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  1. Exactice_808

    I'm done.

    Hey! Ive been a long time lurker and I post here and there, been around since the BO1 days.... Regardless shake it off, ALL forums have gotten so different with smart ass people and people that easily say whats on there mind because there is no consequence other than maybe a ban or a warning, but no PUNCH to the face. Regardless I saw and read the thread that went down and I would say there was a bit of misunderstanding and the worse part, no proper emotion with the way words that were conveyed. With forums take it with a grain of salt and know that your other post are generally well welcomed! Dont take offense to one post that got pulled in the wrong direction! I am sorry you battle a bit of depression and, while I cant say I know what you are going through, I know what you are going through.... I have my own issues that Id rather not discuss, but dont get down and dont let anyone else take you down, Enjoy what you enjoy and dont let a little forum banter, take that away from you!
  2. Exactice_808

    The things you need...

    Its funny, it takes a while to remember all the steps, I know I have been watching youtube videos since the release of the DLC, Once you do the full steps, once or twice it gets easier to do. RD 15 for the wolf bow? I would say (no disrespect) that the wolf bow is the easiest to obtain, so you should be able to get it by Rd 6 or 7. Are you properly setting up for acquiring the bow or are you just playing through the rounds and doing small steps for each bow? I know when I do the bow steps with friends we maximize EVERYTHING, Usually we have all bows ready to go by RD 15 on the average, The fastes we ever had it done was RD 12. Outside of that its been tough as I posted in another thread, I am the only person on my friends list that has not completed the EE and its driving me insane, setup for EE versus Rounds is different, especially with the use of Gobble Gums........ But alas......It is what it is!
  3. Exactice_808

    The things you need...

    Points points points, usually we can get the dragons open by round 3, so the bows are are extremely effective, when crowded, other than that knife and pistol works great till about round 10. Before the Panzer shows up, you should have about 3000-4000 in points, from there I decide if I want a perk or a gun, 90% of the time try for the box for a strong weapon, 90% of the time I get something decent that carriers me through the bow upgrading process. Once my bow is upgraded and I dont have to worry about points too much I perk up. 99% of the time its in this order. Juggs Stamina Up Quick Revive Speed cola/Double Tap or Wunderfizz (Shock cherry or Widows Wine) I alternate because most of my guns are upgraded so I have fast mags and the speed cola doesnt really help that much, So double tap is usually more effective if I pull a gun that I have fast mags on already. This is usually my order, so I would say, Rd 15, Upgraded bow, Perked up and either PAP that round or the next round, I should have enough money and ready for the Boss fight.
  4. Exactice_808

    Camping and training.

    Not sure why, but it seems to work for me? when the gravity kicks in I think its wonderful as I wall run around the pyramid, they train up quite well below me and I let the BRM rack up points? Never had issues with Zombies smacking my legs are you guys just jumping and not wall running?
  5. Exactice_808

    Camping and training.

    Camp Spot- Staircase in Church/Control room Train spot - Undercroft in around the pyramid, I point whore with the BRM wall buy and usually the shield is built down in the undercroft too, so win win, in addition, 900 points for Ammo for the BRM, I can usually make 5-7k in point with 1 run of the BRM.
  6. Exactice_808

    Ultimate Shadows of Evil Note Analysis

    Tac! Awesome, this is great and well put together...... Im going to sorta thread jack as I have had a little bug bother me, I just started a thread in the General Zombies Forum discussing the basic "Pack A Punch" Machine. I discussed its origins and where the items go, Based on SOE and the fact that it is older than KINO. The SOE Pack A Punch is a primitive Version of all the other PaP machines. Secondly, I asked WHERE does the gun go to be upgraded in SOE, thats when voyager stated that along the lines of the "papers scattered" around SOE it shows the Blue Earth as the main and the "Multiverses" that have been traveled. I than asked, why the PaP machines have not been discussed in detail, Origin and location that the "weapons actually get upgraded" as we know it somehow gets teleported somewhere and somehow its upgraded. Next voyager made a point about the Blue Earth...... In all our maps/locations even the ether........ Have we truly started from "Blue Earth" or have we started from one of the multiverses. What if the Blue Earth, is where the PaP machines send the weapons, What if everything links back to "Blue Earth" as we see in the pictures. In your last picture "How many years have we wasted......... searching in wrong locations........" What if we started in the "Multiverse" and as the picture eludes with each jump we keep opening new Multiverses through the Teleporters when we should somehow Teleport through PaP machines to get to the "Constant" "Blue Earth", The ORIGIN, The Beginning! Sorry just rambling.... just the little bug that keeps nicking at me that we are missing something right in front of our face!
  7. Exactice_808

