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  1. Anyone else enjoying the difficulty/challenge of ZIS? Feels good to need to move again, rather than just spamming shoot at the floor.

    1. Mr Samductive

      Mr Samductive

      I love the feel of ZIS...I really like the new ticket and token systems 

  2. @Spider The first games I ever played were also on the Atari 2600. Did you have the one with the wood grain effect on the front? I wish companies still put as much effort into the look of modern consoles, that thing was beautiful. It was my grandparents who owned it and I think the first game I ever played was Space Invaders, released in 1980, the only other cartridge they owned was Superman. First game I ever owned was the Dizzy Collection on the Atari ST, which had a monitor, keyboard and used floppy disks. 5 games in 1 mainly based around puzzles/problem solving, I
  3. Shame to see that data miners are already starting to release info regarding the Revelations easter egg. These people are obviously not fans of puzzles, getting stuck is part of the fun! 

  4. @Deathbringerzen When we play through 'Demon Within' in Nightmares, we are told that Sarah Hall is having a nightmare within her subconscious. This is represented by Bastogne as it was a place she had nightmares about. She admired the bravery of the soldiers and the battle that took place, but also feared failure and that she couldn't match their courage. Deimos then uses this moment in her subconscious mind to open the gateway to another dimension, Malum. When he tries to take Sarah Hall into Malum, this is where we (the player) kill Sarah Hall, to stop her carrying out Deimos' pl
  5. When playing Zetsubou no Shima as Nikolai, there is a quote he says when crawlers are present on the map. "Those crawling Hellpigs belong in a 'Nightmare's' Nightmare". There may not be much significance to this, it could just be a reference, but thought it was interesting nonetheless. Given the discussion that the Weasel quote "Nikolai, Nikolai, Nikolai, Nikolai, why do I keep hearing that name?" got within the community, and rightly so, I thought this was worth bringing up as a topic of discussion. Do you think this is just a case of the character quote breaking the
  6. @Koslans Then it will be the same as every other game in public! I play for fun, if we go down it doesn't matter. The offer still stands, I play with plenty of no mic randoms atm, you may as well be one of them. @Deathbringerzen It's a good point. I put very little time into DOA 1, so everything was still quite new to me when I started playing DOA 2. The early rounds and arenas are very similar to the original. It's also interesting how young the fan base is given, as you say, it is a retro game mode. Most people I have encountered are between 14 and 21, I haven't played it with an
  7. @Koslans You on Xbox? I'm playing a lot of pubs at the moment with no mics anyway, so if you're up for some Dead Ops or wanna try an Easter egg without saving zombies,hit me up, GT is same as username. @Deathbringerzen How much time have you put into it/how far have you got? Not saying you will definitely fall in love with the game mode, we are all different, but knowing that you play for rounds and are bored by the ease of the gameplay in BO3, I would be surprised if you invested some time and didn't get that bug/addiction with DOA. It's so much more balanced than regular zombies,
  8. Finally, an apology! You killed the last zombie, and did you know the ones in that window were mine? ;) In all seriousness, I still enjoy public lobbies from time to time, and unless there are people talking who sound like reasonable human beings (unlikely), I play without a mic. i think the best way to play public is with no expectations. And I never understood the mentality of leaving games if people don't conform to the way you want to play. The only time I will leave is if someone is glitching, and that is also the only time I will troll. I would argue that some cas
  9. It can happen with either sword at any point in the game, but I think it is a lot more likely with more players. And it seems to happen much more frequently around the flag step, for whatever reason (maybe with the sword, civil protector, ww shots, shadow man, meatballs and then margwa there is just too much going on in the map in a short space of time). For me it has always been with the flying sword on the last flag. When all players jump through the rift portal to fight the Shadow man with the sword still active, it causes 'connection interrupted' until all players eventually di
  10. The reason most people don't use it for the flag step, is because going in and out of the rift portals whilst the sword is still active often causes 'connection interrupted'. This has nothing to do with anyone's connection in game, it is a bug, but is pretty game breaking. I've had it happen on a few easter egg attempts and try to encourage teammates not to use the sword during that step as it is frustrating to get that far and have to start over. I'm pretty sure it works on acccumulation, so the more people that use the sword, the higher the chance of the game bugging out.
  11. @83457 I have to agree with most of what you have said about the classic gobblegums on solo. The only ones I would use consistently are In Plain Sight and Alchemical Antithesis. If you're spinning the gobblegum machine multiple times mid round for Alchemical in high rounds, In Plain Sight is useful to have in rotation, as you can use it to keep hitting the machine without having to watch your back/run in circles. Danger Closest is not that useful on solo, but I still enjoy using explosive pistols when paying casual games (Death and Taxes, Meat Wagon) and you can keep hitting for Da
  12. The problem with BO3 are the solo weapon quests, which you cannot complete for other people. If someone isn't playing ball, you cannot progress. At least with the bows you can switch if someone can't complete, but with the challenges and the swords you are really reliant on the other players knowing what they're doing. Mob is great for being able to do the easter egg without really effecting the way you play/slowing anything down. I'm sure many public lobby players have that achievement and still have no idea what the steps for the easter egg are. Yep, this pretty much sums up
  13. I think every map should have the option for the easter egg to be completed solo, it's not always possible to get a group together at a suitable time. However, I find the sense of accomplishment and enjoyment is far greater when playing with a team. I like the teamwork aspect of some of the steps. It seems like it would be easy to adapt the SOE easter egg for solo players, but if bo2 is anything to go by, the end game may well require a full team anyway. .
  14. A few people I play with have been trying to find more fun ways to play the game with the limited game modes we have on offer in BO3. Quite a few do custom grief. On SOE, they only open the initial door and use this area to play 2 v 2 or all v all grief with no perks, but it is very limited as to what you can do. There are some areas and mechanics in Nightmares that could make for some fun custom grief games. Specifically the maps Demon Within and Life. There are some large areas in these maps with no human enemies, just zombies and dogs. If the host sets the game to realistic, it
  15. @Boom All 4 swords are required to spawn in the giant gate worm. You can still defeat the Shadow man with any number of players, but you will not be able to finish the easter egg without the swords.
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