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  1. Something that came to my mind when I was at work but totally forgot ever posting. @InfestLithium @anonymous I believe Richtofen does indeed have a soul, however we never sealed it in the Summoning Key and thus his soul never made it to the House. Now you might say: But Eddie is in the House. So Richtofen's soul should be too. You would think that, but Monty's "Richtofen has no soul" (confirming Richtofen's soul is not in the House like the others are) contradicts that. Now if you recall the Revelations opening, Monty clearly states that whilst Maxis may be in the House, he hasn't gotten "his soul back yet". In other words, a person can be physically in the House, however their souls can still be in another universe waiting to be sealed in the Key. And I think that's exactly what happened with Richtofen. In ZNS, Maxis tells us how Eddie and Sam suddenly reapppeared in the House. If it's true that Richtofen's soul is not in the House, then that would most likely mean Monty purposefully brought Eddie and Samantha to the House. Possibly to pursuade Maxis for the Soul Collecting mission Maxis goes on to task Richtofen with. Which, correct me if I'm wrong, came from Monty himself.
  2. @InfestLithium I see it the other way around. Once The Shadow Man is released and he does his magic mumbo jumbo, you can see the playable areas of Revelations + the House appearing out of nowhere in the Aether. So we're entering the Aether, rather than the Apothicons entering our dimension. And during Monty's explanation of the Apothicons, we see a couple of them collecting 115 from the Blue Sun and shooting it into different portals. So they've been there for a while, since the Apothicons shooting 115 to other dimensions has been going on since they got stuck there one would assume. That would mean we're entering their home so to speak, the Dark Aether. But then why doesn't Monty call it the Dark Aether? Why call it everything but the Dark Aether?
  3. Very nice thread there. I like how you're trying to make sense out of the Treyarch retcon nonsense. Only thing that contradicts your theory in my opinion is that if Revelations takes place in the Aether / Agartha like Monty says it does, then why do we see all the Apothicons who were cast out to the Dark Aether there? It just boggles my mind who on earth thought it was a good idea to suddenly make Agartha & the Aether the same damn thing. It was clearly meant to be two different places, but nope, now it's not. And Revelations takes place in presumably the Dark Aether because of the Apothicon Sun and the Apothicons themselves all roaming around, so that would mean that there are 3 Aethers all in the same place? Like, what?


    HOLD ME 

    1. anonymous


      Just a moment. What time do we know the result?

    2. Lenne


      Though me and my family couldn't vote, due to getting the permitions too late, I am glad it turned out allright. The world doesn't need yet another Disney villain calling the shots. <3

  5. @anonymous Go to this link: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/settings/signature/ Banned for being Dutch yet Engels in plaats van Nederlands praten. :)
  6. Banned for not having a (quote in your) signature.
  7. Knowing Blundell, The "Ms" Probably stand for MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMonty They teleported from Zetsubou to Alcatraz, then back to Zetsubou again before going to Stalingrad. Not a fan of these loading screen retcons alternate versions. I would've much rather preferred they expanded on Nacht's original loading screen. Like they did with Nuketown's. Because you know, we still don't have a clue what's even happening in the original Nacht one. And now we'll probably never going to because Blundell just threw it out the window and replaced it with the O4 coming out of a portal and 4 pods. ... Yay?
  8. We're just tired of this shit at this point. Tired of a certain someone hyping the shit out of the final chapter (again!) like "it's called Revelations because there's going to be so many Revelations!" "Oh wow, really?" "Why, yes!" We're gonna have revelations regarding the rich detailed story, the totally-not-Richtofen bald man from Ascension. Oh and the Origins Staffs ! yes they play a HUGE ROLE IN REVELATIONS wink wink ; ) And let's not forget "Hey. Revelations is almost out on PC and Xbox and everyone's been going crazy about this Super Easter Egg alternative cutscene. So let's take the SoE intro, encrypt it for no reason, re-name it to zm_genesis and add it in the patch just to fuck with them!" "But sir, no one liked the ending to begin with. Won't that just piss off them off even more, you know - our community?"
  9. I totally forgot about this, actually. I redesigned them a few months ago. Its like a mix of BO1/BO2/BO3
  10. Zombie Community vs Blundell Starring @Lenne as Rookie Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright Jason Blundell as Prosecutor Blackquill With Jimmy Zielinski as a bag of pork belly buns
  11. @Lenne The good news: I can actually play again staring next week. Bad news: Mass Effect Andromeda is right around the corner.
  12. @RadZakpak I don't think this Zombie Richtofen is trying to get his revenge on Origins Richtofen for killing him. I mean if you think about it, he's really going after the Tranzit crew. And we know the Tranzit crew will end up getting the Kronorium to Richtofen. So maybe this Zombie Richtofen is indirectly trying to stop them from handing the Kronorium over to Origins Richtofen because he somehow knows that once Richtofen gets the Kronorium he basically sets Monty's plan in motion causing the infinite cycle thingy.
  13. @InfestLithium You know this feel. I know you do. Don't let me down here. Also revvving this thread cause I'm a sucker for pick up lines.
  14. @anonymous @Rissole25 I think it's definitely Sam giving us the powerups in Kino whilst she's trapped in the Aether. Let's not assume that Monty is controlling the Zombies just because he's in the Aether. There have always been multiple people in the Aether; see Gersch in Ascension. Or Maxis pre-Buried. And Maxis told us pretty clearly that you need control of the Aether's energy to control the Zombies. His cut announcer quotes also hint towards him not being in control of the Zombies.
  15. Tranzit is a fun but flawed map. In the end I think it was too ambitious for its own good. Like the BO2 engine couldn't handle all the things the devs wanted in the map, hence the fog + denizens to keep players out of the large empty spaces of the map. Still there are some terrible gameplay decisions (the fog + denizens isn't even really that bad) like how to access the PAP. People like to complain that getting to Pack-A-Punch in Shadows takes too long, at least in Shadows you can get to the PAP. And let's not forget the useless buildables, the last-minute easter egg and the wasted character potential. Still, the Bus Driver is cool as hell.

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