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  1. I'll just throw it out there that the assumed typical way to solve it hasn't been proven to be incorrect. I've been working on it on/off for over a year and there's no reason to believe it needs solved a different way than all the prior attempts using the 48/24 transpositions. It doesn't hurt to try other ideas because at the end of the day, only one person is gonna be correct.
  2. I've been focused on the remaining known ciphers so I don't see myself going back to that in the near future. Too bad the Rev ones are ridiculous.
  3. Merry Christmas! All I wanted was a solved cipher.... Anyone still looking to make my dreams come true? :)
  4. Exactly. I'm sure time will tell(or not) but I don't think he's sitting around thinking "I trolled the shit out of them." It's probably more "I can't believe they gave up. I gave them everything and they're too stupid to look for it." While the ciphers might be too hard this time around, the estimated size of the plaintext from them is probably a small chapter of a book. We might be sitting on better answers than we could even imagine but it's just gonna take some time. As for the actual map, it's been clear to me that the community has just given up. Most people took one look at t
  5. 31 in a public match. Spent way too much time training on the upper bridge between spawn and the portal. The M1 with Eagle Eye is sooo OP(even if it's only for 50 shots at a time).
  6. Looks like we replied at the same time but I don't know. It didn't matter for my approach but it might be worth looking into.
  7. I just matched the symbols up with arbitrary letters and treated it like a substitution cipher. The letters look a lot like their symbols in some cases. Look at "FROM" for a good example. Edit: It might be real letters/symbols from somewhere but it wasn't necessary to know that to solve it. We'll see what else comes in the future but it might be worth it to investigate that further.
  8. Incase you wondered what the circle in the projector room says:
  9. Can I get the Liquid Divinium medal? I've been saving for so long and using just terrible gobblegums.... lol
  10. Created this after the first Revelations cipher solve (by @WaterKHreversed + simple substitution) after being told that they were gonna be really hard.
  11. Ok. If you remember what you used or something, we could go from there but in general, I'm busy with other ciphers and this one in particular isn't high on my list. If you're interested in learning more about ciphers in general, practicalcryptography.com is a decent place to get your feet wet.
  12. Caesar shifts work on a character by character basis so the input length will match the output length. If the input is "o yo" then the output needs to be 4 characters, not 2. Additionally, in a Caesar shift, each letter encrypts to the same letter each time it appears. This means that both "o"s would appear as the same letter so at the very least the start would have to be something like "be-b". Also, if you're using a Caesar shift, you don't get partial answers that are correct. It's an all or nothing thing. If you still feel that you're correct and just don't know the
  13. You said that you think they used different encryption methods but you failed to mention what any of those are and instead insisted that you know only the first word. Anyone could make a similar claim regarding any unsolved cipher and they only way to proof them right or wrong would be to compare it to the solution. You need to provide additional information as to how you came to that solution or it's frankly not worth anyone's time trying to figure out the answer using a mostly imcomplete and unverfied partial solution.
  14. I don't think it was there before the EE. Did you complete the EE before finding it?
  15. Some form of transposition. Got a good chunk figured out:
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