all communications between us, and make it impossible to accomplish the mission I have for you. Shut down the power." "This is a great power source, although it will have to be amplified, with any higher output our communications will likely cease. We will require a burst of tremendous voltage." "Kill the creature, kill it now so we may capture its essence." "You have done well, but we need yet more energy. This is but the tip of what need 3 sides. Now, create the Tritotimus? system." "Nein! Don't do that. We need the creatures energies, killing it will only set back your purpose." "Nein! The electromagnetic pulse has worn off, you must ? The electrical grid is interfering with my signal." "Nein! That makes them stronger, no!" "It seems some new cargo is aboard and needs to be delivered." "Not enough power, bring additional energy systems." "Nothing to see here, for now. Maybe down the road we will revisit this place, such a lovely place." "Excellent! You have activated the two obtuse vertices of the scalene, quickly complete the tertiary? mode." "Yes, power. We need more of it, but only power that is portable, and possibly even alive." "Ahh, your power supplies are drained. Now start again, portable power devices are running out, you will have to re-do a step, hurry. You have let power degrade below acceptable levels. Return to the previous locations." "The spire, the spire is nearby." "Yes, the spire is online. Now, if the other sites can only be likewise in power, then perhaps there is still a chance to complete that which was begun so many years ago. Your help has been invaluable. Farewell." "We have other ways. This power is too intense for our purpose, I cannot communicate while it is..." I will do the others as you post the video just so people that prefer reading the quotes can have the option, also if there are mistakes you notice please feel free to correct me. This has certainly got me theorizing and connecting dots again. Specifically the second to last quote about the other sites with the spires and the "work" that "began long ago". Richtofen wasn't the only one with a plan.
  8. This is nearly the exact thing I was thinking as I remembered this from shangri-la and the picture of these "denizens" Altought the forehead is much larger on the skull, if these things aged completely i'm sure that those proportions would be similar. Who knows "Forest" may be a subtle hint from Treyarch that we've seen them in Shangri-La, although that is a jungle lol. -Blackopstiger/Jared
  9. Did Somebody say Obelisk? The Egyptian obelisk was worshiped as the dwelling place of the sun-god Let's not forget the Black Sun and this nice little Riddle we got from Treyarch a while ago. From a part we may judge of the whole. MKULTRA. Bluebird. Artichoke. The past, the truth. Blome Brought the evil. Someone hid it. God vs god. Believe in the Welteis and the dead start walking. Power. German knowledge. Beware of the Black Sun. Search the truth. It is still there. Son of the HUD. Four letters. Building 87. Clean the world in a manner which is honourable.
  10. Great Detailed Post Man. I believe that we are FINALLY getting the connections with the remaining mystery of Der Riese. The "towers", Tesla technology, "Trinity" all of it is coming together. - About 15 months ago before Moon came out I was able to link the Manhattan Project, Nuketown, the Dreamland Server info and much more together. I looked at the Nuketown Map from Black Ops, predicted that it would someday be the site of the next zombie invasion, and that the easter egg in moon would involve a nuclear explosion on earth. Predicted it on my one year anniversary of being a CoDz member http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/view ... 04#p139404 I'll see if I can dig up some of my other research I did concerning the Manhattan project and how it all connected, sorry it's been more than a year but i'm glad Treyarch didn't abandon the deep storyline for us fans that have been here since the beginning.
  11. I really hope that this isn't everything. I mean it's a cool easter egg and everything but I was hoping for more of a story development. All this is telling us is that Maxis and Richtofen are fighting for control of the Aether. I sure hope that Nuketown Zombies has somethings we haven't found or there are still hidden things in tranzit, or that we get some DLC very soon, because otherwise i'm quite unimpressed at the follow up to the awesome run of the story so far.
  12. The Bus driver says "HAARP Research center" so I'm going to go off on a limb here and say that the "Northern Hemisphere" is Alaska.
