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Camping and training.

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Camp Spot- Staircase in Church/Control room

Train spot - Undercroft in around the pyramid, I point whore with the BRM wall buy and usually the shield is built down in the undercroft too, so win win,  in addition, 900 points for Ammo for the BRM, I can usually make 5-7k in point with 1 run of the BRM.

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As a general overall strategy I camp the power switch room, then run the Death Ray area killing half-groups with Dead Wire if I run out of Storm bow arrow. If the Panzer is coming I stand in the power room just inside the doorway to the Death Ray, watch him come down, trap, blast him with the KRM, done before the trap stops. EASY.

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Camping in the fire-place in the church is always fun. But I also like doing the top of the clock tower too. 


There's lots of places to train on the map, but my favorite is the undercroft. There's just something magical about being able to glide arround the room to avoid zombies... Then getting down because the slowness destroyed your train.

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@Koslans I have suffered with visual aura migraines since I was a kid. I don't get them often now, but that may be part of the reason I don't like using the storm bow. If I use it on Der Eisendrache, I get excruciating headaches after anything more than an hour. Paracetamol will not work if I continue to play, yet the headache will clear up if I walk away from the console for a while. I would imagine that it could easily be a trigger for someone who suffers from photosensitive epilepsy.


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If I'm not camping in the Church stairs with the barricades still blocking the doorway, I'm training either near the Death Ray or in front of the Church.

I like the Death Ray spot more because I have several outlets pf survival - one insta-kill trap (and protector when the Panzer rolls in), a Launch Pad to another great training spot (Rocket Test Site), three possible exits, and a potential PaP machine. It's very close though so you're be blowing through your ammo consistently. If I'm running this spot, I like to have an MP5 as my point-whoring weapon.

There is a circular area in front of the church that also works pretty well, with the same benefits as the Death Ray route. This one is tougher in my opinion because while you have a larger radius to control your trains in, the zombie spawns are positioned in such a way that you're bound to get blocked. This is why you absolutely need an upgraded Bow; nothing is worse than seeing that tiny path between a wall and the center debris closed off by two crawlers.

And honestly, the pyramid room is insanely tough to train in. When the anti-gravity kicks in, you can't exactly jump over the zombies since they'll Shaq-attack your ass immediately.

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1 minute ago, InfestLithium said:


And honestly, the pyramid room is insanely tough to train in. When the anti-gravity kicks in, you can't exactly jump over the zombies since they'll Shaq-attack your ass immediately.

I agree. 

The main issue with the room is that you don't recognize how tall your character actually is, and while you're jumping about, your legs are just hanging down bellow you giving you a massive hit-box. 

If we were SWIMMING, your character and hit-box would be horizontal making it harder for zombies to hit you. 

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1 hour ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

I agree. 

The main issue with the room is that you don't recognize how tall your character actually is, and while you're jumping about, your legs are just hanging down bellow you giving you a massive hit-box. 

If we were SWIMMING, your character and hit-box would be horizontal making it harder for zombies to hit you. 



Not sure why, but it seems to work for me?   when the gravity kicks in I think its wonderful as I wall run around the pyramid, they train up quite well below me and I let the BRM rack up points?


Never had issues with Zombies smacking my legs are you guys just jumping and not wall running?

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Training/pooling: church by fireplace or whole room, clock tower parapet, church courtyard by church or by demon bow room (especially with that debris closed still), column below dog bow wall run, pyramid by dog bow corner (and wall runs), the first courtyard (by DT2) at higher levels works well, rocket test site rocket pad or area in front of blast doors, demon bow room (especially with debris to courtyard intact), tp room (tight).


Solo or more camp: church steps (window side, up left side). Balcony above wundersphere (by church debris-door, closed). Parapet by clock tower, stay by clock tower wall (circle/reverses when overrun). DT2 wundersphere (if drops are unreachable, use WS, run down to the WS below, use it to return quickly to the first WS and collect drops. 1000 point round trip). QR alcove. Steps of clock tower.


4 campers: (most of the above camp spots and) alcove between trams. TP room (main complex, not rocket pad): 1 on each window, 2 on main hall, tp escape if needed. Start room, 2 in qr alcove (door closed), 2 above tram control, facing towards DT2 direction.


Camping, turned is recommened, cymbal monkeys (have a plan of where to throw them) are excellent, use Ragnarok for revives and emergencies. 


