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Everything posted by AetherialVoices

  1. AetherialVoices


    I've considered making a post kinda like this for quite awhile now. But my message that I would be conveying would be different. Your message seems to be motivational, whereas the message I've wanted to convey is actually more of a "thank you". I really don't have the energy or motivation to make a full post, but I figure it's time for me to say my piece. I'll try to keep this more on the brief side as this is just a comment on another's post. I don't think I've ever mentioned any of this to this community, but here it is. I have been struggling with severe depression, extreme anxiety, and the worst of many more than I will mention, a severe case of PTSD. I was what most would have considered "too far gone". I was having several flashbacks on a daily basis. The damage and pain I've caused to those around me still bothers me everyday. I was sent to a "program/residential" in Utah. I was there for a bit short of ten months. The only thing that managed to keep me going on a daily basis was music. I was always, and I do mean ALWAYS, listening to music. My therapist even made exceptions in the program to ensure that I could keep listening to music throughout the day. The emotions and deep meanings that can be conveyed through music are widely overlooked. Anyway, over time I became more stable and the flashbacks stopped coming. It was a slow and painful process, but I can't stand the thought of where I might be today if I hadn't gone through it. When I got back, I knew that I had to keep myself occupied or I would risk falling back into my old ways and depression. So, I found a story and a community that I could immerse myself in. That was what brought me out of my days of lurking this site. I had been lurking around here since around BO2 times, but didn't make an account and start posting until I got back from residential. This community gave me something to do on a daily basis. It gave me a place where I felt that I was contributing and I felt like I belonged. Being a part of this community has helped me with my depression and helped me learn to socialize. This community has helped me to a degree that I cannot express with words. I am truly thankful for this site, the people running it, and the community that drives it. I'm not sure if I'd be here without it. Well, that's enough for me to say here. I'll probably start posting again at some point, but for now I'm mostly just lurking. Thank you, und goodbye.
  2. Am I the only one who really wants it to scream like when they end up in fire in-game?
  3. I would like to request 2 medals: Samuel (round 100 solo): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7J7A5Hd5wS3cWJfWUdGRlhwSTg Survivor Rank 5 (10,000 rounds survived): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7J7A5Hd5wS3Sk92T0t0U2ZEZmM
  4. Ever since The Giant, Richthofen has consistently said "Embrace your fate, begin anew!"
  5. That was actually a big part of what inspired me to make the theory.
  6. It is possible that the Aether is a higher dimension than the 4th. However, the 4th dimension is the one that introduces the variable of time so it doesn't really need to be higher.
  7. This is more of an update of an update, but nonetheless a significant update to the theory.
  8. I updated this theory to be up-to-date and also added my interpretation of the Dark Aether regarding positive and negative dimensions.
  9. To rant or not to rant, that is the question...
  10. Hi, welcome to the forum! And just FYI, PS stands for "Post Scriptum" or Post Script/After having Written. So, it would be PPS (Post Post Script) and not PSS (Post Script Script). (And yes, I may be a tad OCD)
  11. Although it isn't absolutely solid evidence there are some connections we can draw. "The numbers Mason, what do they mean?" We see the numbers coming out of the gateway/doorway on the loading screen as well as in the "Five" teleporters. I'm not sure if anyone else has quite pieced this together yet, but the Keeper language is made up of numbers and punctuation. Also, the Keepers, as well as a select few of their artifacts, have these symbols (primarily consisting of numbers) floating around them as some sort of aura. Now it is seeming quite possible that the scientists in "Five" were trying to recreate some of the technologies of the Keepers. But where did they learn of all this? Operation Paperclip. Where might the Germans, namely Group 935, have found remnants of this specific technology? Quite possibly Nacht der Untoten. That is one possible explanation for why there are signs all over Nacht saying that it is a restricted area. Obviously, a lot of this is conjecture and theory, but it does make sense and tie up some loose ends.
  12. Yes, I am aware of that. However, the whole thing is one big mess to try to figure out. Note that Monty says that the Keepers and the Original 4 "always were". He also says that a some, if not all of the Keepers were once humans. It was an "Order" as opposed to a race. And talking about "Creation" and all that jazz is even worse. The most likely option is that the universes were created by at least two sentient entities of the Aether. The two that we know of are Monty and the Shadowman. Now going back to Monty's line in the ending cutscene for Revelations: "I suppose I could create some little corner of history, somewhere I can dump some of the other sh*t I left over". He dumped some of the remnants of the Apothicon menace along with the Origins characters there. The first "Great War" was fought inside creation, and fought by human Keepers and human corrupted Keepers. After this war, the Keepers ascended to the Aether and became the Keepers that we know today. On the flip side, the Apothicons were banished to the Dark Aether, and became the Lovecraftian monstrosities that we know. With all of this in mind, it is hard to call that second battle another "Great War". The Great War was quite possibly so massive that it spanned several different universes, and I'm not talking about the fragmented universe. This "Great Battle" was most likely just one of the fragments of the universe that was attacked by the Apothicons after they were released in Origins. A couple things I'll clarify: *There were several universes, even before the universe that we know split. A couple quick pieces of evidence for this, the Keepers ascended to become the wards of "all universes", and Monty talks about how he tried to help out this universe "even when they were just a small problem in the distant corner of existence". *When a universe splits, it doesn't just split the present and future. It also splits the past, effectively duplicating it. *The "Great Battle" took place in one of the histories of a fragmented universe, and apart from that particular fragment, appears to carry little to no weight. *The "Great War", on the other hand, carries a massive amount of weight. This is the one I was talking about.
