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  1. certainpersonio

    DLC 2 revealed

    Not really sure where else to put this, but the Führerbunker (the bunker where Hitler committed suicide) is close to Potsdamer Platz and all these other areas that we've identified as potential play-areas in Berlin. Probably going to end-up there. Also, how awesome would it be if there was a Zombie Hitler! Map: https://imgur.com/a/zzrzq
  2. certainpersonio

    Notes on the CoD site

    Context clues strongly suggest the 4 knights the monk depicts are the Raven Lords. I also went through the trouble and compared the images of the two groups: I think it lines up pretty well. I feel strongly about 1 & 3, but 2 & 4 might be incorrect?
  3. certainpersonio

    DLC 2 revealed

    Cameron Dayton just tweeted: https://twitter.com/CameronDayton/status/981590715493830656
  4. certainpersonio

    Potsdamer Platz

    @anonymous the Pergamon Museum is only 2.5km away...
  5. certainpersonio

    DLC 2 revealed

    @RequixEclipseNot yet. It seems to be a part of complex of luxury buildings. I keep going back and forth on whether or not it looks like the building in the trailer. At the very least it might be a place to start!
  6. certainpersonio

    DLC 2 revealed

    What do people think? Kind of looks similar? This is the Central Hotel in Friedrichstrasse which was associated with the Wintergarten, which is a variety show/kabarett/theater venue (as far as I can tell). Seems to fit with the idea of a building in central Berlin.
  7. certainpersonio

    DLC 2 revealed

    There seems to be a theater or concert hall in one of the opening scenes as identified by the neon-lettering above the building. Can anyone identify it?
  8. certainpersonio

    What if Barbarossa's sword is the Spear of Destiny?

    @anonymous You're absolutely right. I don't really have a good explanation for it, but your suggestion is what I also came up with: that the "blade" of the sword is the actually the Spear. Another benefit of this theory, is that it throws our projected "DLC" story arch out the window. Currently most people are thinking we going to gather parts for 4 maps and then in the final DLC well defeat Straub. But with this theory, we wrap up gathering the sword 1 map early, leaving them the flexibility to go else where for a map. I also have another pet theory that the Holy Grail is also incorporated into the story. It has even more circumstantial evidence than the Spear theory, but here's the outline: The Holy Lance is Barbarossa's sword. The Lance is also associated with the Holy Grail as a an item that is stored in the Grail castle, most notably in the German version of the tale, "Parzival". There are a few different "mythical swords" associated with the Grail. (1) In our case, I'm most interested in the story of the broken sword, which says that there is broken sword that can only be put back together by the "True Grail Knight". Maybe we are on a quest to put this sword back together and thus prove us worthy of wielding it? Certainly Straub isn't able to "truly" wield the sword parts in the same way we are; instead he just siphons off energy from them. The Grail is guarded in a castle by the "Fisher King". I think we could argue that we have a "Fischer" who knows way more about what's going on and is leading the way for us... In the castle that Himmler built for the Ahnenrbe as a headquarters, there was room called the "Grail room" which held a pedestal that was supposed to hold the true Grail. In the mean time it held a cool looking light display. Otto Rahn, Nazi archeologist extraordinaire, was even said to believe the Holy Grail was an ancient Aryan device of light that would grant immorality to those who gazed upon it. (I can grab a quote for this later, I just don't have the book in front of me). Thus the Holy Grail was something that some Nazi's were searching for. The main reason I like it though is because it gives a further justification for Geistcraft energy. Rahn and other Nazi's believed the Grail was ancient artifact that could grant immortality. It makes sense to me that siphoning energy off a device of immortality could create zombies (a type of immortal being, or at least one that defies death).
  9. Preface: This is a ridiculous theory with minimal evidence in-game to back it up, but I just can't put it aside! So, with that out of the way... What if Barbarossa's sword is the Spear of Destiny? Assertion: The sword of Frederick Barbarossa is contains the Spear of Destiny (aka: Lance of Longinus, Holy Lance- will be used interchangeably). Background: The Holy Lance is the spear, wielded by the Centurion Longinus, that pierces Jesus Christ's side during his crucifixion.(1) It is said to have mystical powers for those who wield it. It's specifically called the Spear of Destiny, because it's supposed to grant the wielder victory in battle. Notable owners of the Lance include Constantine the Great, Charlemagne, Frederick Barbarossa, and Hitler.(2) Legend is particularly poignant about the double-edged nature of the weapon. The wielder gains power and victory, but if they are to lose the Lance then doom should fall them. According to legend, Charlemagne carried the weapon through 47 successful battles, but died when he accidentally dropped it. It's claimed that the reason Barbarossa drowned in a river was because he had accidentally dropped the Lance into the water. Hitler gained possession of the Lance when he annexed Austria, and ordered it moved to Nuremberg. If it's to be believed, the Lance was captured by the Allies on April 30th, 1945, and not even an hour and a half later Hitler had committed suicide. Evidence: I have no hard evidence linking my theory to the game; all I have is history and mythology which leads to circumstantial evidence at best. Here's my best summary- Barbarossa was in the possession of the Holy Lance. This is a common story surrounding the mythology of the Lance, but more importantly, you can actually track the ownership of the Austrian Lance back to the Hohenstaufen dynasty, of which Frederich Barbarossa was a member. Some legends of the Joyeuse, the sword of Charlemagne, state that the Lance of Longinus was forged into the sword. Thus, there is a mythologic basis for claiming that the sword itself is the Holy Lance. (3) In a story that I'm not sure I believe, a former Uboat commander claims the Himmler founded a society of knights that worshiped the Lance, and ordered the commander to take the "real" Lance to Antartica. At the very least it suggests that Himmler and other Nazis of the Ahnenerbe were interested in the Lance. (4) Glitching Queen pulled game files of the murals on the walls of TFR. Interestingly, she found an extra mural that looks like it might go where a zombie spawn currently is. The missing mural depicts Barbarossa going into a cave and coming out with the sword. The relevance for me, is that one of the origins for the Holy lance is that it came from the Cathedral of St. Peter in Antioch during the first crusade. If you google the "Cathedral of St. Peter in Antioch", you are directed to the "Church of St. Peter in Antioch" which is considered one of the oldest Christian churches in the world; it is essentially a cave with a facade blocking the entrance. I wonder if a SH researcher found the connection and just drew that Barbarossa discovered the sword in the church. (5)(6) Hypothesis and Theorizing: If we're hunting down pieces of the Spear of Destiny, our next DLC map will be in Nuremberg, not Berlin. This is because the Lance was stored in a museum there during the Nazi's rule. Furthermore, the Lance temporarily went missing towards the end of the war, but was discovered near the city by General George Patton. In the story thus far, our crew has escaped the bombing of Heligoland on April 18th, 1945, and is now headed towards the mainland to support the Fürher. Nuremberg was under siege by Allied forces from April 17-21, after which the city was lost and the war ended soon after. But what if in our story, Straub goes to Nuremberg under the pretense of helping the city defend itself from the Allies, but instead he's focused on retrieving the Lance? Benefits of this theory: It gives the sword a reason to have supernatural power and a reason to fear it's completion. If the sword is forged from the Spear of Destiny, by completing it Straub/Barbarossa would start winning victories and change the outcome of WWII.
  10. certainpersonio


