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  1. Hahaha, thanks all! So the KT-4 is good enough, somehow I expected you'd need the Masamune. Is it more likely to get the AA shell when using more water on the same plant? Will it stay there to pick up, or will it vanish and come out of a plant again later?
  2. So has anyone figured out all the possible rewards for gardening and listed them yet? Using green water makes the plant that leaves a zombie alive for you. Using purple water makes the one that attracts zombies. Using Blue water is where it gets more interesting, as you can get all kinds of rewards from them. Now what would rainbow water do for you? Does it pick one of the three regular water colors at random? Leaving you with all kinds of plants? Other plants of interest: I was told that using three different kinds of water could
  3. It was a bit buggy at launch, but it's not that bad anymore. Most of the times. Cool environment, ambient sounds and character quotes. I enjoy playing it until it breaks again.
  4. Alright. I doubt I'm the one to find it though ;)
  5. Isn't that just the ADGFX Cypher in Mob of the Dead's loading screen? I doubt it's a painting of some birch trees.
  6. I couldn't find it to do anything either. I like the 115 quote in Mob of the Dead better than the 935 song, so I tried this too ;)
  7. I think it's just to advertise his Youtube channel..... XD
  8. Glitches will be glitches. Hahahah. I just wondered if I did something wrong at first. It seems like a proper bug you can't do much about. Oh well....
  9. @DaveLo07 In that case, we might bump into each other some time ;) I don't know at what time I'll be playing though.
  10. I'm terrible at this game. In both game modes. I appreciate the offer, but I'll just get us killed in an early round ;)
  11. It's a great game mode! I'm pretty bad at it though, hahahah.
  12. I took a look at the latest patch notes, but I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. I don't know what causes your struggle to be honest. By the way, I have the same thing sometimes. Some days, playing seems more difficult than other days. This goes for any game, be it a shooter or a race game or whatever.
  13. That may have been the case. I couldn't find the zombie, but I'll keep it in mind, especially that spot. When Shadows released, it had the Margwa's running into objects as well, except they didn't count towards the rounds. I've also seen clips of the Panzer being stuck, but I think it was fixed before I played it on xbox. P.S. I think the cocoon zombies are just as fast as the average zombie in that round. Last time I knifed those bags, I really had to run. XD
  14. I played ZNS last night and I had to quit a game because the zombies stopped spawning in. Checked every plant location I could think of and finally gave up after running around the full map three times. Anyone else had this problem?
  15. Koslans

    DLC 3

    I think the scraps of paper that you mean are the letter from the Emperor that is written in Japanese. But I'm not into cyphers or storyline. I think a Google or Youtube search should give you the answer though.
  16. The microphone lobbies would be awesome. Since they develop Easter Eggs for four players, this should be a thing as soon as possible. I'd pass on them, but it's a great idea nontheless.
  17. Arguably, randoms are commonly listed in the top five annoyances to Black Ops zombie players. As a random, I can see why some players might think that way. Therefore, I shall apologize. However, I'd rather play without a microphone and without having to search on Youtube for hours on end to know the ins and outs of every map there is out there. Sure, I like to know some secrets and some cool little Easter Eggs, but the full, story driven one is too much overall. Too much planning, maximizing and leaving zombies alive. Besides, may you fail halfway,
  18. I Yeah, but I'm lazy and I'm not gonna swap them around every time I switch from solo to split-screen or back. I wondered if we can have two for one in a co-op game. Haven't tried it yet though. About the 5x melee damage gumball, how good it that WITH a bowie knife? Another thing I haven't even tried.
  19. The only ones I ever used so far is 'Hide in Plain Sight' and 'Alchemical Antithesis' 'Anywhere But Here' might safe your life, but like you said, pre-patch it just killed you instead. I got in in the pack now, just for Zetsubou no Shima. The other two I roll with are the 'Arms Grace' for when I'm drunk. And I still want to know whether we can have two bows for one. And 'Now You See Me' because I wanted to try it out. I haven't got around to it yet though. Most gumballs have their use, but in reality..... I don't even use the gumball machine
  20. I've heard we're still going to get the upgraded hentai gun at some point.... It might actually become a drop for some Easter Egg, or even a Gubblegum. On the other hand, it kinda looks like a Maxis' Drone.
  21. I started playing when Mob of The Dead came out, so the nostalgia on BO1 isn't all that big for me. I want to do round 50 on Moon someday, as it will be the last one to do for me of both BO1 and BO2. Then it's on to BO3. I'm not in a hurry for it, I can play the game for years to come. Compared to Kino or Ascension, Moon is an expensive map, just like Zetsubou no Shima is compared to Der Eisendrache. Having the hacker seemed to solve the ammo issue on Moon and most other maps have good traps to run. I think nothing has changed with the learning curve
  22. I'm surprised you managed to do the zipline part. Pretty cool! Mob of the Dead was the only one I managed to do so far. The biggest issue is the connection however. The BO3 servers are so bad, I haven't got the chance to finish any co-op game in the past month. I've seen the darn forest more than the actual game :/ And that one time it's all fine and dandy, someone ragequits.
  23. The zombies spawn in very slow and the time between rounds is quite long at first. Giving the players more points wouldn't do much good, it would result in opening more doors and the zombies getting lost. I don't really mind the slow start though. I play one or two games a week or so. Therefore I'm not in a hurry and I like the ambient sounds and the extra things to see or do. Besides, the in-between rounds moment is a good time to do certain things. For example, you do all the beast mode things at spawn, pick up the key and the other thing. Knife the last zombie on your way
  24. Aye, thanks. I guess I didn't miss out on any of them. I'd like the Easter Eggs to be available on solo. Or to an extend where one player can do everything. Most require buttons to be pressed at the same time and stuff. That's ... impossible unless you plan it.
  25. So you can do Der Eisendrache and Zetsubou no Shima on solo. Can we expect a patch for solo play on Shadows of Evil at some point? Also, I've heard you can do BO1 Easter Eggs on solo since a while. Is that an official patch/update from Treach or are these 3rd party mods for PC? Can I go solo from Call of the Dead all the way to Moon? And what about Black Ops 2?
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