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  1. Good job, Rad! :D Do you have a link to each of these "radios", I know there's Vixaru video for some of them but I can't find the rest.
  2. I think Brock & Gary were in Shangri-La in 1956 when the loop began. Sally was sent back to 1956 from 2011 and got stuck too.
  3. Moon is set on October 13th, 2025 Shangri-La is set on April 25, 1956 Yuri Savoyski is the Pentagon Thief
  4. I don't complete it on Revelations and the image is from a game where I didn't shoot the graves. But maybe Treyarch added it after the main EE was discovered and completed.
  5. Good job! :P Just came to my mind, what if we solved this cipher before the EE? haha
  6. There's a cipher in Verrückt in front of the Keeper altar. Similar look as the substitution cipher solved by @WaterKH
  7. I remember few months ago, after the Gorod Krovi EE was beaten, I jokingly said the BO3 Zombies storyline was just a love story between a drone and an AI... I was not so far from the truth haha
  8. For the voices differences, there's a radio in Revelations in the Shangri-La area. In this radio, we can hear Brock and Gary saying the exact same quote from the original Shangri-La. But their voices are different though Brock is voiced by Fred Tatasciore in the original Shangri-La.
  9. There's a radio near the Corruption Engine in the Verrückt area like the COTD radio (hidden in vegetation). It's located near the stairs (on the right if you climb them, on the left if you walk down). You need an explosive to activate it. I don't remember who's talking or what they talk about, sorry.
  10. I think there's a cipher in the Origins area, on a table after the buying door to the mound.

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