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  1. Tac! Awesome, this is great and well put together...... Im going to sorta thread jack as I have had a little bug bother me, I just started a thread in the General Zombies Forum discussing the basic "Pack A Punch" Machine. I discussed its origins and where the items go, Based on SOE and the fact that it is older than KINO. The SOE Pack A Punch is a primitive Version of all the other PaP machines. Secondly, I asked WHERE does the gun go to be upgraded in SOE, thats when voyager stated that along the lines of the "papers scattered" around SOE it shows the Blue Earth as the main and the "Multiverses" that have been traveled. I than asked, why the PaP machines have not been discussed in detail, Origin and location that the "weapons actually get upgraded" as we know it somehow gets teleported somewhere and somehow its upgraded. Next voyager made a point about the Blue Earth...... In all our maps/locations even the ether........ Have we truly started from "Blue Earth" or have we started from one of the multiverses. What if the Blue Earth, is where the PaP machines send the weapons, What if everything links back to "Blue Earth" as we see in the pictures. In your last picture "How many years have we wasted......... searching in wrong locations........" What if we started in the "Multiverse" and as the picture eludes with each jump we keep opening new Multiverses through the Teleporters when we should somehow Teleport through PaP machines to get to the "Constant" "Blue Earth", The ORIGIN, The Beginning! Sorry just rambling.... just the little bug that keeps nicking at me that we are missing something right in front of our face!
  2. Nah No worries! Any whoooo, I agree, there is something big we are missing on this map. I stated it in another thread.... How can you have the Fly Trap, Mystery Man, But no Eggs on Kino and Five, We are missing something right under our nose......
  3. Oh gotcha on the Kino only, I dont think any Easter Eggs dealt with six though, I know the Teleporter lights, Power Boxes, and the Nova 6 Gasers but no easter egg for it? Sorry not try to be a D!ck I just want to get my facts straight so I dont assume weird things?
  4. Well isn't 6 the number for sins or death or something like tht? 666 is the mark of the "Beast" or the Devil from my understanding. Youre thinking of the 7 Deadly Sins sir LOL 1)Gluttony, 2)Pride, 3)Wrath, 4) Envy, 5) Sloth, 6) Greed, 7)Anger Im curious, as stated above? you said all easter eggs surround by 6? Really I dont recall, the fly trap, the mannequins, or the Mystery Man having to do with 6? Just curious?
  5. Great Theory, [brains] I have been contemplating this too, so I will add what I can 1) The maps as we know are not connect in the way they are released. 2) ^ So Ascension as others have stated is not after Kino. 3) Most of the current maps have to deal with teleporting to the new map, why doesnt Ascension have a Teleporter? Since all the current maps do, Die Reise & Kino & Five 4) There is a map between Kino and Ascension, As assuming Kino is the future, they got there due to the Teleporter overloading, most likely they will show them overloading again and going to the "Future" Map that will be released and they used the lunar lander from where ever they actually came from, The Moon? 5) If Time Travel is non linear, like "Back 2 the Future" States, what if there is 2 richtofens? Current Richtofen is the "Future Richtofen"? Thats why he is in the space suit and the other 3 are not. Where is the Time Traveling Richtofen that traveled with the other 3? HMMMMM 6) The Future Richtofen, is dressed in the space suit because he was separately involved in going to the moon to collect 115 or what ever other experiments. The other 3 in future are unrelated to the research so they are not with the space suit richtofen2? Ok im done for now Exactice808
  6. Another Fact, Pigs dont sweat, so they roll around the mud to cool down.
  7. You've never played WAW I assume? They kept the box glitch in there on all 4 maps. It wasn't a glitch, they put it in on purpose. Straetgy wise- for example, one guy can be Mr. Explosives. Has the upgraded pistol, RPG, china lake, etc. He'll probably be somewhere up top providing cover. Each person can afford to get an upgraded ballistic knife, which can provide some epic, memorable moments. Even if you have 5 guns, it's still hard as hell; especially past 30 where only a thunder, or ray gun work. 5 guns just makes the game 'funner' The Game is already fun, why would you need any more advantage in a game where they do not shoot back? Are you trying to obtain something you cant? People get past round 30 pretty often now and using 5 guns to get there? Really? I think you should concentrate on brushing up your skill with just 2 guns before you think about getting 5. Heck people can run around with just juggy and a pistol and make it up to 20+ rounds. Buddy, unfortunately please get your priorities straight, more so gain some better skills to do better with just 2 guns...smh wanting a glitch back to gain an advantage cause you cant get past level 30 on your own....... :facepalm:
  8. HMMM, I find Mustang and Sally and PH Flopper much more effective at higher rounds. The no splash damage is epic in addition you get more collateral damage if you become trapped so you get more mass damage. Much greater weapon than a Ray Gun IMHO. MP5k is a great points gun but if at higher rounds you are in trouble it aint going to do anything. anywho, I have never seen or got a maxed out ammo when going down and revived. Max ammos dont help and I have noticed that you get 6 shots per gun for a total of 12 and that is counted towards your total rounds before going down so if you shoot all 12 you have to subtract that from what you had before going down.....
