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  1. I like this idea of the afterlife symbol. The middle part of it is quite generic but what you said about the Medicine eye kinda fits the story and so. While the cardinals are most likely to be directions, I also found this by searching "four cardinals": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardinal_virtues Seems like that there are four virtues of ethics: Prudence, Courage, Temperance and Justice. I like this idea because it kind of represents the anti-sins of the Apothicons. The sins, combined with confessions and rituals, allow the Apothicons to access dimensions. It would be cool if you could fight the Apothicons with the four virtues and so, sealing them back out of dimensions. But again the four cardinals are probably just "the four winds" lol.
  2. It's a bit off-topic, but my personal guess is that "the six" is a concept of Zielinski that he hasn't managed to develop, or alternatively abandoned. “When the six -something illegible- are together the power will be ours - D Jano” Dates back to the second episode of "The order of forgotten mysteries". Seemingly they tried to make the whole JD thing canon instead of it being one of the devs. DE also had John Dee references which might have been a second attempt at that. The vast community didn't catch on JD though, only heard from it by @PINNAZ originally. The six and John Dee/D Jano are some real forgotten mysteries. It would be interesting to get a transcript of the other entries and trying to figure out what all of them say. Anyone knows what language is that? I think we have here Spanish (which also used by Mexicans) but I'm really unsure. Arguably this also may be related to the concept of the six. I'm open for other suggestions regards the six. The mainstream explanation is that "Beware of the six" means Nova 6, which I'm okay with if we want to close that corner, but again we really don't know where Stuhlinger has been and where he gained his knowledge regards MJ-12 atlantis and the hollow earth, so maybe we can do better and find other connections.
  3. This is exactly one week after the Valentine's day massacre: "While I realize that the current lack of cooperation from Chicago's finest leaves us at something of a disadvantage, I find your latest report extremely troubling. The alliance that exists between our outfit and the north side gangs must be sustained - Lest we face a repeat of February 19th 1929." "The big, ahhh, Valentine's Day, what a way to finally go out, one for the history books. That ratfink, lyin', schemin', little fucker Weasel." Whatever happened with the weasel is a bit weird. Don't think we have the full answers. This may be related to "Icarus from Mars".
  4. I love "The Order of Forgotten Mysteries", as always, thanks for the great post @anonymous Stuhlinger also references MJ-12 in Tranzit: "I'd rather be judged by 12 than eaten by 6. And who told you to come after me, huh? Why do they want me dead?" There is a lot of talk about UFOs and crashed spaceships around the zombies storyline and specifically MJ-12. I have previously brought up the Soviet plans to reach Mars and Phobos as a result of the US traveling to Venus (which is also suggested by the Rev cipher). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_5M https://books.google.co.il/books?id=8XC0WlTuujgC&pg=PA238&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false Originally, the Ascension project was assumed to be the moon rockets but today we know this is Eagle's nest AKA Der Eisendrache, and so it is not clear what the Ascension project is really about. The Ascension project could potentially be Mars 5M, as we know that the soviets have facilitates in Mars and Phobos (also in the Himalayas and Siberia, we have a duality of locations, similarly to Nacht being in Germany as well as Tranzit). How is this related to MJ-12 and crashing UFOs? Because in these plans, the returning spacecraft would crash into the earth and would be located using a radioactive beacon. The later is regarded as an open subject in the zombies storyline, coming from The Giant. It is possible that the US has found the crashed spacecraft from Mars before the Soviets. It is also possible that in the split of the The Giant resources, the soviets obtained plans relating to the technology of the beacon.
  5. As a big fan of @PINNAZ's MTD theory, here are my thoughts: We know that Maxis' telaporter causes changes in a molecular level: I remind you the Classified cipher refers specifically to the tests in 1939: The Five/Classified telaporters were built in reference to the original prototype. We can also simply infer that Monty had a hand with Maxis' teleports. This gives foundations for the crawlers to be telaported pigs, with the same teleportation tech of Maxis (and Monty). The telaport modifies the human DNA and the pig DNA in the same way, keeper-ifying them (or perhaps margwa-ifying them, depends on how you want to view things). The crawlers are a by-product of Doctor Monty ensuring his own survival. The nova 6 could come from further experiments of the pentagon. The blueprint tells it is version number 8 and the die rise crawlers can be an early version of the nova crawlers.
