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  1. Duvido que BO4 apresentará qualquer novo mapa. Atualmente BO2 é o único jogo oficial que possui TranZit. Traduzido via google traslate
  2. Querido Emerson, Tranzit não é um mapa BO3. É possível que você esteja falando sobre mapas personalizados no PC. Se você estiver jogando no PC, verifique a oficina do Steam. Traduzido via google traslate
  3. By sending this message you have changed the fate of the universe.
  4. That's gonna be a huge map haha
  5. I would consider here these two quotes coming from Richtofen regards soul boxes in Origins (recommend checking the rest): Chinese Ch'i is very on point here. Not going to do a big analysis but as you said that stuff was introduced in Die Rise and it seems like with Origins and forwards they gave further basing to these concepts. I think the bigger interest here eventually lies in the big scale flow:
  6. I mean, materials, especially ones with a high atom number, usually get developed in star cores.
  7. I'm going to throw here a more adjusted idea here, and let me know what you think of it: Different 115 comes from stars in different universes.
  8. Cool idea. I'm not sure if the green 115 is strictly belongs to Dimension 63, the Origins mound is a very special place and it's possible that 115 from different dimension. Regards to green 115 you have the turned zombies: Also, it's worth considering the purple 115 as seen in the DE camos: Similarly here you have the purple Apothicon influence of purple. The margwas also turn their head to purple in the last step where you kill the massive Apothicon in the sky. You also have the SoE pods,
  9. From what we know Pablo was captured in DE and was pumped with 115, making him see visions of the great war, and eventually ending up with the dark sun symbol from the great war: We also know that test subjects are supposed to arrive from the castle to the Verruckt (but they never arrive?)
  10. I don't think it was actually necessary to give the transposition key as it was a significant simplification in solving the cipher. Basically once you have this key you are left with (monoalphabetic) subtitution ciphers which are the easiest in the book. Overall there seems to be a step down in the level of difficulty, partially due to giving away the keys and this makes the ciphers too easy in my preference. Of course, sometimes not giving any nudge towards the solutions could be problematic. This is why creating good ciphers requires a good understanding of them. As for the Revelations
  11. From Cold war intel: Ciphertext: German plaintext (after adding ä and j that were dropped): Translated to English: Cipher type: ADFGX Transposition key: heimat (equivalently: 3,2,4,5,1,6 ), appears in the map: Polybius square: Solved by: A lot of people in Geeky Pastime's discord group contributed (Over 10, myself included). From my stance the main solvers here are Origins Wormy and Numskul123, as thes
  12. I don't know, I think your analysis is more right than wrong. It just mainly misses a lot of context we got later on.
  13. Gotta love linear transformations
  14. Update: So apparently there's a side EE that gives you the number 345834825. The matrix is the inverse of Basically they gave us the key even though it was not needed.
  15. Ciphertext: Plaintext: Cipher type: Hill cipher (3x3) Key: Solved by: Me (Richkiller) Note 1: "Operatsiya inversiya" seems to translate from Russian to "Operation inversion". Note 2: The cipher was padded with the letter Z at the end so that the length of the cipher will divide in 3 (this is a standard process that goes in certain ciphers). While it is technically possib
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