  13. 115 was first introduced to the universe pre-Great Battle. Over time, it seems to erode and loose its shape and coloring, becoming the 115 that we saw in the older games. The 115 was already there, just waiting to be discovered. And as for the Vril-ya, they did clarify it. Just not in a very straightforward way. In Der Eisendrache, we use the Vril Generator/Golden Rod to summon an incorporeal Keeper. In a cipher in Gorod Krovi, it is stated that the Keepers created (or at the very least placed) the M.P.D.(s) in the universes. It was a well known fact that the M.P.D. was created by the "Vril", so there is the clarification.
  14. The Order of Events, a.k.a. "The Brackets" There has been a lot of debate over what the exact order of events is in the Zombies omniverse. However, I think it is finally time that this be laid to rest. In Gorod Krovi and Revelations, we have gotten a barrage of information, primarily from Doctor Monty. First, I will lay out what appear to be the cannon order of events, then I will elaborate on each part. Outline: *Primis fights in a/the "Great Battle". *Group 935 accidentally starts fracturing/splitting the universe via using teleporters for time travel. *Events of Origins take place, allowing the Apothicons to start manipulating the universe, and forcing Monty to "step in". *Events of Nacht der Untoten - Buried (yes, including Mob of the Dead) take place across the fragmented universe. *Events of The Giant - Revelations take place. *Monty sends the Origins characters back to the "Great War", now knowing that they are, in fact, Primis. Now to break down each part with the evidence and more specifics: The Great War: We still don't know too much about this. We know that Primis, the Wolf King, Pablo Marinus, Margwas, Zombies, Dragons, and Nethoth (Parasites) were in fact present. Group 935 and the teleporters: For the evidence for this, I'm going to list a bunch of quotes. "The minute you people teleported for the first time, you changed the rules." "What was it again? Oh, yes, when Group 935 came along." "Bloody teleporters." -Doctor Monty in Revelations "...with the split universe, multiverses, (the) gang traveling around (with) the use of teleporters, and so forth. All these aspects are shaping the maps and shaping the worlds. You can't really think of it in a contiguous way..." -Jason Blundell "Origins first, Revelations last, and all the rest in the middle": Now this one was really sneaky. Treyarch knew there was a lot of confusion about this in the community, so they wanted to give an answer. But, we know how Treyarch likes to do things. The most ambiguous and vague way possible. So, here's the quote: "By the way, I spell rumor with a U. After the O, before the R. That's a nice little... Easter Egg. In fact, it's everything." -Doctor Monty in Revelations Although it isn't irrefutable in any way, this is really the only interpretation of this that I can think of. Completing the cycle/Primis: This is an example of a non-paradoxical time loop. Monty knew that there was Primis, but had no idea how they got there. Their existence had no reason to be, but it was. Then when he started rambling, he realized that he was the reason that Primis existed. This is how "that all works out perfectly".
  15. Thanks to Revelations, we have gotten a clear timeline of events with the "brackets". I am currently working on a full post about this, but here is a quick outline of the timeline:
  16. Valid points, and my hope is that these things will be explained in the comic books. We know that it will focus on the TranZit 4 and Broken Arrow, so a lot of the other stuff will probably be expanded on as well.
  17. It's great to see some discussion that isn't blatantly hostile (been spending too much time on the Subreddit). I'm giving it some time before I jump in and start making theories. I'm going to go through all the audio files once it comes out on PC so I don't miss anything.
  18. I will preface this by saying that, yes, I do know that there is a topic for discussing the ending, and I have commented my brief thoughts there. I wanted to talk a bit more about this and some more that could be considered quite off-topic in that topic. I love Zombies. I have since the first time I played Kino der Toten, years ago. And I really care about the Zombies community. It is full of entertaining, intelligent, resourceful people that all share a common interest in Zombies. But this ending, no, the entirety of Blundell's story, from Mob of the Dead to Revelations, has caused one major issue that absolutely needs to be resolved. And no, I am not suggesting that that problem is Blundell. We, as a community, have been largely taking things at face value. Honestly, this is probably the biggest mistake that anyone who cares about the story, especially theorists like myself, can make. Let's look back a couple years to when we found the ending cutscene for the map Origins. The community was in a state almost identical to the one it is currently in. We took it at face value, and thought it was all a game. Utter hatred for Treyarch swept over the community. How could we let the same thing happen again? Why hasn't the community learned from their mistakes? If we only took things at face value, we would never have found any Easter Eggs, no one would know the story from the good old days, and there would be no theories. Sure, even I admit that things have gotten a bit far-fetched, but not once has it gone entirely unexplained. Actually, that last part wasn't entirely true. There is one exception, the Ghosts from Buried. We, as a community, need to just take a deep breath and start analyzing this sh*t. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Treyarch are never straightforward. They never have been, and they never will be. Alright, there's my two cents on this whole f*cking sh*tstorm. Oh, one last thing to point out. It isn't magic. Never has been, never will be (God, I hope it never will be). They use that word sometimes, but really it has deeper meanings and explanations.
