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  1. just blurting out my my thoughts sorry.... Many of the more powerful weapons from the Zombies story have been the Lighting type elemental (DG2, DG3 Wunderwaffe, DG4 shock charges, Storm Bow, Shock Cherry etc). I wonder if its is a specific highlight or nod to the lighting elemental or is TreyArc just liking it for some odd reason. Who knows specifically, but we do see it quite often as a stronger weapon in comparison to many of the other elementals used in the series. As for KT-4 that is some cool info, going to read a little more about it. Funny I was just reading up a little about Muramasa and Masamune, Both famous sword-smith's that had legendary swords crafted, One for good and one for evil. I know lots of Japanese Anime is based on old Japanese Folklore. Masamune of course being one of the more popular ones and many animes showing affinity to many elementals. Gotta research but I would assume there would be some kind of lighting connection. here is just some side note about the 2 swords
  2. Its funny, it takes a while to remember all the steps, I know I have been watching youtube videos since the release of the DLC, Once you do the full steps, once or twice it gets easier to do. RD 15 for the wolf bow? I would say (no disrespect) that the wolf bow is the easiest to obtain, so you should be able to get it by Rd 6 or 7. Are you properly setting up for acquiring the bow or are you just playing through the rounds and doing small steps for each bow? I know when I do the bow steps with friends we maximize EVERYTHING, Usually we have all bows ready to go by RD 15 on the average, The fastes we ever had it done was RD 12. Outside of that its been tough as I posted in another thread, I am the only person on my friends list that has not completed the EE and its driving me insane, setup for EE versus Rounds is different, especially with the use of Gobble Gums........ But alas......It is what it is!
  3. Points points points, usually we can get the dragons open by round 3, so the bows are are extremely effective, when crowded, other than that knife and pistol works great till about round 10. Before the Panzer shows up, you should have about 3000-4000 in points, from there I decide if I want a perk or a gun, 90% of the time try for the box for a strong weapon, 90% of the time I get something decent that carriers me through the bow upgrading process. Once my bow is upgraded and I dont have to worry about points too much I perk up. 99% of the time its in this order. Juggs Stamina Up Quick Revive Speed cola/Double Tap or Wunderfizz (Shock cherry or Widows Wine) I alternate because most of my guns are upgraded so I have fast mags and the speed cola doesnt really help that much, So double tap is usually more effective if I pull a gun that I have fast mags on already. This is usually my order, so I would say, Rd 15, Upgraded bow, Perked up and either PAP that round or the next round, I should have enough money and ready for the Boss fight.
  4. Not sure why, but it seems to work for me? when the gravity kicks in I think its wonderful as I wall run around the pyramid, they train up quite well below me and I let the BRM rack up points? Never had issues with Zombies smacking my legs are you guys just jumping and not wall running?
  5. All Great tips, I have tried, with my teams and randoms, it just seems like the game doesnt like me, We have gone in with AfterTaste, Phoenix Ups, Head Drama, Killing time........ We have all PAP weapons everything is set.... but some how... something goes wrong, even the guys I play with have done the E.E. multiple times but when they join me to help me complete it as they are are frustrated themselves seeing as I am the only one that has not completed it, its almost a challenge in itself for them to help me LOL! Seriously, not sure what is going on, it just crazy luck, but I will say the 1 consistent thing... A panzer will always DROP on top and insta kill our last remaining guy that either hasnt gone down or has all their perks, without fail..... 8/10 rounds its happened, after we hit the keeper for the second time and its the 3 set of panzer rounds..... its game over.... un real!
  6. Are you kidding me, I swear I am bad luck...... I am the only guy on my "regular" friends list that has not completed the DAMN Easter EGG WTF OVER...... Its crazy, since WaW I have a team that has finished all the easter eggs for the last 4 years, but this one eludes me and more so with the DLC2 coming out Im going to be pissed if I cant get this done, I swear.....we have tried, but we just cant get to the 3rd round of the panzers/keeper, It seems if one or 2 of us goes down, without a fail a panzer will drop on the only guy that has not gone down and downs him..... I think I am 10 straight boss rounds were we are just half step away from killing the keeper and then its a domino, one goes down and then bang bang, panzer drops game over..... !@##^&%&^%*&Y()(*(*^*%&@*)*&#$#, let me complete this GAWT DAMN THING!!!!! whats making it harder, is all the regulars are done and dont really want to do the EE anymore and just going for rounds to level up, so I am finding less and less talented players to complete the damn EE......
