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  1. Star ocean 5:i loved the star ocean series from beginning....so i waited years for news of a new game...now i got it and i did the first playthrough... the story is so flat that i didnt did a second one (higher difficulty) battle system ok Final fantasy 15: ...love the story played all since 7...no more to say
  2. Yeah - you need prestige 10 (after master lvl 35 you automatically get prestigemaster and can go for the 1000 If you only play for lvl go get it in the weekend - with double xp and der eisendrache you get 2-3 prestiges in 3-4 hours
  3. If the story ends with dlc4 and we don't "fail" and need to use our "insurence" we maybe never get the reasons for the blood... i mean we all knew trollarch... maybe dlc4 is open ended and we can wait and hope 2 to 4 years... Maybe we used it before but dont know it yet... because the doctor says time is not a strict progression of cause to effect... actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - its more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff... (got the reference?)
  4. For now i'm sure the grapple at su and the grapple at the trainstation is for avoiding the margwas in the endgame - if you are in junction you can jump down under the worm and just chill till you need to get a white orb - same at the other places where you can hide - e.g. the places of the items So you can wait till everybody is ready Never heard these voices but will see if i play soe again
  5. Maybe its just morsecode and it tells you "not this time" like motd... Do you have a vid of it?
  6. I dont't like zns either... solo... But its just not a solo map - its for co op and with 3 other players who know what to do its fun and setup does not take that much time
  7. So you are talking about there is a way to double the effect of every perk? Or just jug? You want to tell me there is a easter egg on the giant to get this? Never heard of that - but its on the internet = has to be true right?
  8. "Welcome" to the forum ? I'm not sure if i should post a vid about why the "69" is in my name ?
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  10. Could be the glitchy skull I had two zombies lying around and moan like they are chasing you if you stay near them I Could not kill them with knife or grenades or any weapon The Only way was with the skull again to kill them
  11. Good morning everyone - i know its late but better than never? I'm a male 24 year old zombie player from germany I play on the ps4 system Speak german and english Feel free to add me if you want to Nieno69 It all started for me with cod mw4 - mp - i liked it and bought the next coming cod game too- black ops 1 for mp to play with friends... Then i found it - zombies....kino der toten I loved it - it was a new style of playing and i used to die in the first dog round like how the f%%k you even could survive this with a olympi
  12. I'm Disappointed a little bit.. but lets wait the left days...looks like origins 2.0... i love the story and hope for some new cipher news and answers.... but for now i dont really understand the hype... the midboss looks like brutus... the dragons maybe act only like the giant robots - instead of the foot from the panzer you must look out for fire i hope there is more to it....i like the shield... hope for new weapon kits again... glad there is a power switch.... pls no 4 player ee...that would ruin the map for me (again like soe) Looking forward to a really good boss fight...
  13. I have always the mic on but barely talk to the people - i dont understand the people commenting every step they make....or start shouting if they get downed I even didnt mind to play with people with low lvl - to be honest even the prestigemaster could just be little glitchers (meet two in a lobby in der eisendrache) For the "leave a zombie alive" thing: this is a thing i dont understand midgame - the only reason i let a zombie alive is either because someone died and need jug or if they need to go to the bathroom (we all know a gamd can be very long ?)
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