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  1. the first cod i didnt bought It says something about the corpses of the fallen soldiers (Körper der verstorbenen Soldaten) but i cannot read the rest
  2. Yeah - you should if you want to play later ff because i think it is the future - i played the latest/new star ocean (ohhh how long have i waited for that and it was ...meh...) with this form of combat and i think ff did a really good job (compared to star ocean) Played this for about 130 hours and didnt touch iw since then Play the demo to try the combat or rent it After you get some skills (for your teammates because they really suck in the beginning) it is fun If you like turn based - i am stuck at grand kingdom (nis america) and really like it (there is a demo in the store for the vita)
  3. I personally think the marker for getting hit is....strange... i dont get a feelibg for the first hit - it doesnt feel right...there is missing something
  4. Thank you for this Today i finally archieved all campaign trophys (weapons nut seems a bit buggy i had to play mp andaor/or zombie to unlock the banshee - only after that it spawns in the campaign) So i finally can move over to zombies and will follow your guide the next weekend Cheers
  5. Searched for this - glad to find it here I still going the campaign (i think this cod will be the first i get platinum - its the first cod without stupid trophys) I played one or two games of zombies and feeled a little lost.... still even dont know how to use fortune cards I think i will start at the weekend
  6. Oh yeah... public matches.... I never ended a 4 player game with randoms with 4 player... When i am the host it ends up being a solo game The shield: i love the shield and use it for training - if a have to run nearby a zombie i just turn the back to him - and let it hit the shield instead of running around The gg's are ok I dont like e.g. perkaholic or shopping free - that is the tactic for most the players - get perkaholic from the gg machine The most gg are fun and for real strategies only cache back and alchemical are important About the three hit.... if i have no shield i avoid getting hit at all... I dont know if i got better but i think i didnt get worse
  7. Soe you need 4 players (pretty easy if everyone knows what to do) Der eisendrache is easier on solo (i tried 2 times coop and we died in the boss fight one time with 2 players one time with 4 - a panzer will spawn in the last part and in coop it was very laggy) Zns is easy solo (dont did it coop) Gk - definitely do it with a team I did it both - solo and 4 player hardest ee on solo but pretty easy with a team if they know what they are doing 4 player (or at least one more with the gg dead man walking because you dont have it and btw the only usefull dlc gg for the ee's) Rev: was easy on 4 players but we died the first time at the first boss fight because we wasnt prepared what will come I didnt tried it yet solo and i think i will not invest the time If you play with perkaholic use it at the beginning - Make sure you know what to do if you “invest“ a perkaholic you dont want to loose them because you fall into the water at the zipline in zns Or just do it like most of the people on the leaderboards
  8. I think the gg are ok You should remove some like perkaholic and somehow the possibility to dashboard... just check the leaderboards - i mean perkaholic used 400 times? You dont need perkaholic for high rounds or the ee but for the most the strategy is get to the gg machine and spin it to get perkaholic Maybe they should increase the costs or just put only one in each map...but we know the reason why they didnt do it that way
  9. Actually you can use anywhere but here in the boss fight with the shadowman... My first question is: why? Why or how could treyarch miss this? I mean they blocked it in the apothicon round... Should there be a reason for this? Saw it on stream - I didnt do it myself Will maybe try it myself at some weekend Maybe it just glitch out the game He was one player Maybe it works in coop too What do you think? Just a glitch what treyarch missed? Or should you be able to escape?
  10. I have not much time this weekend so just took One of the shorter Ones for starting Will look or the others soon - transcript of the Nacht One: hope noone did it yet Convert I put the last 4 in () because they Don't convert but i learned from playing with the others that 013 010 means 0d 0a = nf
  11. They are that hard... they are long (what normally Should be Good) and even the transcripts are hard... but i just have not clue how To solve them... aes, rsa, pgp? Or just a Transposition in the hex/base64 code? Convert them To Decimal and divide all with 935? We dont know if the plaintext is all uppercase (would be a help To know because of the binary coding of uppercase letters) We are Jon Snow..we know nothing..
  12. I stop To reply here ... and by the Way Thats wrong again... If you Translate “because“ To german with Google You get “weil“...
  13. Your German doesnt make sense again...You cannot Translate from english to german with Google... like your topic... I don't want To be harsh or something - your translation was just wrong - this time treyarch didnt make a mistake
  14. Nein - so wie du es übersetzen willst macht es keinen Sinn - der Meisterbogenschütze hingegen macht für jeden Sinn der deutsch spricht... wenn du die Wörter trennst und sie einzeln übersetzt ist es nicht mehr sinngemäß...ich weiß nicht wieso du mich in meiner Muttersprache korrigieren willst? Meisterbogenschütze ist ein Wort... Der Meisterschütze Bogenschütze würde kein Mensch sagen
  15. Nope... der meisterbogenschütze is the correct German Word for Master archer You cannot seperate the words with googletranslate (I'm German)
  16. Nieno69


    I would too love To hear how and Why the first Word Should be “by“... (Uppercase because of autocorrect)
  17. Dead around Here...are there more transcripts? A clear Pic from the (other) book cipher would be awesome (that One Which starts with 37 38 4e 70 69 67 51 62 45 66 67 63 65 75 64 34 50 69 59 37 65 34 56 42 7a 77 76 4b 2f 4e 69 Which translates To base64)
  18. Chill guys.. its a circle... after the Great battle ...but my question is : did the icons change from Pale To deep green in Map Selection?
  19. Thanks for this Thread..the code the real DF Posted was solved (“Spoiler“) Don't Read it if you Don't want ZtriS from reddit solved this have a Feeling more ciphers are like the One the real DF posted
  20. It doesnt matter if you go in a Higher round Set Up: (my fav) Perks: Jugg, Stamin up. Double tap,qr Storm Bow shield Gg: To Stay Save aftertaste Thats all you need for solo Coop is Harder because a Panzer spawns in the last keeper round To play safe in Coop Both Should have Jugg,qr,stamin Up and a fourth (or just perkaholic who cares) Storm Bow and the other Player could use Monkey bombs As Secondary weapon a paped shotgun or the paped dingo Gg: aftertaste You Should Both Run in one direction Take your time with the panzer and play safe - just Keep running and Shoot if you are safe In the last Step you need To Take care of a Panzer I never tried To Catch the Panzer which spawns with the Second ragnarok but Maybe it is worth a try Just Keep going a Second round in the last step but take the panzer out as fast as possible If you want to get the ee faster do it solo
  21. Transcript for the Floor Scrap @Rissole25 Posted: There are some Letters “Hidden“ in the cipher - i wrote down What i saw Don't know if its correct
  22. @Aquillan Nice work - i did the same but just used the transcript above... have To transcript it myself then again and looks for typos.. @WaterKH you have your own transcript right? WWith the transcript above you Don't get Plain
  23. Thats all Nice and Good but you forgot To answer my question? @oxin8

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