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  1. If you play local your bank is not the same as online you mite have been experiencing that @ThunderGlove142 Violent Professional
  2. @blackhandsmith don't you worry about getting your PP dirty running around like that Violent Professional
  3. I don't run around with my PP out because I wanna conserve it only bringing it out to impress, if only but a short while. Lol But seriously I usually use the crapy weapon I wanna get rid of first cause I wanna maximize my points Violent Professional
  4. I know somebody had to be thinking it!!!! Violent Professional
  5. I would eat spicy Hispanic food the nite before and wait and hold it till the purge and once the purge happened I would take the BIGGEST crap on my plant managers front porch!! Violent Professional
  6. I didn't even think of FIVE Castro was my guy in that map!! Nice Violent Professional
  7. Get @me when u get it I'll be down to play. Violent Professional
  8. Moon is a awesome map and the EE was a fun one to do Violent Professional
  9. Hello and welcome ! Violent Professional
  10. No horses yet but now there is the carrot on a stick so you can ride a saddled pig around with some control I guess I have not tried it yet Violent Professional
  11. I just got the xbox one version and so far it is great this is by far the closest to what PC version is today. Violent Professional
  12. So I wanted to open up a general topic post for the arrival of the newly ported version of Minecraft. I only played it for a lil bit last nite after downloading it and already I can see a big difference in the frame rate. I am a big fan of the game what do you think? Violent Professional
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