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  1. America England France Germany Official MW3 teaser
  2. There is a man on the roof, just that picture doesn't show it.
  3. i heard a quote from Dempsey, he said " I think I remember seeing richtophen before Shi No Numa, but I don't remember, I don't remember much really."
  4. I was Tank Dempsey and while I was upgrading the M14 into the MNesia I heard Tank say " I think I remember seeing Rictophen before Shi No Numa, but I dont remember. I don't remember that much actually." Which is kind of ironic that the gun is called Mnesia and Tank talks about forgetting stuff.
  5. that last video is hilarious. I just mainly listen to the in game song at about round 12 to 15, and the just listing to zombies dying, and the in game characters talking.
  6. well when i go to the site after i put in the password when i hit enter a few times, it made the screen go completely dark except for the monitors and a few of the buttons, then it would slowly fade back into normal coloring.

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