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Everything posted by RichKiller

  1. Great thread. "Could the Shadowman’s origins lay in scientific experiments done by humans? An artificial demon." This reminds me a theory of @PINNAZ that says the Shadowman and Monty are subjects of test number #1,#2 of Maxis' MTD tests. "Do you think Nero might have known/have contacts in the Ancient Order? He was most likely contacted by the Shadowman, which probably cooperates with him. As you probably know, there is a poster in SoE showing apothicon tentacles coming out of Nero's crystal ball. The symbol of the Illuminati is an eye within a triangle. It is appropriate to consider the afterlife symbol, an eye within a rhombus. Could they be representing the same thing? Also consider the overlords mentioned by the Shadowman. Are they be the leaders of the Illuminati? Any discussion of the Illuminati reminds me the following message/cipher from Der Riese: "To faithful servant, The seed has been planted, observe and report, Maxis must not know." and the above leads to the Porta cipher from Shadow of Evil: "The elders will continue to seed space and time. I must lead them to the place they cannot see."
  2. I find it possible that the shadowman brought the statues to Morg city, just like he brought the summoning key.
  3. WaW: Der Riese, because of the layout and the hidden EEs. Bo1: Moon, because of no man's land. Bo2: Origins, because the generator spices it up and the chase for the shovels in the beginning of every co-op game is always fun. Bo3: TBD, but so far Der Eisendrache, which has an awesome layout alongside the gondola. Bo4: TBD
  4. Thanks, but the question is.. what can you guys find? ? There are a few obvious connections, like The Fox. Others like "your soul" require a bit more digging...
  5. I found a few connections between real life events & characters and elements in the aether story. I'm aware that some of them have been known but I think that a few significant ones are not known. People in the COD zombies forums know a lot when it comes to connections of the story to real life, so I hope the information in the post will be new. Due to limitations on my end, I'm going to make the post interactive. Instead of directly showing all the connections, I will only leave the sources, leaving you to search for the connections. Mob of the dead & Blood of the dead ciphers - a significant source, make sure you read the ciphers before continuing. Valentine's day massacre Johnny Torrio Al Capone Dean O'Banion The Chicago outfit North side gang More sources are already linked within the Wikipedia pages. The major one are linked. Let me know what did you manage to find.
  6. Some notes about the authenticity of the document: 1. The signature "Thisisahll Maydeup" is crossed out in at least one of the versions of the documents, switched by a signature that seems to be by someone else. The Rushmore document is also signed by "Thisisahll Maydeup", which is then redacted and signed by Pernell. As far as I'm aware the Rushmore document is canon, so I don't think "Thisisahll Maydeup" disqualifies this document, just like it doesn't disqualifies the Rushmore document. You could then ask yourself why using "Thisisahll Maydeup" in the signature? Maybe because if the document was to leak into public hands, people would think it's fake because of that signature. 2. If you're looking for a good reason to make the document non-canon, besides no further evidence of the outbreak, it's the grammar mistakes. From what Coldstone and I managed to deduce, the document includes grammar mistakes such as "Labratory", "Unconcious". As mentioned in the original thread, these were ironed out in the final version. In that case the document wasn't important enough for grammar review and therefore may not be important. 3. Going back to why it could be canon, if Treyarch wanted some dummy text they could use "Lorem ipsum", and in fact they have used it in Classified, but not with this document. Also there were quite a lot of versions of the document, so that could be a sign for it being canon. If you ask me, I don't think Treyarch expected people to recover the the content of the document. However, one of the great things about zombies is how Treyarch listens to the community and adapts the storyline and the way it is presented accordingly. It may not affect the current storyline, but I like the idea of it being related to future story. Only time (travel) will tell. Great post.

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