Phoenix up, death machine, nuke, instakill, abh!, in plain sight, undead man walking, cache back... keep appropriate GG for the camping experience.


Juggernog, speed cola, quick revive, and double tap 2 should be your base 4 player camp perks.


Have teh funz.

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On 6/22/2016 at 11:44 AM, TheJoshWatson said:

If you've got a couple good players, it's SUPER easy to camp next to Quick Revive and never open that door. You can survive forever there, really the only limiting factor is ammo. 

On solo it's pretty easy too if you've got the Storm Bow.

Yeah, that's a nice straight shot (i listed it as QR alcove above).


With multiple players, there are a few good ones that i listed above, but probably the best ones would be:


MP1. Above the courtyard WS (with the Church debris intact (That is your emergency escape).

1 guy watches the window (storm or Void bow. Gun w/Turned). 3 by the door by the steps; all 3 shoot through the doorway for crossfire, 2 aim at steps, 1 aims at the Clock Tower door (alternately, this player could camp/train the parapet which would draw off the same clocktower zombies. He can fire [void/storm arrow] across the courtyard at the campers to help them also). There's some maneuvering room, a GGm to spam, and an emergency exit which opens to the other camp spot. Ragnarok blocks door or window, (and for emergency revives).


MP2. (You can escape the first spot to here, or simply leave that debris closed, and enter from Church).


MP Church camp: Go left up the steps with the window between them. Get on the balcony above (about middle of red rug). Turn and face the debris-door from example 1. The zombies don't come up the other flight of steps unless you back up way over to them. Some players can shoot bows at the steps below while standing on the balcony, while others headshot the ones that make it up top. Ragnarok dropped by balcony railing will kill zombies coming up the steps. Try not to open the balcony barrier (zombies will climb up if you back up), but it can be used as an emergency escape.


MP3. Another camp and escape would be the TP room. Void on 1 window, Storm on 1 window (and watch the headshotters to keep them from being overrun), 2 with Turned/Fireworks on LMGs watch the long hall. There is room to run a tight circle while reload/monkey is pulled/control is regained. Communicate. TP escape if team collapses, WS to start, run to TP for revives.


MP4. Pack 4 players in WS over DT2. 2 Headshotters stand, 2 bows squat in front. WS away, run down to WS in courtyard below, WS back to the first WS (pick up drops), repeat. Drop Ragnarok for panzer. Shield built there.

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Solo Camp Feedback:


I was doing lots of solo camping tests on 50+ rounds. This is my feedback.


Storm Bow is the only hard core camping bow. Demon is on par if you run circles, as it acts like a trap as well, but for boring stand-your-ground camping, take the Storm Bow. Fire is the third best as a trap/long term killer. 


QR alcove is excellent for Survival gun camping/headshotting. It would be a blast for old school 4 man camping (no bows). However, for Bow camping, it is not the best for seeing drops, and can be very dangerous to get the drops down the steps. It actually plays faster with QR 750 point Door open. Tram nearby, GGm nearby. Shield by Pyramid, or over DT2. Before mid-40s, with QR Door shut, Death Machines couldn't ask for an easier place to be.


Best I've seen: Tram alcove is what QR alcove wishes it was. Easy to see what's coming, easy to see drops. Tram deliveres directly to you, and the GG machine is easy access. If you haven't tried this, do so. I did my highest game here [61], just camping. Boring, but fast. Shield by pyramid or above DT2. I had the door towards DT2 open (so I could also do the QR alcove test), it may load faster with that door closed, so open start initially from QR (if so, build shield by pyramid).


One of the best: Parapet by clock tower (fire bow ring, w-fizz, landing pad there): Better than QR alcove, less than Tram alcove. This is almost as easy as the Tram alcove, but drops may be hidden behind wall or on steps, Tram is far away for Fuses, GG machine slightly harder to access (in Void Bow room, below). Easy shield access above DT2. Stand and fire, with circle/reverse runs right there if overrun. Some zombies load by church balcony, over WS, so it's not the fastest, but still excellent. 


DT2 Wundersphere: By 50ish, this is a death-trap; zombies will come out of the side window, ignore your Storm Bow shot, and surround and down you while the WS fails to fling you. That area may be held with multiple players, but not recommended for high solo rounds.


In Clock Tower, on steps: Drops may be out of sight, and it's a bit small. 2 GGm nearby, shield in Church or by DT2. Not the best.


