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  1. "Nuketown (After Round 30)" I believe it's round 25 for Nuketown.
  2. Blue was also seen in Gorod Krovi by the Valkyrie-Shocked skeleton zombies as you can see in my profile picture.
  3. Yeah that's true. We've had it for a while, it'd be nice for a new switch up. Love to see what Die Maschine and the new maps give us.
  4. I wonder who's controlling them now. We know it's not Samantha
  5. do you still use this forum?

  6. ok look... i know this thread is super old but i just had one thing to say. i saw this thread when i was rather young back in 2014. about i was 12 at the time, and for some reason this thread just popped into my head and i remember this exact message. im not sure if you're still active on here but i just wanted to say thank you
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