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Gorod Krovi Radios, Codes/Ciphers, Quotes, Letters, etc.

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On July 14, 2016 at 11:32 PM, LackingAGoodName said:

Someone sent this to me on Reddit, not sure if you guys are okay with it since technically he used an exploit to find them, but I figured I'd share incase you'd rather save the time it takes to find them.


Basically once you get out of the map in theater you can find a building that has most of the paper ciphers (including the scraps). Though I noticed some ciphers, for example the one on the screen that's leet speak, isn't there, so this isn't every cipher in the map.



Very late but wanted to say ty to all of you who solved the ciphers glad i was able to help you find em all in 1 spot,as of today they have been removed from the location.GG to all that had been notified of my findings.See you in BO 4 Zombies where i hope to bring more stuff that needs finding cheers everyone and keep up the great work {^_^}¥

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