Demon Bow room with Courtyard Door closed: This had the same issue as the DT2 WS; windows right there mean constant shots to stay alive. Fine for circles, but terrible for camping the small steps.


QR Door camp (open Demon room from courtyard, walk down to QR Door). This isn't a thing. Very slow loads. Same with Mule Kick area.


The Pit: DT2 1000 point Door closed, Start Room Door 750 point Door to DT2 area closed. Open 500 point Barrier above DT2, drop down. Use ABH! to escape this area. The logistics are a pain, but the loads are insane. Easy to miss drops, run out of ammo, or get surrounded. High risk, fast rounds. Shield could be over DT2, GGm in area. Not for the faint of heart. Camp on Start Room steps, use door for escape. Don't even bother with this until past 40 or 50, then burn through rounds. ABH! GG can get you out, but most likely you'll need to open Start to escape, so this is a one-shot camp often, maximize it by going in after a Panzer Round, with Alchemical Antithesis (or ABH!), Ragnarok charged, and a new Shield.


Wunderfizz room lower courtyard: I thought that this might have some fast loads, but it has no redeeming qualities. Fail.


I plan to test Church steps (with barriers closed), Church balcony (though I feel it loads slowly), and Rocket test TP room with Storm Bow camping, as I've already heard good things about them or played them with Demon Bow.


I've tried the main TP room with Demon Bow, but not Storm, it seems to load a bit slow, but I'll try it with Storm at a higher round. 


****Edit: More Solo Camp Feedback.


WS shell protects zombies, in it with you, from Storm bow shots. 


TP room (main complex). This is not a camp spot. While you technically can stand in the TP, not moving, and fire Storm Bow shots, you can't see well and have to panic fire often. Running in front of the TP works well though, just not camping. Decent load speed. (Running circles is not camping to me, if your terminology differs, call it camping then).


TP (Rocket Pad). Camping is not great as they load fast but spread out. But a simple C-shape (while facing out) on the small steps of the TP, or tight circles, works fairly well, just keep dragging the fastest zombs back and forth between shots.


Camping Church Steps, outside Church Balcony, (and the  crappy Steps across from Balcony) all have slower loads. This makes them fun for gun-headshotting, but not the fastest for high rounds. (The last steps are nearly impossible without bows, but i wanted to be thorough in testing).

Camping the Church steps (window steps, upper left) inside gives the best "line up for a headshot" trains that I've seen in BO3. With the Balcony debris closed still, every single zombie head gets lined up. For comparison, even QR alcove has 2 lines merging. And the slower loads allow higher-round gun camping.


I wanted the stairs under the lower courtyard to be campable, I hoped that the zombies wouldn't load up top if i stayed near the bottom of the steps, but this isn't a thing. Dangerous and dumb.


Solo Training Spots:


Parapet (by Clocktower). Reverses, circles and headshot camping, all in one. Shield by DT2 (fling back to parapet via WS).


Undercroft Column (below Dog Bow wall run spot). So easy. A bit slow. Shield by pyramid.


Pyramid. Always changing paths, yet easy. Shield here. 


Undercroft TP room. In front of TP. Shield by pyramid.


Upper courtyard: either by Church or by Demon Bow Room (best with 1000 point debris intact). Slow loading. Shield far. 


Tomb (Where Bow spawns). Hectic. Panic fire often. Shield in Church or Pyramid.


Bastion. Trap, WS escape. Hectic but open. Shield over DT2, (fling to parapet, walk up).


Tram Console. Hectic. Reverses and zigzags. Easier than you think. Shield at pyramid or DT2.


Church (by dragon). Reverses and ovals. Shield here. 


The Pit: [DT2/GGm 1000 point Door closed, Start Room 750 point Door (to DT2 area) closed. Open 500 point Barrier by WS over DT2, drop down]. This may have the fastest loads in game, but is hard. Camp start room steps, or run circles by small steps (to zombie window). Open door or use 'Anywhere But Here!' GG to escape. 


Rocket pad in front of TP, between windows near TP, in front of blast doors, under launch pad, or on the launch pad. All of these are doable, none of these wow me. Fast loads in TP area. 


Bows, or high rounds (all zombies run) make most areas trainable.


All courtyard areas (incl church) and pyramid areas load rather distant. Not the best for high rounds.


Happy camping and/or training!

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