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  1. Not not yet. I really do wonder if there is a way to nullify the gate trap and the death ray trap. That would be really cool!
  2. Slide though the trap with jug on and 1 zombie hits you and your dead. Taking flame damage is easy to do and your good for the whole game! :)
  3. Glitching Queens video was wrong. She said you need to kill 40 zombies and build the wolf bow. You don't need to do any of those. That is what got me in gear to make a correct tutorial on it.
  4. To take no damage in the electric trap by the church all you have to do is take fire damage from the panzer. That is all. After you take fire damage from panzer any time after that when you turn on the trap you can run though it without taking any damage and you won't have visual annoying lightning stun effect.
  5. "A tomb built for kings... they would be disgusted if they knew what Group 935 had done with it." — Said after entering the Undercroft for the first time. Source - http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Der_Eisendrache/Quotes
  6. Camping rocketpad teleporter is my new favorite. The zombies spawn in so fast. Helps you fly through rounds, rank up, and get liquid divinium fast!
  7. Camping - I agree Staircase in Church/Control room Good for getting head shots and ranking up fast. 2nd camping spot - by Quick revive - can quickly use trams for max ammo and etc. Traning - Courtyard in front of church. Biggest area in the map and easy to run trains.
  8. Yeah I have been building it less and less. Takes to long and your not leveling up guns. I like to get into a game and quickly get as much xp as I can getting as much liquid divinium as I can. With the bows your missing out on all those head shots and extra xp.
  9. lol, it's all good! I want to start being a lot more active on this site too.
  10. You can hit the gobble gum machine 3 times a round. The price increases every time you hit it. The price also increases every 10 rounds. A fire sales reduces all prices by 490 points. ROUND 1ST/2ND/3RD Round 1-9 500/1500/3000 Round 10-19 500/2500/5000 Round 20-29 500/4500/9000 Round 30-39 500/8500/17000 Round 40-49 500/16500/33000 Round 50-59 500/32500/65000 Round 60-69 500/64500/129000 Round 70-79 500/128500/257000 Round 80-89 500/256500/513000 Round 90-99 500/512500/1025000 Round 100-109 500/1024500/2049000 For Science - 110-119 2048500, 4097000 120-129: 4096500, 8193000 130-139: 8192500, 16385000 140-149: 16384500, 32769000 150-159: 32768500, 65537000 160-169: 65536500, 131073000 170-179: 131072500, 262145000 180-189: 262144500, 524289000 190-199: 524288500, 1048577000 200-209: 1048576500, 2097153000 210-219: 2097152500, 4194305000 Here is the equation/pattern to figure out the numbers - 1st gobblegum hit is always 500. 2nd gobblegum hit equation | X times 2 minus 500 (X x 2 - 500). X being the previous round range cost. Example 1-9 2nd gobblegum is 1,500. 1500 x 2 = 3000 - 500 = 2500. 2500 is the cost of 2nd gooblegum for round 10-19. 2500 x 2 = 5000 - 500 = 4500 is the cost of 2nd gobblegum for round 20-29. 3rd gobblegum hit is 2nd gobble gum hit cost times 2 (X x 2) Example Round 1-9 2nd Gobblegum cost 1500. 1500x2=3000. 3000 is cost 3rd gobblegum on round 1-9. Round lets go 50-59 2nd gobblegum cost 32500. 32500x2=65000. 65000 is the cost of 3rd gobblegum for round 50-59. or X times 2 - 1000. X being the previous round range cost. Example 1-9 3rd gobblegum is 3,000 x 2 = 6000 - 1000 = 5000 is the cost of 3rd gobblegum for round 10-19. 5,000 x 2 = 10,000 - 1,000 = 9,000 is the cost of 3rd gobblegum for round 20-29. *Note - I did this math all on my own! Who would of thought paying attention in math would have paid off playing zombies.
  11. Why in the new der eisendrache trailer are they walking underneath it? Is this them leaving the castle? Why did they not take the gondola? After that trailer I did take a closer look at that bridge to see if maybe there was an ee to get down below it.
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