  13. You have no power over me (15 G Achievement) http://www.henrymakow.com/nikola_tesla.html Does that look like a normal amount of lightning to you? Maybe that kind of electrical power comes from something we are all familiar with? ***SERVANT ENTRY A00115*** Element 115 overview: Sources include meteors found in Shi No Numa, Tunguska, Groom Lake, Der Riese, and the Moon (Confirmed via Astronomical team) Applications include: Transporter technology, power source for DG-2, General weapon upgrades via CWZIMOJZDUNINXPJZEKWZOLIEXZ. Side effects include: Reanimation of dead cells, vin inherent electrical properties. I believe that we are just beginning to see the continued secret story about the Illuminati's connection to lost or stolen Nikola technology. Most of the technology we have seen so far has been connected to Nikola Tesla and his inventions, including the teleporter and many other things Group 935 and Richtofen used. http://earlyradiohistory.us/1917tes.htm The Electrical Experimenter, September, 1917, page 293: U. S. Blows Up Tesla Radio Tower SUSPECTING that German spies were using the big wireless tower erected at Shoreham, L. I., about twenty years ago by Nikola Tesla, the Federal Government ordered the tower destroyed and it was recently demolished with dynamite. During the past month several strangers had been seen lurking about the place. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjbzvEBGLBQ Also, take a look at this interesting section of a book on Tesla "Chapter 23, page 193 "Vril Power 1898" http://books.google.com/books?id=h2DTND ... &q&f=false This all seems crazy to me, but anyway. The excerpt from the coming race talks about vril power being used to automate movement wirelessly, and it was in a room with tessellated metal floors, just like the walls in the rooms with the teleporters in Der Riese. The author of this book claims that Tesla knew about the Vril Power and that knowledge helped him develop the technology for wireless transmission of electricity and electromagnetic signals. Thus, teleportation and these "towers" we are hearing about. And we know why 935/Richtofen was interested in this kind of technology. So perhaps the Vril story isn't over, maybe Tesla's tower has a connection deeper than we know? Also, if you continue to read Chapter 23, it describes how Tesla talked about giving "animation" to things that did not automate themselves. He said that with this invention that the author claims was guided through Tesla's possible knowledge of Vril power, this automated boat, he could automate something and "teach it to obey" In Tesla's own words there, pretty interesting. http://www.thebirdman.org/Index/Others/Others-Doc-Science&Forteana/+Doc-Science-StrangePhysics/Tunguska-PossibleTeslaDeathRayExperiment.htm I as well as much of the actively involved community have known about Tesla's connection with the Illuminati and other things involved in the storyline, and it looks like Treyarch is finally going to shed light on the story of the "tower(s)" that have been shrouded in mystery for the most part.
  14. I think that Cordis Die is the codename for the "Revolution" to bring down the 1%. The Directors and Treyarch have stated that they want to make this game as realistic as possible they even went to experts to identify possible future conflicts. I'm sure while the story was being produced the Occupy Movement was at it's height and the term 99% was being thrown around on the news daily. If enough people truly got behind such a movement codenamed "Cordis Die" they would plan on wiping out America's entire economic model in hope of "equality". Sound familiar? This is actually happening in real life right now, there are lots of political groups that actually want to remove a Free Market Economy and use Government to stimulate the wealth of the 99% Almost like communism, but they don't call it that, they call it wealth equality. Notice that at 0:38 the Eastern Asian cities in China (Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong)are "Cordis Die targets" Cordis Die is simply a codename for the plan to use this movement of rebelling against those in charge of the economy, but for Menendez it means getting revenge for whatever happened with Mason and Woods in Afghanistan back while the Soviets were fighting the Mujaheddin. One more important point to bring up is that he is targeting China. http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2012/05/16 ... th-metals/ China currently holds the most power in Rare Earth Metals and has a significant market influence. We know that people get mad at governments whenever they do drastic things to obtain oil, think about the kind of revolution that could be in place if America did something drastic to China over rare earth metals. The People would be outraged, there are many possibilities that keep me guessing which is why I like Treyarch. But if I had to guess what this new trailer means and the "viral video" it is that America is so strongly opposed to the government and 1% that they think is screwing things up, and perhaps even so strongly opposed to China over rare Earth Metals that they are willing to put their trust in Raul, a former terrorist. Perhaps he makes promises to help America, recruits members of Anonymous or similar hacking groups (After all Anonymous is the #1 opposition to "the 1%" behind the Occupy movement) and uses their tools to "steal the keys" and attack. Just some of my thoughts, can't wait for this game anymore. EDIT: Just in-case anybody is wondering what a narcoterrorist is, which may provide some hints at Raul's background and connection to this "Revolution" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcoterrorism EDIT2: Another thing the Magazine is dated 2021, I believe that is 4 years before the actual attack.
  15. I always assumed this was just common CODZ knowledge that Reznov never existed but was actually Woods the entire time. I even put that exact clip in my Black Ops II trailer to point out that Woods survived and he says "you can't kill me" earlier in the mission as a story foreshadow. _MTM0a2Ea3c And that mission ends by revealing that Woods is actually Reznov, but we didn't know that until we thought Woods was dead. It's complicated until you see that it's really simple. I thought most people knew this, but I guess now. I guess now most people will be ready for Black Ops II. I'm kind of interested in seeing how Woods reacts to Mason if he ever tells him that he thought he was Renozov. God I can't wait until November now. Thanks again Treyarch if any of you are reading this, we would have preferred a nice viral but this is nice too -BlackOpsTiger / Jared

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