    Monkey / Perk Strategy

    I didnt know about no.2. But you will die eventually. Because now almost every time i play i get over round 30. After round 30 Flopper is useless. You dive onto them from the highest point in the map (near Flopper, on the side walkway bit) and they just trounce all over you. Yes I do not use flopper to flop. I use it for the no splash damage as by round 30+ you will need PAP weapons and or explosive weapons at that (Ray Gun, Mustang & Sally, Awful Lawton....). When you Run out of ammo on the PH Lander loop you have quick access to Grenades and can toss them all day without damage. Also yes if you need to escape instead of jumping off of the cat walk by lander you wont take damage coming down so you can time it that you flow and run if you get trapped.... Nothing against carbons tactic, because on the basis it works perfectly! Just some enhancements to his technique =)
  8. Exactice_808

    Monkey / Perk Strategy

    Flopper is probably one of the greatest Perks Ive seen, 1) No splash damage, 2) Cook a Grenade in your hand and it blows you will not die 3) LAW, Mustang & Sally, Ray Gun, any gun you use will not kill you from the splash as stated above. 4) If you have no ammo, PHD Flopper and Juggs, you can run loops and keep buying grenades and never ever die. The rounds will take forever but you will never go down
  9. Exactice_808

    Monkey / Perk Strategy

    +1 on the Juggs Door, There is absolutely no value in opening the Door to the Jugs by the quick revive, Also no value in opening the stair case door, go straight to the box, get the power on, get a gun from the Box, and Flopper. Flop till you drop when Monkeys come and most times everyone will get Juggs after 2 monkey rounds, at the latest you should be around round 12-15 and have Flopps and Juggs, I really dont get any other perks as its a waste of time and having to chase the monkeys around is just a PITA. You WILL NEVER HAVE TO DEFEND JUGS as all the doors are closed, You all can defend Flopper and call it a day....simple easy strategy. Its really frustrating when people needlessly open doors that have no relevance. There are 4 great areas if your playing with 4 people to do a style of "R#pe Train". 1) Flopper 2) Centrifuge 3) In front of PAP and the last guy can hang with any one of them and revive anyone that goes down...... Again...dont open the Juggs unless you really really really need it.......*sigh* OH, forgot, the actual strat for monkeys, Well Jump when they jump. Cook Grenades as they kill them quickly, Pre load a couple of claymores infront of the perk machines, unfortunately when they do their ground and pound it takes out the CM but if you have 1 or 2 in your inventory drop it right in front of them then reload with the ones you put in front of them machine. Guns are useless against them.....only really the Ray Gun is worth a dime against them....RD 43 HK & RPK, unloaded the whole gun on them didnt kill them......Monkey rounds done, you get ammo and hopefully a reload on perks....
  10. Exactice_808

    Traps and Centerfuge Relationship *Result Produced Twice*

    Actually I have noticed this, especially after we activate the Node and reach higher rounds, the Centrifuge does not spin. I have not tried to activate the traps to test this theory but that makes some sense. In addition, I do wonder if there is a correlation with the Easter Egg and the Centerfuge in that, when you start the EE the Centrifuge stops spinning because of it. I have on many occasions started the EE but the idiots in the game have no Idea how to push the buttons on the wall so we are always stuck with that, but never do I hear the Centrifuge go off. Hmmmm......I dont want to theorize either.....but I can confirm this too!
  11. Exactice_808

    Favourite PaP Combination-Whats Yours?

    Not Much of PAP guy unless I get a good gun like a Ray Gun or thundergun while trying for Monkeys. But if I had to, H21 (H115 occilator?) Packed and the MP40 regular or the Thundergun (Zues Cannon) and the MP40. Something for points and something to kill them quick if I get surrounded..... I have noticed one thing....myself and my team have really shied away from ray guns now that we get spoiled with Ascension and the PH Flopper...no splash damage is epic!

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