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  1. It is... yeas it is. lol At first i thought it was just me... i never liked jungle maps in the past, they all look the same, a copy and past of the same tree and bush a million times, but when i see people have 0 interest to go for high rounds or even bother to play it again.... i had a little cry.
  2. The map is trash. full stop. I knew it was going to be rushed but... my god... i didnt think it would be to this extent of garbage. Garden Simulator? really? in zombies? in a shooting game got me watering plants... this is worse than tranzit not to mention that everybody who got the EE done are not returning to play. The map is riddled with bugs, glitches, invisible, invincible zombies. I would rather play tranzit, never thought i would ever say this.
  3. Danger closest and you can run laps for days while doing a kuku dance.
  4. https://www.twitch.tv/simple_kind/v/57478208 Fastest spot i know so far, works well with a team if you can share the electric bow. 4hrs to 90... enough said.
  5. If you shoot the boss with shotguns, you will completely demolish him, in the video they failed to shoot him in the second round, twice. Also fire bow works better if you let it charge.
  6. I like to take Danger Crossest instead of planning to go down. Shoot the boss with a shotgun and you will not need killing time, you only need to damage him 3 times... a lot of players are confused on this part.
  7. On the strange sound topic... In the canals when in beast mode you can hear a sound when next to CP (it sounds like the drop at spawn), i can also hear it in footlight where the ritual part is. Anybody know what this is? curse?
  8. While we are on reddit and other forums, i will mention these pods. Skeptical about all this info without solid lead or progress. https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/3w9jew/there_are_these_pods_i_made_visible_could_be_ww/
  9. I posted about footlight a while back, this one is obvious, it also helps to keep all three doors shut here for faster spawn rate... use the portal to get in and out. Just a few to add i have found so far... Top of the Red Ruby, there is drop here for escape and they line up nice for headshots. The electric door in the Canals shut, camp by the wall gun on the other side, very tight spot with no escape plan but you have unlimited ammo.
  10. It doesn't, we are probably missing something... so we have a gun... we have a mask... i think we need to find some slippers.
  11. You should see my reaction when i get Sheeva in the box. Love the Drakon, SVU flashbacks.
  12. SOE 1st room challenge. Lets see if we can get past round 8.
  13. I think PaP room is the easiest, there is a wall gun and a trap with plenty of room to run around, but you can do it in any district... the map is huge.
  14. We have tried to pap it after completing the EE, with no luck, maybe we had to wear a magwa mask, i really dont know. The fact that it goes in to the pap machine with a cheap trick makes me think it can be done, i also noticed a lot of changes in the pap room after completing the EE, like the back wall was gone. I think we need to pack a punch the pack a punch lol.
  15. I think it would be cheap, it feels cheap, i mean 100black holes + ammo bubblegums + ammo meatball step... basically MAX every round. This method will be the easiest strat with 4 players in the history of COD zombies. Not something i would make a video about, or be proud of doing.. Nothing wrong with the strategies, they are all very nice indeed.
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