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  1. Massive brains for that connection alone! I am under the opinion that Treyarch has referred to other songs as well, so I'm glad to see a post like this. I'm fine with the analysis, more or less, and as much as you can analyse a song that Treyarch didn't write but arguably referred. Eventually I'd say the main takeaway here is the Shadowman lurking and influencing, as in the all seeing eye. A few notes: 1. I'll Be Seeing You (song) - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Published in 1938, inserted into a Broadway theater show called "Right this way", but only rocketed off in 1944, following many singers making their own version of the song. As said in the post Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday being from the more noticeable ones. 2. From what I'm seeing, the following section doesn't appear in the original version of the song and not in many of the other versions I have found, including Frank Sinatra's (it does appear in the version of the legendary Vera Lynn, not in the Frank Sinatra version to my concern) 3. As said, the song itself breached the void in 1944, and is overall considered as a world war II song, talking about the separation between people and their loved ones during the war, like many other war songs. Here of course, the Shadowman really sees Richtofen and his actions. As said, massive brains for the idea. I would love to see Richtofen's visit to Dimension 2210, and see more of the interaction between Primis Richtofen and the Shadowman over there.
  2. Welcome around Josh! If you're into the story you came to the right place. If you use discord you can join the forums' discord server: https://discord.gg/ndRkYS3
  3. Cipher: Ciphertext: Plaintext: Cipher type: Nihilist Alphabet: PLFIEYMWVCXZDHNTSAGRBOUQK Periodic key: Verdict Solved by: Me (Richkiller) and Coldstone. How it was solved: I recognized the cipher type almost immediately but I wasn't completely certain. This cipher has the beautiful property that most of the periodic keys simply don't work when trying to decipher. By looking at the set of the valid keys I got a periodic key that is somewhat equivalent to the actual one, and from there I got the plaintext, without the actual keys. Then to get the actual settings of the cipher, coldstone joined in and got the keys. As a side-note, this is actually a very solid cipher compared to what we've seen so far in CW, requiring some cipher work (as long as the keys won't popping up in the map in one way or another). I think this was supposed to be a medium-hard cipher but we solved it fairly quickly. @Carnage Evoker I also think someone was reading your cipher challenges from a while ago.
  4. Cipher: Ciphertext: Plaintext: Cipher type: Railway Number of rails: 5 Offset: 0 Solved by: Scotto, Me (Richkiller) How it was solved: Before the cipher was found Scotto shared with me a note from the map saying "Rails 5", which I have immediately identified with the railway cipher, we then knew there will be a Railway cipher with 5 rails. Scotto got the intel for this cipher, applied the railyway cipher, and got the result. As a side comment, the note was not necessary at all to solve the cipher, only saved a few minutes at best (This is kind of similar of giving away something like Caesar - 7).
  5. Cipher: Ciphertext: 11 23 55 21 32 11 43 34 22 11 52 15 51 52 53 55 51 52 53 24 32 41 23 11 53 52 15 32 51 52 34 34 43 55 22 51 32 41 11 43 55 24 32 15 51 11 52 34 53 52 51 15 34 51 52 15 14 55 32 24 55 32 55 52 22 11 53 52 15 55 24 55 35 14 11 34 15 51 41 55 34 53 52 41 51 42 55 15 14 11 34 55 24 55 22 11 24 35 55 35 51 52 11 15 14 55 24 51 52 22 53 24 34 51 11 52 45 11 52 55 34 55 52 15 51 24 55 34 12 53 32 35 41 11 34 15 51 52 15 55 24 32 22 15 51 52 21 54 51 15 14 32 34 14 51 31 15 51 52 21 55 52 55 24 21 33 25 32 24 24 51 55 24 51 52 34 51 35 55 45 11 52 55 31 11 24 52 11 54 32 13 11 51 35 15 14 55 43 14 32 34 55 Plaintext: Cipher type: Polybius square Polybius sqaure (key): OQVHT GCMRB FAYSD LKPXZ INUWE Solved by: Me (Richkiller) Thanks to Scotto for sharing the image.
  6. Welcome to a lore discussion beyond your imagination. Time to fetch their souls. (The puns don't get better over time)
  7. Yeah history complete accuracy is not out there. Especially when you're in another dimension/fracture which is not the original one. The term "Robot" was invented in 1920 and yet you see actual robots on the battlefields of the great war.
  8. @Rapt suggested this church, as you do indeed points to the battle of Verdun as you said but everything else points towards the battle of battle of Messines: https://translate.google.co.il/translate?hl=iw&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fnl.m.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FAbdij_van_Mesen Hilter's painting of the church:
  9. I love this scatch: It reminds me the gateway trailer for some reason
  10. ^ that's a great quote that I have missed, thanks for pointing it out. And don't get me started on Samantha's eternal damnation lol.