  7. Camp Spot- Staircase in Church/Control room Train spot - Undercroft in around the pyramid, I point whore with the BRM wall buy and usually the shield is built down in the undercroft too, so win win, in addition, 900 points for Ammo for the BRM, I can usually make 5-7k in point with 1 run of the BRM.
  8. We use the stair case in the Church/Control Room, by the Wolf Painting, as Long as you dont open the pathway on the second floor that 99% of the people dont open anyways, its one direction of zombies unless someone moves around then they "could" go up the other staircase and come across the walk. The zombies all come up from the stair case and you have the "High Ground" 2 people can effectively stand in the stair case and shoot while the other 2 are behind, creating a barrier, if someone does happen to go down the guys behind can revive and the down person is blocking so no zombies can get past, Great strategy and works for a long time if you conserve ammo or more so have Alchemical GG. Also if ammo is an issue, the 2 guys on the stairs can have their shields out while the guys behind shot agani effectively creating a wall.
  9. Good point... the question though or more of a statement.... What generation of Characters are they, what I mean is that they have killed so many versions of them, Lets take Veruckt and Kino for example, during that time they didnt trust Richtophen, but with the 3rd generation of the Dr. in D.E. well they must have had different lives and maybe that is why they are getting along and of course per the story, working together to create a better world. Other than that.... Takeo is looking like a BADASS...... LOL!
  10. WHHAHATTTT SOE, had plenty of training spots........ In front fot of the Box by the ruby rabbit (near work bench), Neros Lair is my favorite, The loop in front of the Burlesque and dont forget the easiest is the PAP/portal room. Beyond that, I was a huge fan of Kino.....I think I have my most hours on Kino. But alas, since Xbox One my 360 has not seen the light of day... just waiting for BO1 to be a playable title on the one, so I can fire up Kino again.
  11. Im not going to lie...... We must be doing something awfully wrong. I have NOT completed the EGG yet, due to going to the boss round and never finishing it, I have fought the boss, 4+ times on numerous occasions. We have done the DG4 step 3+ times to no avail...... We have tried bows.... Ray Guns, I had the Bahamut and we get wrecked LOL..... So dont know if the 3rd round thing is true our not......maybe we are just bad luck LOL!
  12. Going to BUMP this post, Bahamut is Deadly for a specific boss kill, To me its way better than the Ray Gun due to the damage you receive. The PAP Drakon will make mince meat out of the Panzer and you can spam the hell out of it against the keeper.
  13. OH, LOL Crap I did not know that..... Holy smokes, Ok well at least they threw a bone for the ranked games......... I guess though that makes sense then for the un-ranked game, if you started with 1 and have the bow steps done but 3 others jump in right before the boss stage and complete the EE. PS if you do a solo unranked and complete the EE do you get the completed challenge?
  14. P.S. The Gobble Gum Pop Shock is an insta kill, I noticed that its never mention to use, not sure why? If you are solo, you can usually go till round 10 without perks comfortably, by that time should be far along with the EE, at that point Im buying G.G. If playing Co-Op, usually have 1 player with the Pop Shock G.G. Before round 12 anyways....I think you have 6 stabs so that thing last a while, while doing the wisp everyone usually goes straight to the Wundersphere as stated above, or one guy hangs back and deals with the Panzer (pop shock) and trains the remaining zombies in the teleporter area while the rest of the people do the safe unlocking. GL OP!
  15. Holy Crap Ragdo, Im so glad I read through the thread...I was going to give you the obligatory "Suck it Up" but damn your internet situation is tough, I thought mine was bad living in the middle of the pacific ocean, but we got some legit crazy speeds that help, but our latency no matter how you look at it, is the pits. Any ways bro, I do hope you have a chance to work the net thing out. As for the Easter Egg situation I completely understand, I think now, we have to reserve the fact the TreyArch is setting up the game/EE more difficult i.e. 4player E.E. to keep players active and enticed. While it blows for solo, the intent most likely was for 4 players. I know before they did either one, where there was 2 types of EE for solo and co-op, But with all these steps...this one specifically was a 4 player op.
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