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  1. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    83457's BO3 WaW Reprint Thread

    I never normally downvote posts, but the post you quoted made my head hurt. I wasn't actually a member but only a lurker during the BO1 days, and WOW, this forum was so much more active back when BO1 was in season. Everyone loved the game, everyone buzzing over each new map, the story guys picking it apart, the strategy guys figuring out the best ways to play it. I'm sure all the guys who were active here back then feel as nostalgic about the game as I do. The game mode was still fresh-feeling and I feel like in the later maps, the balance between simplicity and complexity was perfect. Even during the entire BO3 season, people were still going back to BO1 to set new world records because the maps were still more fun. That was until Chronicles came out of course, which btw I also loved - in fact, I really wasn't a fan of BO3 generally with the exception of Eisendrache, but then when I heard about Chronicles I was so hyped and it didn't disappoint. It got me playing BO3 again. It was a fresh take on classic maps, and the way a lot of them need to be played for high rounds totally changed.
  2. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    What are the items you can pick up in Shangri-La and Moon?

    Yeah, I was also a lurker since the BO1 days and eventually ended up signing up here after several years, and it's crazy to think how this site gets just a few active threads per day now, it was absolutely buzzing with activity back then. Sorta wish I did sign up back then as I missed out on getting involved with all the chat. Sorta noticed a downward spiral of some of the most popular members leaving for various reasons, then others leaving cause they felt like everyone was leaving and then more people leaving because they noticed other people leaving and it just kept going like that.
  3. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    Did Blundell Just Kill Zombies?

    I'm very intrigued. I still think we'll see plenty of the OG crew. Don't forget that the campaign has been done away with and more focus is being placed onto zombies this year, and I firmly believe we'll start to get more than one zombies map per DLC, likely with two separate storylines running alongside each other that may end up being linked toward the end of the season.
  4. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    Which are your most used weapons?

    1) Vesper - 55844 2) KN-44 - 12193 3) Dingo - 7818 4) VMP - 3985 5) HVK - 3977 Least) SVG - 97
  5. ZombiesAteMyPizza!


    Hi I've been playing since 2009 also! I've always really liked Shi No, definitely not my favourite but it's up there.
  6. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    Midnight Tesla gun EASY round-based build guide

    That'd be awesome! It's been nearly 6 years since anyone heard from him, though, so I dunno.
  7. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    Midnight Tesla gun EASY round-based build guide

    It's not a big secret! Basically, during one of his No Man's Land world record games, there was a black screen for a few seconds, which Superhands put down to a recording error, seemed innocent enough. Then some folks were sceptical and did some detective work and basically presented the evidence to him, that the two games were spliced together, with the black screen covering the splice. He confessed, with his reasoning being that he wasn't recording the start and as soon as he realised he had an amazing start, he started recording; he'd released a game under the same circumstances before and a lot of people were giving him crap over it, so he got a bit desperate and did the whole splicing thing. This of course invalidated the world record either way, but people started throwing all sorts of accusations and allegations of cheating at him from then onwards in regards to his No Man's Land games and high round world records. Superhands denied all of these claims and none of them were ever proven, and tbf the guy was very obviously an extremely knowledgeable and an extremely talented player, so to me it makes no sense that he would cheat, and anyone who followed his work or subscribed to him on YouTube could see that he was capable of taking any record at the time. His regular co-op teammate, Tom, also said that the cheating allegations were likely not true, because Tom had played countless hours of playtime with him with several 60+ co-op games, and Superhands more than carried his weight in those games and came up with the strategies, many of which were used by other players to break world records. He made a public apology, said he'd leave all of his videos unlisted for the sake of these forums and his guides and planned on returning for Black Ops II to work on strategies, but a bunch of people started to leave abusive comments on the videos so I think at that point he was done with the zombies community and deleted his channel, and nobody has heard from him since.
  8. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    Midnight Tesla gun EASY round-based build guide