  11. This is a good topic @RadZakpak. I want to ponder on two things. The first is Maxis' secret research. After being sent to Der Riese, Maxis establishes Group 935 and brings scientists all over the world to its secret research projects. Maxis asks the scientists for absolute secrecy, yet hides secrets himself, including joining the Nazi cause, as well as his involvement with Monty: The original Maxis hides many truths regards the true nature of group 935, and Richtofen uses it to turn the organization on his own, behind Maxis, which has been working on Vril research: I think there's definitely more to Maxis' original story, and that he was the one that dealt all of the unknowns regarding the Kronorium, Base Zero and so. I also want to ponder on this part of the post: We know that Primis told the Wolf king to build Griffin Castle (AKA Eagle's Nest), and as you say the castle has a few artifacts from the Great War. Der Eisendrache also features pack a punch, which looks just as the one in Origins: While the head with the shining blue eyes is not exactly the same in the two models, they roughly do look the same, and they are both shattered to pieces, which you piece up in order to get the Pack a Punch working, each map with its own methods. And there you have the following PAP quotes: And so indeed it seems like a worthy question which I'm gonna try and answer. Consider these two quotes from Richtofen in Origins: From what it seems, as Origins takes place "on the battlefields of the great war" as well as having the Primis statues, the great war corpses and so on, I think it's fair to assume that the Origins Pack a Punch has been to the Great War. This can be backed-up with the following quote from Origins, suggesting that Maxis predicated the functioning of the Pack a Punch machine, which matches up with all of the Great War knowledge that Maxis was reading in Pablo's Journal, including the ancient staffs and so: Also, with the following further quotes, as well as the extremely close resemblance and background provided above, I think it's also fair to say that the Origins and DE PaP are the same: At the very least, the quotes tell us they have seen DE PAP before. And yet, it got broken somehow. The answer eventually seems to lie in another Pack a Punch quote from Der Eisendrache from Dempsey: So it seems that Primis, or by the very least Dempsey, have broken the Pack a Punch. I think it is only fitting that it happened in the great war. We know by know that Primis' memories are totally messed up, and this seems to be another reflection of it. I want to end with the following Pack a Punch quote of Dempsey which I find related to this topic. Would you do in Dempsey's place? Ask the question and face the answer, or hold yourself back? I think I would've ask it, looking in the universe in its eyes.
  12. My educated guess is that he was on one of Ascension Rockets, as we know monkeys were sent to space, specifically the Silverback himself by his uniform. He may as well escape with the "main" Ascension Rocket itself (Don't overthink what happens when you destroy the rocket lol).
  13. Dead Ops Arcade, by the very least its first iteration, is canon to Aether. Besides a magazine showcasing up in Five, it was recently confirmed that Silverback was in Ascension: https://www.treyarch.com/game-intel/2020/12/Dead_Ops_Arcade_is_Back I personally don't think Silverback has made it to Kino (at least when you open up the power). Turning out the power leads to the spawn of the Nova 6 crawlers and the ceiling gets slightly ruined, the same ceiling that the Nova 6 crawlers come from.
  14. It's nice to see the different perspectives people have on the songs. Congrats on the 1001st post.
  15. That's gonna be a huge map haha
  16. I don't think it was actually necessary to give the transposition key as it was a significant simplification in solving the cipher. Basically once you have this key you are left with (monoalphabetic) subtitution ciphers which are the easiest in the book. Overall there seems to be a step down in the level of difficulty, partially due to giving away the keys and this makes the ciphers too easy in my preference. Of course, sometimes not giving any nudge towards the solutions could be problematic. This is why creating good ciphers requires a good understanding of them. As for the Revelations ciphers, the ciphers we solved were on the easy-medium category and Treyarch expected us to solve them. For the rest they scaled up the difficulty level. It's easy to make a (computationally) unsolvable problems or ones that are indistinguishable from being such ones, and tying with what I said before, the real deal is to make ciphers that requires some level of analysis, and doing so requires a good understanding of ciphers.
  17. From Cold war intel: Ciphertext: German plaintext (after adding ä and j that were dropped): Translated to English: Cipher type: ADFGX Transposition key: heimat (equivalently: 3,2,4,5,1,6 ), appears in the map: Polybius square: Solved by: A lot of people in Geeky Pastime's discord group contributed (Over 10, myself included). From my stance the main solvers here are Origins Wormy and Numskul123, as these two were practically the ones that got the German plaintext. Regardless there were many people from the group helping to get to the final result. As a side note, I have to say that the main reason this cipher took time is because different people (both in the discord group and myself independently) made transcription errors, hence the cipher solve was (most likely) delayed in a few days.
  18. I don't know, I think your analysis is more right than wrong. It just mainly misses a lot of context we got later on.
  19. Gotta love linear transformations
  20. Update: So apparently there's a side EE that gives you the number 345834825. The matrix is the inverse of Basically they gave us the key even though it was not needed.
  21. Ciphertext: Plaintext: Cipher type: Hill cipher (3x3) Key: Solved by: Me (Richkiller) Note 1: "Operatsiya inversiya" seems to translate from Russian to "Operation inversion". Note 2: The cipher was padded with the letter Z at the end so that the length of the cipher will divide in 3 (this is a standard process that goes in certain ciphers). While it is technically possible the cipher ends with GZ and not G, it seems unlikely at the moment.
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