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The Order of Forgotten Mysteries #7: Zombie Eyes

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Order of Forgotten Mysteries!


Today we will be discussing a topic that has been around for years with no definitive answer in sight, and even with the release of Alpha Omega the question is raised again: What do the Zombies' eyes signify? This seemed like a simple question with a simple answer: It's about who's in control. However, this assertion has been challenged a couple of times in the past, and now this mystery has still yet to be solved.


Let's review the known eye colors and the maps they appear in.



Maps: Nacht, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino, "Five", Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, Moon (Pre-egg), Nuketown (Before round 30), Buried (Post Maxis End Game), Origins, Shadows of Evil, The Giant, Der Eisendrache, Zetsubou No Shima, and Classified


This color is typically associated with Samantha Maxis. It would be easy to assume that while Samantha's soul is inside of the MPD, the eyes are orange as they switch to blue immediately upon Richtofen switching his soul into the MPD. This, however, is a tricky assumption to make, as there are numerous examples of times when eyes are orange where Samantha CANNOT be in the MPD. This includes Nacht and Verruckt, which take place before she enters the MPD on the timeline, Origins and Shadows of Evil, which take place in Dimension 63, Shadows of Evil not involving Samantha at all, and TG and DE which take place in fractures where the MPD is never occupied by Samantha, but it empty when it is teleported to the castle. 


It is not fair, however, to say that the orange eyes have no association with Samantha. In every map with the orange eyes, the announcer is the demonic version of Samantha. One recent quote that is intriguing regarding these eyes is this one from Classified: 


Layman: The soldier was gonna die anyway. Hm... Doctor? Are you alright?

Schuster: Oh my apologies, Layman. I'm distracted by the eyes... They're yellow.

As a member of Group 935 for years, Schuster must have seen a ton of zombies throughout testing, and yet, why is he so intrigued by the yellow in the zombies' eyes during his time at Broken Arrow? The best explanation for this is that they match the eyes of the zombies that Samantha unleashed at Griffin Station after Maxis' death. Indeed, the following audio reels from this one explore Schuster warning the others in Broken Arrow about Samantha. He is aware of the eyes' connection to her, and that she is still around.


One last interesting thing to note, in the Maxis end game for Buried, when Richtofen's soul is removed from the MPD, the eyes of the zombies turn back to orange, and yet, there is no announcer on the map. It is silent when powerups are picked up.



Maps: Moon (Post Egg), TranZit (And all of Green Run), Nuketown (After Round 30), Die Rise, Buried


This color is most certainly associated with Edward Richtofen. Immediately upon entering the MPD, all zombie eyes turn blue, and upon Maxis winning in Buried they lose their blue. Eddie says in the Origins end cutscene while playing with Sam that he believes that zombie eyes should be blue. In the Maxis end game, Maxis will place Edward's soul into a zombie body which will have, of course, blue eyes. In the Richtofen end game, Edward enter's Stuhlinger's body, and he gains blue glowing eyes whenever Richtofen speaks. It is always associated with Richtofen as the demonic announcer.




Maps: Mob of the Dead, Gorod Krovi, Revelations, Blood of the Dead



With their first appearance in Mob of the Dead, it seemed that the Warden, or whatever Ancient Evil was in control was responsible for the red eyes, as the announcer was completely different. This, however, is thrown out the window with Gorod Krovi. There is seemingly no explanation for their role in the map and why Samantha is the announcer. 


It has been speculated that the eyes are associated with the Shadowman, Dr. Monty, or some other entity that has a role in these particular maps. While Blood of the Dead confirms that the Shadowman has a role in influencing the Warden of Alcatraz, and his control in Revelations would make sense, this does not explain how he would control them in Gorod Krovi as he is still trapped in the Summoning Key by that point. Dr. Monty on the other hand would make sense in Gorod and Revelations as in Gorod he made his first appearance calling out to Primis, and we now know he has a hand in perpetuating the cycle, which Gorod is a key part of.


Light Purple

Maps: Origins (Templar Zombies)


While I was initially skeptical about these eyes, believing that lighting made them appear different, they are 100% different from the normal orange-eyed zombies on the map. These templar zombies only spawn under the dig site and inside the Crazy Place. They seem to work alongside the regular orange-eyed zombies in attacking the player, and are the first attackers in the outbreak. Notably many of the templars bear a black sun symbol on their chest:


This is the very same symbol seen on the robes of the Order of the Keepers:



Could these templars hold the spirits of long-dead Keepers from the Great War? Or were they petitioned by the Keepers to, even in death, defend the dig site so that the 115 could never be utilized by the Apothicons again?



Maps: Alpha Omega


While it seemed Treyarch had forgotten the debates regarding eye color, they have thrown us another curve-ball in giving the zombies white eyes in Alpha Omega. This seems to be signified by Avogadro being inside the APD at Camp Edward. This is all fine and dandy, until you realize that Samantha is still inside the MPD. The Samantha announcer from Classified remains the same, and yet the eyes have changed. 


Could this be an area-specific control, where Avogadro can only control them within the limits of Camp Edward? This seems unlikely, as in the original timeline, according to Alpha Omega's radios, the Avogadro is still within the APD as of 2025, and in Nuketown Zombies the eyes are orange. It is possible, however, that after the explosion caused by drilling, the APD and Avogadro inside were destroyed, and thus Samantha regained control.

