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  1. Apparentley there is a super EE when everyone else gets the map pack
  2. Could "the rules" just refer to the whole space time continueum (bad spelling I know) as we all know from time travelling syfy shows that there are rules that you cant change something in the past or else the future will be unknown. Just my take on it.
  3. Hi, I recentley made a video with my thoughts and theories in and wanted you guys to put your two cents in and we could compare theories, here is the video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xpr_YPL2b8 ) Please post your theories in the reply's. Hope to see some good ones.
  4. Very good points, I guess we can combine our ideas and theories, JB always leaves us with speculation so it's hard to distinguis a right or wrong answer. What did you think about my theories on the cherry blossom?
  5. Thank you very much, hopefully I brought something else to the table and not just rehashed what someone else has already said.
  6. So I have recentley made a video on the new takeo teaser expressing my thoughts and theories on the teaser and possible future outcomes(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTadFVBuEcA), I would like your thoughts and theories after seeing this teaser.
  7. Hey guys, my names Thor Im from the UK, I'm 19 and have been following everything zombies from Nacht. I used to research the storyline and come up with my own theories based on the evidence and I loved it. I have been roaming through this website and the reddit slently for a few years now and just popped up recentley as I had something to offer on the ciphers. I do youtube videos but most of them aren't zombie related and I am helping out wherever I can for the website.
  8. Dalek asked if it was doble encrypted and JB didnt really answer the question :(
  9. Do we have any proof that there is 2 knights, such as a picture or a cipher?
  10. I literally got absorbed into this by just trying, I solved my first one by accident and just took it from there. In my experience just try it, but there will be guys here to help you with websites and other things that you can learn from. From what I know, it's about stats, percentages and pairings, rest is trial and error mostly.
  11. I meant run it as a sequence so that we get some form of algorithm to which letters equal others and in what sequence, therefor deducing placement of the juxtaposed alphabets?
  12. Is there any programs we can use to find an alphabet to use for this cipher then? If we force out the word IAMGERSCH to equal RRHTUERBT then surely we can make an alphabet to use on the rest of the cipher.
  13. Thank you, I will try and continue on your thoughts, and will update to see if anything comes up
  14. Possibly, was that guess work or did you work it out?
  15. In the GK map, we see Richtofen changing to his 1.0 ( / original or whatever :D ) like the rest of the characters

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