  19. Alright, after reading through this topic, I know for a fact that I am an outlier. I think that ending was beyond perfect. Here's why: *The things that ABSOLUTELY needed explaining were explained, and indirectly (which I think is a good thing). But here is what makes me overjoyed with this ending: *They didn't answer everything. The opportunities for theories just skyrocketed. A way for the theory community to live on was given. The things that needed to be clear were clearly stated, and now the theorists can take up the torch. I know I certainly will!
  20. I beg to differ. Mob of the Dead was very specific, "Break the Cycle/The Cycle Continues". Makes it sound like a bad thing and it needs to be stopped. This is different. It implies that the characters keep getting further and further, as opposed to getting to the "end/reset point" every time like in MotD. It makes it seem like the cycle is more of a tool to their benefit as opposed to a "perpetual cycle of torment" like in MotD. Also, the Gravestones are officially confirmed as step 1. It spawns in a rock shard at one of the jump pads. You then take the Keeper Protector to that jump pad and it will begin a ritual. When finished, it will drop an audio reel. When picking it up, the characters, most notably Nikolai, will comment on this being, "the first step towards their salvation". The second reel has also been discovered, but I haven't read up on how to get it yet.
  21. The M.P.D. gives limited control over the Aether's energies. And it also limits its conduit to only manipulating the universe that said M.P.D. is located in. Being inside M.P.D. =/= Omnipotence Having complete control over the Aether's energies = Omnipotence While it clearly wasn't intended for them to be the same thing all along, it does make sense when you think it through. I believe this is him speaking of himself "ascending" to the Aether/Agartha, where he can finally reach his daughter. Also that Richtofen quote really throws a wrench in everything. I think this is going to be played off as him not really understanding what is going on, considering the fact that he never really achieved true omnipotence. I really have no clue what they were thinking with this whole thing. However, there are a couple theories and assumptions that we can gain from this. We can safely assume that Richtofen thinks Samantha is dead. We can most likely assume that the Samantha in Agartha is not the Samantha from that universe, but possibly the same one heard in Origins. And honestly, I don't think that Maxis really needed to destroy the Earth and its people, but rather it was a safety precaution to stop Richtofen from gaining the same power he did (note that this is purely theory/speculation).
  22. Here's my opinion: I think it's great the way Blundell is doing it, but people need to keep looking into things the way they did back in the days of Zielinski. We are missing a lot of things because we don't think to look as deep as we did back then.
  23. The way that the Call of Duty Zombies storyline is presented has changed drastically over the years, particularly when Blundell became the lead. For those who may not have been around, here's a quick recap. Originally, and I'm talking way back right now, there really wasn't a story. We pulled theories out of the shadows and cryptic wall writings of Nacht der Untoten and Verruckt. We came up with this theoretical character named "Sam" because of one of the sounds the zombies make. Then with Shi no Numa and Der Riese, we started getting an official story. We had the character bios, radios, notes, ciphers/codes, and quotes that didn't really tell us much. These rather gave us a nudge to make our own theories. This method, with the addition of Easter Eggs, remained largely the same until Black Ops II. In the "TranZit Trilogy", as I like to call it, we started to get story told to us directly. This happened through the voices of Dr Maxis and Richtofen insisting on the completion of the Easter Eggs in their favor. There really wasn't all to much solid evidence for much background in these days. Much was left unexplained, such as Broken Arrow, "He has abandoned us", Stulinger's book, and what became of the Flesh. In the Blundell-era of Zombies, we got a very direct form of storytelling. There were fully animated cutscenes, ridiculous amounts of ciphers and radios, and many story related quotes. The biggest downside to this approach is that because we are given story directly, many don't notice the nudges and cryptic hints that are still there. They didn't take away the methods of storytelling that they had in the past, they merely added to them. So, I would like to know what everyone's thoughts are on how the story is presented.
  24. "This is it. The Aether. The Infinite. Otherwise known as Agartha, or is it Ar-gha-tha? Well, whatever way you slice it, or spell it, it's the reality beyond. Beyond your world, beyond your perception." "Honestly, if you could only see what is just beyond your own perception, it would blow your minds! That's why I kept it from you." In general terms, yes. Revelations is in the Aether. You are not physically in the Aether, but the universe(s)/reality around you is so fragmented and broken that you can see outside of that reality and into the Aether beyond.
  25. By that logic everything Origins-Revelations doesn't matter either! I don't understand why so many people seem to miss the fact that it is really all relevant. And just to point something out, the continuity wasn't really the best to begin with. Particularly the timeline. The whole thing was riddled with plot-holes, contradictions, and downright unexplained paradoxes. That's the kind of sh*t that led to the damn Multiverse Theory. But, this has really started to get a bit off topic. I suppose the only way to end this going back and forth is to agree to disagree.

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