Zombie eyes, seem to correlate with electricity in a lot of cases. In TranZit when an EMP is thrown near a zombie, they will lose their connection with the Aether, becoming harmless, and losing all color in their eyes. The Galvaknuckles make short work of them compared to, say, a knife, or a gun. With that in mind, it may be obvious to see how using the mind-control abilities of the APD and his own electrical powers, the Avogadro could take control of zombies in the vicinity.





Zombies' eyes turn green when they are friendly. This can be caused by the Turned/Brain Rot ammo types or the Ctrl-Z Elixir. They are simply short-lived zombies that swipe at other zombies before bleeding out. Their story significance is most likely little to none.


If there is any that I missed, let me know. What do you make of this situation? Was this thread eye-opening?

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Maps : ...Nuketown(before round 25)...



Maps : ...Gorod Krovi(the resuscitated zombies(and controlled?) by Valkyrie Drones)


Light Purple

Maps : None, it's just a strange effect of cinematic, in Origins, I see it just blue and in the game files too.



Maps : In TranZit, "Him" sometimes grumbles like a zombie and he obviously has white eyes, but we don't care the growl must be a glitch. By cons if I remember right the friendly Thrasher of Zetsubou No Shima also has white eyes.



When I will succeed entering in the MPD, don't fear of the dark, my army of greenish dying light will guide you to eternal sleep.

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I am not sure and have absolutely no evidence for this, but could it all be related the the Aethereal being's proximity to the area? We always assume the occupant resides in the MPD, but that is actually merely it's cryogenically frozen body. It's soul has entered the Ethereal plane, which I believe is existing around everything. Quotes of Gersch, stating that "she is coming" and "she is close" make me think an Aethereal being is not always present at one and the same point, but rather, it is dynamic and able to move. In Classified's intro we see Samantha floating in the Pentagon, commanding the undead to attack the characters. In reality, of course, we aren't able to see her but she might very well be around. And this could be the reason of the eye colour. The moment Schuster saw the eyes being yellow again could be due to the different way the zombie was created....or due to Sam's proximity. "Richthofen's" zombies having blue eyes could be because he is watching nearby, following Victis' process. About the Avogadro, I am not entirely sure if the white is really his colour, or if this is the default zombie eye colour. I could see the APD being too weak to have the MPD's capabilities in controlling the zombies, and the undead seen in Camp Edward simply being regular, uncontrolled zombies. Thinking about Nuketown, I am not sure why the zombies in NKZ would have yellow eyes, as at the moment Sam would probably be busy in Griffin Station, attacking Ultimis. This theory is just a thought, and has alot of errors. It would not explain the eye colours in BO3 and Origins as well.


The fact the zombies in the Crazy Place wear the Schwarze Sonne, the Keeper symbol, and guard Agartha make me associate these beings with the Keepers more. The zomfibied knights in the tombs, guarding the element for knowledge-hungry scientists would perfectly fit with this. After all, they did succeed in keeping the element at the location. Purple is, however, associated with 'Hell', but Agartha is by some said to be Hell. What I also don't seem to understand is that the Apothicans in Shadows of Evil have yellow eyes, but after Shadowman's defeat I believe they are purple (is that right?), eventually still leading to the devouring of this universe. So who was in charge of the Apothicans now?


Red is...weird. In Blood, we know the Warden was in charge, possibly corrupted by the Apothicans. Mob was part of this trap, so I assume it is Warden/Apothican here as well. Note that in the Cycle, Blood, Mob, Gorod and Revelation happen after each other respectively. So something odd happened at the very moment the mobsters were trapped, and Primis arrived there.


I'm coming back on this when I have any new ideas.



Okay so, eye colour is also heavily correlated with a type of energy.


Richthofen, Buried: "All this talk about energy, it is so vague, ja? Just think of the big ones, positive and negative, north and south, light and dark, good and....HAHAHAHAHA...evil!"


This is said during the Lantern step, in which Richthofen needs the energy from the Witches (purple) and Maxis those of the undead. This step shows already the difference between two types of energy, one positive and one negative. 


Now in Revelations, we can see very distinct 'red' and 'blue' rays in the sky, possibly under influence of Shadowman and Monty battling for power and stability. We have seen so many applications of these two different colours that I am of the believe that this is the manifestation of what Richthofen called 'the big ones' in Buried. Two angels. Two energies. Who is red and who is blue, I don't know, but it is interesting that purple is the conjunctions of both.


However, @AetherialVoices found another way of looking into this:


"In Revelations we were given four "Runes of Creation" and their importance appears to be woefully overlooked. In many creation myths, the use of symbolic elements (typically water, fire, wind, and earth) in the shaping of creation are quite prevalent. Now we see these "elements", Shadow, Light, Fire, and Electricity being used in Zombies cannon. We can clearly see the two sides of the Aether in the skybox of Revelations, with the blue and red sides. However, these are not the Light and Dark Aethers. Both the Light and Dark Aethers share these red and blue elemental energies. However, they both have a unique energy of their own. The Dark Aether has the "Shadow Energy" (Purple), and the Light Aether has the "Light Energy" (Green). The direct influence of Light and Shadow energy is quite rare, however the use of the other two aetherial energies is quite common."


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23 hours ago, Schrödinger said:

When I will succeed entering in the MPD, don't fear of the dark, my army of greenish dying light will guide you to eternal sleep.

Can't tell if it is a joke or you're serious, but it doesn't really matter, cause I'd welcome it anyway.



I miss the blue eyes, they looked the best and let us not forget the fire sale jingle from Richtofen was the best.

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