  9. Ok Gang, I posted this in the Ascension sub forum, to no avail and wanted to see if maybe Kino had something left for us viewtopic.php?f=60&t=7589 As we know the "DG2" overloaded the Teleporter and they time traveled to Kino. as anyone tried to over load the Teleporter again i.e. 1 guy get in the teleporter and teleports while another person shoots the snot out of it with wonder weapons or PAP weapons? Sorry Havent been on in a while, but figured either someone has tried?
  10. I personally have tried with some players hitting the Gersch with Ray, Zeus, and Dolls before jumping through, and while jumping through. All of this was done while not doing the Easter Egg. Unfortunately, it hasn't yielded any results different from going through it without shooting it. And from what i understand from the coding, "powering-up" the Gersch only effects it while doing the node. :| Dang......well it was worth a thought I guess, I wonder about Kino..I should re post this there too, to see if anyone else has done it.... that little bug in the back of my mind keeps making me wonder where the teleporter is on Ascension...... Thank you Sir [brains] to you!
  11. REMEBER this easter egg is based off of vorkuta and when u r blowing up all of the tankers they are lighting on fire and zombies light on fire when they walk threw the fire trap. and step seven is "raise hell" fire is kinda hell This has never been proven, just assumed.....be careful, you will get the "Raise Hell" Flames.... Seriously though, I think people are using Vorkuta to feed their need to explore more. What I think we need to do is either wait for another map release/update or go back to the other 2 maps and search for something big. I cant imagine that EE like the fly trap in DR would not be in the other 2 maps, i.e. DR- Fly Trap Five- Nothing Kino- Nothing Ascension - MM Easter Egg There is something we are missing..........
  12. Thats not very definitive, hell i had a game last night that went into the 20s and i only had 300 something kills because i was watching a window and not the front over at PHD. I mean yeah checking their kills helps, but having 300ish kills in the 20s doesnt tell you they're a glitcher, they could just be a defensive player, running in with a PAP'd Ballistic Knife or something. Agreed, I have a level 42 and only 942 kills, Legit as in the other guy had the thundergun running the waffle and I sat in the room protecting the window. Not many Kills but I did my job. I think the leaderboards are as good as you make them. 80% of the higher rounds are glitches 20% are legit from the get go so not even worth looking at. What makes it fun is competing with your friends. I get messages all the time as the leadboards between us get updated LOL. Lot of hate messages HAHA In all seriousness though, even when you go in to a random lobby, you will see if their skill is up to par. Ill be honest. getting a Lvl 42 solo is much easier than a lvl 42 with 4 people that dont work together so its very very frustrating. Happy Zombie Fragging but take the Leaderboards with a grain of salt.....
  13. More over.....how do they know "Step Seven" Was completed? Was there some type of laugh or indication. I can say I completed step seven by finishing the round? Please give more detail as "Killing all the zombies with the fire trap" Gives us nothing other than your friends killed a bunch of zombies? Now the trap with the backwards 7 gives us a clue, but again.....WHAT HAPPENED AFTER??? If nothing happened well I think your friends are tugging your chain.......
  14. Actually, I have noticed this too, It depends but on all maps if you have 3+ players an you are the last one down on lvls 20+ it seems that they try to extended the rounds to make you die. I have seen those single rounds go for like 30minutes. We had 3 guys 2 of us went down in what we thought was the middle of the round, and that round lasted forever. Finally he got through it and the rounds continued like normal. I think there is something that does this in the game.......
  15. I didnt know about no.2. But you will die eventually. Because now almost every time i play i get over round 30. After round 30 Flopper is useless. You dive onto them from the highest point in the map (near Flopper, on the side walkway bit) and they just trounce all over you. Yes I do not use flopper to flop. I use it for the no splash damage as by round 30+ you will need PAP weapons and or explosive weapons at that (Ray Gun, Mustang & Sally, Awful Lawton....). When you Run out of ammo on the PH Lander loop you have quick access to Grenades and can toss them all day without damage. Also yes if you need to escape instead of jumping off of the cat walk by lander you wont take damage coming down so you can time it that you flow and run if you get trapped.... Nothing against carbons tactic, because on the basis it works perfectly! Just some enhancements to his technique =)

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