    Yeah, I was never a member back then but I've been playing since W@W and I was always a lurker on these forums. I think it's where everyone was still figuring out the inner-workings of the game including how spawns work and stuff like that, that the strategy guys were constantly working on picking the game apart, whereas now there's not much to figure out, as by the end of BO1 Treyarch had perfected their formula, those formulas are in place today and are also used in non-Treyarch games. I remember back in the days Superhands and Tom were discussing spawns and basically figured out between the two of them how fast and slow spawn areas work, how spawn zones work and everything that is common knowledge nowadays. As you said, how it ended sucked, and he was always at the forefront of the latest advancements in gameplay tactics or at least had some sort of influence in them and paved the way for all of today's top players, but he'll never be given credit or remembered for that by most, because of what happened. Some guy has done a series on YouTube about the history of world records, of course Superhands wasn't mentioned because of the controversy which I think is fair, but the guy narrating the video gave all the credit for some of the strategies used to other people when it was Superhands that invented them.
  9. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    Midnight Tesla gun EASY round-based build guide

    Thanks, I always wanted to do something Superhands-esque, despite all the drama at the end he was a hero back in the day It's definitely worth upgrading to the Midnight if you're going for high rounds as it, oddly, becomes stronger against the Brenner at 50+ and starts to one-hit kill him by round 60 - I heard that shooting his tanks with it is always a one hit kill but I've tested this and it doesn't work, so must have been patched. Always a one hit kill against normal zombies and a very strong weapon against the Wustlings. Best upgrade for early rounds is the Hurricane, basically acts similarly to the Apothican Servant from BO3. Most of the steps are the same but the battery charge step in rounds 12 and 13 is different.
  10. So the Midnight Tesla is always good to have in the high rounds on The Final Reich, so this will be a strategy guide to build the Midnight Tesla gun in probably the most consistent and easy way possible, even after the recent patch nerfed the Camo specialist and Grenadier mod. We'll be using round-based "checkpoints" to ensure consistency, cause things are easier in zombies when they're organised and planned. I’ll also show a camping strat for up to round 30 before your start the saw trap strategy in the high rounds. Use the Camouflage specialist and whatever mods you want to use. Specialist Training and the mod for more ammo are useful for both setting this up as well as the high rounds. **VIDEO** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7efzgw2HKs .......... **WRITTEN TUTORIAL** (mostly same text that's in the video): **End of round 3/start of round 4**: Get the bunker door open and buy the melee perk. **Round 4 or 5**: Keep a zombie at the end of the round. Get the Salt Mine open. Once it’s open you can kill everything. Turn the crank outside the Salt Mine. **Rounds before 9**: Camp here in the morgue and make points with your pistol and melee – keep the door to the sewers closed FOREVER. Don’t forget to stay crouched for fast melees! **Round 8**: Keep a zombie at the end of the round and get the Pack-a-Punch open to upgrade the 1911 (you should have at least 11,300 points). Follow the route I’m taking in the video, through the Saw Trap room and out through Riverside and the bottom of the pub – you’ll need all these doors open for the colour step later. Hit the box for Jack-in-the-boxes if you have points, then activate the Hilt in the Salt Mine. If you want to buy quick revive at this point, then go for it. **Round 9**: Use the Bacon & Eggs to kill zombies to charge the Geistkraft all the way to the first Tesla part. Just shoot at the zombies feet with it and they die with a shot or two, easy. **Round 10**: Save a pest at the end of the round, pick up the first Tesla part and then wait for the Geistkraft to reach the command room again so you can start charging it again. Then kill your pest to start the next round, ready to start killing zombies to charge it. **Round 11**: As soon as you finish charging the Geistkraft and the second Tesla part machine starts building, get back to the camp spot! Save a zombie at the end of the round. Grab the tesla part, then head to the command room. When the Brenner drops down, go invisible with your Camouflage specialist and then melee him until he dies. I shot him first in the video, but even if you don’t shoot him at all he’ll take a max of 20 melees to kill, so you’ve got plenty of time as long as you have your specialist double-charged. Once you’ve killed the Brenner, build and grab the Tesla (keep your Bacon & Eggs!) and make sure you’ve got Jack’s from the box – make sure you save 3500 points for the next step (you should have plenty of points). Then grab the Brenner head, and start the colour sequence to charge the lighting rod. Follow the route I go through in the video, exact same route as when we started the Pack-a-punch earlier. All the doors should already be open. Once you’ve charged the lighting rod, DON’T START THE LIGHTING ROD STEP YET! Go back and set up the Midnight Tesla battery for its first charge as I’m doing in the video, which we’ll start next round. **Round 12**: You’ll get the battery charged this round. Gather a train in the Village Square and then lead them to the battery. Throw a Jack so all the zombies gather in the middle, then around 5 secs after throwing it activate the S-Mine trap and camp on the stairs for 20 secs until it stops. Then go back to the village and repeat once more. This will end the round and the battery will be charged – while the round is transitioning, take the battery down the stairs to the Tesla part charge station and place it in front of it (you can’t put it in until you’ve done the lighting rod step, but leave it there for later). **Round 13**: Go and start the lighting rod defence step. Buy the increased damage perk and speed reload also. Keep in mind that you’ll get a Max Ammo at the end of round 15, so use any Jacks you might have before then to help you. If you get a Brenner, don’t panic – he’s still pretty weak at this stage. Use your Jacks, lay into him while he’s distracted (like I should have done in the video!) and use your Camo to go invisible and melee him if you’re out of Jacks. If you’ve defended the rods well, then you only have to stay for 45-60 seconds then you can leave, the zombies then won’t have time to destroy them. Once you’ve finished, go straight back to where you left the battery, place it in the machine and then press it to start the battery defence. If you’re low on ammo then stop by the PaP on the way and buy some for the Bacon & Eggs. If you defend the battery well in the first 30-40 seconds then you can leave the area after that, the zombies won’t have time to destroy it. When the coast is clear, go back and pick up your Tesla part from the machine and then build it! **Before round 30 camping strat**: Camp back in the morgue with the Bacon & Eggs and the Midnight. You can use the trap also, switch it on and stand where I’m standing. Also use your Jacks to distract the Wustlings so you can shoot them in the back. The Midnight takes about 5 shots to kill them. The Brenners can still be melee killed safely at these rounds, they’ll take 30-40 strikes but you definitely have enough time if keep your double-charged Camo for when they come. At rounds 30+ you’ll be able to start the trap running strategy. Get quick revive if you haven’t already. Buy the staminup perk which will make you drop your melee perk. Now you’re all set!
  11. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    Der Eisendrache Highest Round??

