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  1. No idea about co-op tbh. So many unanswered questions regarding these plants atm. Guess 3ARC weren't going to make things simple or they'd be too OP. Apparently you don't actually need the blue water, just the KT shots? Not sure if I also misunderstood but just one shot when you plant the seed is all that is needed too... gonna have to test this myself though so don't quote me on that haha, just what I've read. EDIT: Just tested - you don't need water! Just plant a seed, and shoot it with a KT shot each round. Should save a lot of time and effort.
  2. Maybe there's something about QR that influences it? Interesting... will have to test this. EDIT: I've done some testing with and without QR and it all seems a bit random tbh. This time I respawned on the round I was on, once with QR and once without. But before I respawned on the round I was on when I imprinted and I've also seen this happen to other people. Might be a chance thing?
  3. Yeah it's pretty much one of those look-after-yourself maps. If you're lucky enough to get some people who know what they're doing then you might be able to get some nice weapons, but you should be looking to settle for what you can get without any EEs or quests. With ZNS I establish where Jugg is and then see if I can get some temporary power on to go get it so my ass is covered to go do other stuff.
  4. If you have a quick revive then it'll work as normal. In any case that you would have otherwise died, rather than the game simply ending you'll just stick in a downed state and you'll bleed out, like you would in co-op. Then you respawn from the imprint plant at whatever round you created it on.
  5. It's a bit annoying when things change places as I like to have a routine, but I guess with this map it's not much of a bother as I tend to buy perks all in one go anyway.
  6. I'm loving these imprint plants (though only because I'm a PC player as you'll see shortly). Sure, in solo if you make one on, say, round 20, and then you died at round 50+, you'd respawn on round 20, which sucks if you're going for 100 or something... BUT, I don't use them like that. My PC stays on all the time anyway, so at the moment I've done the easter egg and gotten everything, full ammo, alchemical Gobblegum etc, and imprinted on round 25. I can basically just minimise the game and leave it running - whenever I wanna play I just play from round 25 all set up, make another imprint plant and if I happen to die and respawn, then I'll either make another imprint and continue or just see that as end of game until next time... pause the game, leave it minimised, and next time I play all I've gotta do is make another imprint plant and I'm all set again. So I don't have to do all that messing about each time I start a game, just make the imprint plant and I'm off
  7. The perks change position each time you play ;) Either way, it's not uncommon for jugg to be in the centre of the map in some risky place, we've had this since the earlier days really.
  8. Gotcha. Still easy though tbh, just sit by the entrance and the zombies all come from the front. Use B/Circle and A/X to pop up and down every so-often to catch your breath and you're golden. As you said though, obviously the earlier you do it the better, though I tend to camp the first room and make enough points to get everything open and get perks before I set off doing anything and it's still easy.
  9. I think it'd be a damn good map if it wasn't for the fact that you have to do endless quests just to get everything. We shouldn't be forced to do the majority of the easter egg just to get an upgraded wonder weapon and access to another area of the map. It's a bit basic, but I still think Der Riese is as close to the perfect map as we've gotten so far.
  10. Only played this map once solo since it only got released for us last week, and I think it's easy tbh, just gotta play it smart. The zombie only transforms into a thrasher just as the bunker opens. If you shoot the zombies just as the bunker door is opening, and hit the thrasher just as he's transforming from a zombie, he'll still have zombie health and be easy to kill. He's usually on the far left of the pack so I always shoot him first, no thrasher Also make sure you get the shield nice and early, then if you're brushing past zombies just face away from them a bit and let the shield protect you. Also, always do the swimming parts at the end of a round and keep a single zombie. I like to do everything in the following order: Make 15-20000 pts in the first room Go up - left first for gas mask part Fill bucket, collect shield part on wall, lower cage, buy HVK, place bucket Go past bunker area and go left Get gas mask part, fill bucket, place bucket Get shield part from trees Open bunker, right door for shield part Next right door to build shield - open cocoons for pap part Come out and door across, turn on power/get pap part Come out and open door on right for gas mask part, then go build it Get perks Kill zombies for KT part Catch spider for next KT part Open end door, drop and open, swim for pap and last kt part (the plant at the end) - build kt Drain water from pap Get skull of nan sapwe Get set up and build imprint plants So my setup is usually HVK and Kuda with Dead Wire and Blast Furnace, and the KT (mule kick obviously required). Then I run in the cocoon room where I built the shield, nice open area, HVK ammo and shield at hand, pretty fast, perfect. Usually only use the KT to make the clone plants and to kill the thrasher, so I don't bother wasting my time with all the upgrade steps, easter egg or anything further beyond what I've written above.
  11. Good stuff :D Don't think that was noclip though, haven't been able to use console commands since Black Ops 1!
  12. Had my first solo game in this today and got to round 50 before quitting. Far too easy to get to high rounds on this what with the cloning plants, just spend a lot of the early rounds planting them all over the place and you can go down so many times and still keep going, and eliminates the chance of those moments when you get up and then get downed again trying to get your perks. Running in the cocoons room in the bunker is so easy as well. Might go for a 100 on this but it just doesn't seem like a challenge tbh.
  13. Too much messing about just to get what you need, never a good thing IMO. The layout and feel of the map is awesome, but it should never take over an hour just to get set up for a high round game. They struck a great balance with Eisendrache after the mess that was Shadows, but it seems like they've gone backwards again and overcomplicated things. I'm still all for the idea of, per DLC, one big, complex map and one simpler survival map, be it a remake of an old zombies map or a rehash of a multiplayer map like they did in the earlier days, then everyone's happy. Surely, with the popularity of The Giant from both seasoned and new players, this was a sign that a lot of people enjoy the simpler maps? Great for just jumping right into a game without having to spend the majority of your time running around doing searching, quests and EEs. With a lack of features (just perks, box, traps and PaP really) it shouldn't take them very long. Alas, I don't see this happening, but it's a nice idea...
  14. Yup, like the fact that zombies can now spawn behind the spider's webs and break through them :(
  15. Good thing about playing on PC, you don't need to keep switching around consoles to play all your old games, it's all one one system :)
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