  6. First time ever hearing about Theia. That's a very cool concept and I would have liked it to be a part of the story. You could technically also replace Theia with the Moon rockets, thus creating some kind of paradox where the rockets create the Moon itself.
  7. Full binary message reads: We all live in our own virtual world, who can say what is true?
  8. Sawyer and Pernell know very well the shard: CLASSIFIED 11th July 1961 MEMORANDUM FOR SECRETARY OF DEFENSE SUBJECT: DIVISION 9 ACQUISITION AND THE ELEMENTAL SHARD I’ve had my men examine all materials acquired from Division 9 in 1946 and have been unable to find the elemental shard. According to our records it was on the original manifest for the formal acquisition of materials and verified as delivered. So I’m more than a little perplexed as to where it’s ended up. I see two possibilities: 1) It was lost/destroyed in transit which seems highly unlikely given both it’s size and density 2) It was intentionally taken by a specified individual and is being kept from us. As to who might have taken it, I have my suspicions. For several years Groom Lake was our primary storage for all Division 9 materials. Perhaps Pernell may have answers as to the fate of the elemental shard. --Colonel Sawyer
  9. Thought the experiment is that "elemental shard"
  10. There's more to it. There's a word missing in length of 24, perhaps for the polybius square. It's somehow also related to the Chemical codes. There's more to it but clearly we miss some information, perhaps even pages. 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10, 11, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 A _ S _ A Y _ _ _ _ A/I _ _ _ _ _ L _ _ _ _ H _ _ 1. Cyanuric acid - CNOH 2. Lithium Tungstate - LiWO 3. Mercury(II) acetate - CHOHg 4. Aluminum oleate - CHAlO 5. Tratrazine - CHNNaOS 6. Yttrium(III) sulface octahydrate - YSO 7. Pyrosulfuric acid - HOS 8. Potassium iodate - KIO 9. Silver tetra uoroborate - MISSING (possibly AgBF) 10. Bismuth borate - BBiO 11. 4-Iodoaniline - ICHNH 12. Potassium hydroxide - KOH 13. Yttrium(III) oxide - YO 14. Lithium aluminum hydride - LiAlH (might be LAH) 15. Furosemide - CHClNOS 16. Iodine monofluoride - IF 17. Arsenic oxybromide - AsBr 18. Potassium thiocyanate - KSCN 19. Hydroxycarbamide - CHNO 20. Barium carbonate - BaCO 21. Sulfamethoxazole - CHNOS 22. Thallium(I) hydroxide - TlOH 23. Beryllium nitrate - BeNO 24. Magnesium hydroxide - MgOH
  11. Seems like a new cipher in Warzone is surfacing: copying my comment from reddit: "Venona is not a formal cipher but rather a collection of documents of people co-operating with the soviets. Cold war, nuclear weapons, and a very black-opsy choice if you ask me:" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venona_project
  12. @anonymous The Apothicons behaving as a hivemind reminds the way the zombies ruler controls the zombies, after all the MPD is apothicon tech. It also may related as to why the zombies sided with the Apothicons in the great war- no ruler from the side of the keepers (it might be Samantha, but there is not enough evidence to reason about this). It is also possible that the elders are not corrupted keepers. However, with the Kronorium being the only history reference we have (at least that I'm familar with), it's really tough to discuss alternative history.
  13. Imagine if they were to reboot Aether with Group 601 lol
  14. This is another good point, whether to trust the Kronorium or not. And I'm not trusting it blindly, due to the signature of Dr. Monty and other reasons.
  15. The radios could be post BOTD as well, seems more logical to me too. You don't have a Richtofen radio either.

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