    Best strategy by far is camping in the HVK room just above the church and before the power switch room, with the door to Richtofen's room closed and the door to the church open. This strategy is not only one of the fastest and the Gobblegum machine is right there, but also it makes for very easy Panzer kills. To kill the panzer, on a suspected Panzer round (remember, ever 5-6 rounds, so keep count) if you stand inside the power room then the Panzer will always spawn in front of the Death Ray. So all you have to do is stand inside the doorway to the Death Ray, look out for the Panzer, and as soon as he spawns, run straight for the Death Ray. Like this: If you have the upgraded KRM with all the attachments in your loadout then you'll kill the Panzer with less than 2 clips of ammo regardless of the round. I literally never use the box when playing this map, no need to! Keep watching after the Panzer kill as well as he also uses the HVK room strategy, and you can see where to go/stand for this strategy. Definitely worth building the Ragnaroks - if you're standing in the doorway waiting for the Panzer, and he doesn't come that round, then run back through the power switch room, pull out the gravity spikes and use them to slam your way through the stairs back to the camp spot, as it tends to get a bit congested on your way back and the jump-forward animation clears the way and makes you invulnerable in the process. You can also place them on the ground in front of you as you sit by the gate in the camp spot to get a bunch of kills and save ammo. I wanna do another 100 on this map as it happens, I'm annoyed that I didn't record it and I've got the full gameplay of my other BO3 round 100s, so I wanna get the footage of this map. It's one of the easiest maps to get a round 100 on and takes 4-5 hours, typically.
  12. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    Unreleased Full Version of the Pack-A-Punch Jingle

    I must be thinking of something different then! My bad, could have sworn I've heard this full version before.
  13. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    Aim Assist

    I've always been a PC player who plays with a controller, and we didn't have aim assist until BO3. Now that we do have it I tend to abuse it, I've not noticed any extra sort of pulling toward the zombies though but I definitely noticed it when I played NML on my mate's PS3.
  14. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    Unreleased Full Version of the Pack-A-Punch Jingle

    I heard this years ago when I was digging through the sound files on the PC version of either W@W or BO1, can't remember which. Had no idea it was considered rare or was unreleased.
  15. ZombiesAteMyPizza!

    Zombies confessions

    On solo, all the time. On random games, I do try and just play until everyone quits or I get bored and leave.

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