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  1. So, you like fish on pizza, AND you like pineapple on pizza?? I'm leaving this forum, you people are making me sick
  2. Can I request: -Earn 10 CoDz medals - Donate to CoDz. - Earn Max Prestige in Zombies.  - you can see in this video that I'm prestige master max level on BO3.
  3. Loads of meat and a BBQ sauce base, soooooooo good Yours? Pineapple does NOT belong on pizza btw, vile
  4. Trash TV (British programmes like TOWIE, Geordie Shore, Big Brother, Love Island etc). I often don't admit to people that I watch them unless I know they like them too, but I love them in secret. Speeding. I know it's bad, but it's so exhilarating, though I don't do it in areas where there are pedestrians and blind corners and so on. Pizza. It's not great for you and the really good ones are expensive, but man I love it. I only get a takeaway pizza like once a month though, easy on my wallet and having it only so-often means I really enjoy it when I do have it, plus it's not gonna make me fat having it occasionally.
  5. 101 in under 3 hours, hardly played this map at all before this game but it's so simple that you can get most of your map knowledge from videos
  6. I'm still holding onto hope. The main two factors being that firstly, in BO3 we saw Treyarch using assets from previous mapsin Revelations, those assets basically being a hint of what's coming in Chronicles... now it seems like assets from various missing maps have been included in Blackout, such as Farm, Nuketown, COTD and Buried. Secondly, what with the first Chronicles being so successful, it'd be great for business, and Activision are all about business. Also hoping that since Chronicles was done on the BO4 engine that we got all those thrown in with 2.0 if it happens, though I'm not at all convinced of the likelihood of that happening lol.
  7. Really bummed out about the fact that we won't be getting a second season as a result of this most likely as I feel like BO4 is finally in a good place now. That means we're gonna get these maps on BO5 which again will likely be a shitshow on release. Still hoping we get a Chronicles 2.0 though.
  8. I really enjoyed AE, I think with a lot of these new maps though they seem really complicated on first glance and it can be a bit off-putting, but if you get in there and figure them out they're actually really good. I was the same with BOTD until very recently actually and always kinda hated it, but I actually think it's a really great map now. Still think it's too big but other than that, the vibe of looming and impending doom and the general aesthetic of the map gives it a great feel, the strategies are fun as well. I do also wish the setup was a little less complicated and doing stuff like upgrading to the golden scalpel is way too long so I don't bother with it, but it definitely has its ups and the upgrades like that aren't really a necessity.
  9. I'm fairly hyped about this map. Wasn't hyped about the last two DLCs, cause BO4 got off to such an awful start. However, I was pleasantly surprised by DOTN, but I thought it was a fluke and wasn't at all invested in the Chaos crew. As it turned out, though, AE was a brilliant map and Scarlett and Shaw have grown on me. So with Treyarch being on a roll, there's a definite chance this next map is going to be great, and on top of that it's Ultimis/Primis.
  10. I probably should have said in the video but just totally slipped my mind, but the zombies only spawn from in front of you on the catwalk run so yeah, you can take your sweet time and just let them come to you
  11. Step by step guide showing how I'd get set up for high rounds in an easy and repeatable way. This includes building the free Blundergat, upgrading it to the Magmagat and also building the golden spork in the process. Following this strategy, you'll have the Magmagat built on round 5 within 20 minutes, and the spork upgrade done on round 8 (then however long it takes to get your perks/box weapons). This strategy assumes some basic knowledge of the map and how to build things, and is aimed at those struggling with certain steps or putting together a reliable strategy.
  12. I haven't fully studied this, but from what I gather: The green is a base number per kill, plus you get the yellow points as a bonus for the type of kill. So a base kill is always 90 points, if it's a melee kill for example you also get a +60 for the melee. Doing prior damage before the melee kill may get you some points, which then get deducted from the final tally since the max allowed per kill is 150 points. So for example: You gain 30 points from pistol shots on one zombie. Then you melee for the kill. You get 90 points for the kill, and +60 for the melee. However, that 30 you made has to be deducted since you're now 30 points over the max allowed score for that kill. So you'll see a green 90 (base score for getting a kill), a yellow +60 (melee bonus) and a red -30 (deduction for prior damage points). I'm pretty sure that's how it works anyway, but again I'm not 100% on that and could be completely wrong. It's an interesting topic that I don't think anyone has looked in-depth into at this point.
  13. Just been having a mess around with a strategy now, doesn't work as I'd imagined. Would have been really nice if it worked but it doesn't, I had an idea that with Timeslip modifier meaning faster specialist recharges, maybe I could use the Magmagat to recharge the specialist while the trap was running, then when the trap deactivated just sit in the same spot and swipe away, the trap recharges before the specialist runs out and you can hit the trap switch with the specialist out still... unfortunately that one doesn't work lol. If you're efficient then you can start the Magmagat upgrade on round 5. If you have any double points elixirs then on round 1, keep a zombie alive, open the catwalk and instantly pop the double points elixir. Then you can charge through getting kills with double points on, spawn the warden, then by the time you've killed all the catwalk dogs/zombies and the warden and kept a zombie alive, you'll have over 6000 points to get the map open, build the shield in New Industries. Dog round on round 2, charge the shield. Round 3, feed the wolf in NI, then straight to feed the one in the cells to end the round. Then I hang in the warden's office at the start of round 4, kill about 8 zombies there, before opening up the debris to the warden's house and feed the wolf there with a few zombies remaining at the end of that. Then I keep a zombie, grab the retriever, get the skulls and the spoon, grab the VAPR w/ bayonet attachment and start the Magmagat step at the start of round 5. Same thing every time! During the Magmagat step, with your specialist charge if you gather a mini train of like 5-6 zombies and pull out the specialist near them, you'll despawn them but still get their souls for the fire. Then from there you'll have enough zombies during round 5 to fill up the skulls and keep a zombie alive and do the upgrade. Just use the rest of the specialist and then finish off with the VAPR bayonet.

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