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  1. Hey guys! Here's all I found so far (in-game and on Youtube), 15 radios! Some words are missing though, wrote them as "??" Pablo Marinus #1 Pablo Marinus #2 Pablo Marinus #3 Pablo Marinus #4 Pablo Marinus #5 Richtofen #1 Richtofen #2 Richtofen #3 Harvey Yena and Anton Gersh #1 Harvey Yena and Anton Gersh #2 Harvey Yena and Anton Gersh #3 Harvey Yena #4 Jebediah Brown #1 Jebediah Bro
  2. Good job, Rad! :D Do you have a link to each of these "radios", I know there's Vixaru video for some of them but I can't find the rest.
  3. I double checked it, it's correct!
  4. We just put the two papers together. I don't see any progress as of now on reddit.
  5. When you put the two scrap papers together :
  6. Someone on reddit put the two scrap papers together and found a link between them, I tried myself and it works!
  7. I bring some news. Glitching Queen managed to get the dragon drawings in the highest def as of now (I assume she used noclip command so maybe there's a higher definition). And @certainpersoniomaybe she has the scrap papers, I'm waiting for an answer. :p
  8. Awesome! Can you make a separate video for the Samantha "lullaby" (sound #238)? :D
  9. Thank you very much @certainpersonio! :D I think you should tag /u/TheReal_DF to increase our chance.
  10. Unfortunately @PINNAZI don't have a reddit account but maybe it's a better place for my request. For the dragon room, you only need "Anywhere but here" GG available at level 10.
  11. Hi! Since the release of Zetsubou No Shima back in april, I'm looking for the different technical drawings around the map like the zombies and thrasher in Lab B or the spider in Lab A, etc... And of course the dragons. I know one can just go to theater mode and take a screenshot but I want the best view, the clearest image... and we all know the free cam sucks in theater mode! I heard it's nearly impossible to extract textures and images from the PC files as of now but maybe someone gifted can work a miracle haha Or at least perhaps use the noclip command if it's p
  12. I hope someone on PC will look into the files to get the clearest image for both scrap papers, that would be a good start if it's possible haha. I wonder if the two scrap papers are linked.
  13. Well done @DCRevolutionGaming& @certainpersonio! :D So, at least two ciphers still remain : 5, 25 AMUNOISHZYXWVTRQPLKJGFEDCB, shinonuma Unless that's for the scrap papers.
  14. Samantha's everywhere haha. I wonder if we can listen to it in the Safehouse.
  15. Someone pointed out there's no "z/Z" in the Docks cipher, so 25 letters. In the list, the first line is "5, 25", maybe we need this one to figure out the cipher and find the plaintext.
  16. In the meanwhile, I'm looking for the second scrap papers. There're 5 parts, right? 1 - Underwater near the green 115 water 2 - In the Docks 3 - Near the box location near the propeller trap. 4 - On the bench in the "secret room" 5 - Where the last part? I wonder, can we move freely in the secret room with the theater mode when you're in it?
  17. The last two signs mean "Division" @certainpersonioWill the decoder finally be useful? ;D
  18. Apart from the ones scrapped off the numbers highlighted in white are pretty easy to read. Different story for the other ones haha. Right now I have no idea what all the numbers mean. Maybe we need the other scrap paper to understand?
  19. Well done @Draz! I saw 577, 691, 227, 761. I'll maybe try to make a HQ version but it will take time (I think the map will be released on PC before I finish it haha). Now, time to focus and figure it out! :D
  20. Just need to find the last part and have HQ images. Focus on the other one now haha
  21. All the ciphers found have been solved. There're still two scrap papers and the paper found near Widow's wine.
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