    @RequixEclipse As usual, incredible work on a high-quality post. For me, the hardest part of the Nerthus mythology is that she is linked, interwoven, and interchangeable with other gods/goddesses throughout Germany and Nordic regions. One source I found linked her with no less than 10 other goddesses in some way or another. It's probably that different people consider these dieties to be unique, but it's hard for me to sort through it all. However, I found two notable threads: Nerthus the Mother: The first I posted about in another thread here in more detail. The gist of it is that Nerthus, and to a greater extent Bertha (the White Lady), is associated with watching over the souls of the dead and unborn children. This has interesting implications for the meuchlers, who appear to be referring to Nerthus as "mother". Charlemagne the demigod: While clearly not true, the mother of historical figure Charlemagne is called Bertrada of Laon. She's associated with the goddess Bertha. I think this is for 3 reasons: first, Charlemagne was well loved and feared and extremely powerful; it makes sense for some people to associate this power with divinity. Second, Bertrada sounds similar to Bertha. Third, Bertha is associated with a single flat foot (like a duck's foot) and supposedly Bertrada was known to have a foot like this. If I'm honest, the only reason I care about this, relatively thin connection, is that it could bring Charlemagne into the story, which could open up many exciting directions for the story.
  11. certainpersonio

    Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    @RequixEclipse Great find! After googling this, it turns out that this is also in the Toy Shop in TFR. So either this is the same book brought back, or Rideau was also researching the knights.
  12. certainpersonio

    Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    @RequixEclipse By murals do you mean the ones down by Barbarossa's statue? I think Glitching Queen did a phenomenal job retrieving and cleaning up the images from the walls down there: http://www.glitchingqueen.com/ww2zombies.html As far as what they mean, I'm inclined to think they have to do with one of the Crusades Barbarossa went on. However, there is no notable time on which he took a sea-voyage for the Crusades, so really it is a mystery. And what do you mean by statues?
  13. certainpersonio

    All The Darkest Shore audio logs

    @anonymous Found an interesting Meuchler/Nerthus connection. Nerthus is a part of a cluster of goddesses who, depending on the region/belief system, were either all the same or closely related. Namely Nerthus, Frigga, Holda, Bertha, and Perchta were all goddesses of the earth and fertility. One of the functions of the goddess of the earth was to take-up the dead and watch over them. Specifically named are the souls of children who are unborn. What if the meuchlers are saying “mutter” because they are inhabited by the souls of unborn children who look to Nerthus as their mother. Bellow are quotes from two different sources about this theory.
  14. certainpersonio

    All The Final Reich audio logs

    @anonymous This exactly what I was thinking! I think that Straub heads back to defend Hitler, but loses and WWII ends. However, Straub escapes and continues to hunt down the final pieces of the Sword. Because of this, I don't think we'll actually get another piece of the sword in the next map. Up to this point Straub has deliberately positioned his forces and research. Now though, he's reacting to a call for help, so it would be unlikely for him to stumble upon another piece of the sword. @Silv3r Energy Bolivia seems perfectly fine to me as a future map. I think it would be another great way to explore the world and tap into the mythology/history of new frontiers. I'm also hoping that we end up in Egypt. This is mainly because the pre-release notes from Klaus that Noah got were from a book about the history of Egypt (Das alte Wunderland de Pyramiden for those interested- 1906 edition). Plus it kind of makes sense that Dr. Straub might be trying to learn more from the "Book of the Dead" or something like that.
  15. certainpersonio

    All The Final Reich audio logs

    @anonymous I think it's referring to Crusades. The stone reliefs in the Emperors Chambers appear to depict Barbarossa's journey and death during the 3rd Crusade. I personally think we're dealing with something that came back from the Crusades (I'm working on a proper write up for it).

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