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  1. You just can't do this sort of thing anymore. You'd get smacked the fuck up in seconds with the new AI if you tried this, even with being able to take 4 hits now. The days of these kinds of epic videos coming up all over the place where players manipulated the AI to make insane looking cutbacks and dodges and everything, are gone. The zombies AI was just so much more fun to work with back then.
  2. Don't get me wrong I'm certainly not a fan of it, but my goal is round 100 on every BO4 map so it had to be done Yeah it has its uses, the lunge attack with the Bowie knife is really powerful so good for taking down a lone zombie that gets in your way. Even the swipe attack is always a one-hit kill with the golden spork on Blood as well. Yeah, as I said above I''m still not a fan of it at all, but when I saw this strategy I was like, that actually looks quite fun, and stopped me dreading doing it. I'll most likely use the old faithful on Voyage, camping in the Lower Grand Staircase area with the Salvo and elemental Kraken. Still gotta learn the map yet as I know almost nothing about it, the layout confuses me lol, I've only played it like twice. Plans after that is just round 100 on whatever the DLC4 map is. I assume there's not going to be a DLC5 at this point. Once all the maps are done, just playing Blackout like I've been doing 90% of the time on BO4 Love the Alcatraz mode on that.
  3. This strategy was found by Ashy on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, I really couldn't be bothered with this map beforehand as I didn't enjoy it, but this strategy made it alright and requires very little setup. You basically use the Electric Cherry perk modifier, which when you reload from empty gives you a ~13 second charge which improves your damage, and the Ethereal perk combined with the Ballistic knife with this charge means one-hit kills with it. So you shot a Ballistic knife to empty the clip and start the charge (pick it back up so you don't ever run out of ammo) and then slice away until the charge runs out and repeat. The Overkill (death machine) is really good for this strategy. You camp at the top of the stairs in the yellow house garden, with all doors closed. This includes the power door which means you can't do the Generator step, but you don't need the PaP or anything else besides perks and the Ballistic knife non-upgraded so yeah. I had a down on round 81 due to the zombies all coming up the stairs where I stood a bit far forward and wasn't paying attention, so be careful with that. Box luck was also pretty shitty but got there eventually, apart from that went well. As well as requiring no ammo's, this strategy also is nice and simple to set up which is great. I also had Wall Power to rock the PaP'ed VAPR in case I didn't get anything good for the dog rounds, but I ended up getting the Ray Gun MKII so I kept that instead. You camp at the bottom of the stairs in the bunker just below the yellow house garden for fastest spawns on dog rounds. Total game time was 4hr 45 mins. Just got Voyage to do now! Plus of course whatever maps come in the future, which is probably just the DLC 4 map though due to the obvious time shortage cause of BO5 already being in development for next year.
  4. Yeah, I also loved Eisendrache, also really liked Rev which I know isn't a popular opinion. Obviously Chronicles was incredible, I loved the different spin on things that the new features brought. Tbh though even BO2 I didn't like, thought most of the maps were pretty terrible and Origins is overrated AF.
  5. Yeah, without wanting to sound like an old fart I miss the old days of BO1 and [email protected] The zombies mode was simple, just get tooled up and kill zombies in new and interesting environments. The story was about a Nazi group that did experiments on soldiers and created zombies, which all got far-fetched enough by Moon anyway. Then come BO3 aliens are thrown into the mix and it was just fucking stupid, the zombies are now an afterthought. The maps are hit and miss whereas in the first couple of games, I genuinely enjoyed every map.
  6. 3. Nacht. I think it's cause it's the first map I ever played and it's so bare-bones, it just feels like horror movie where you're shacked up in a bunker with zombies coming at you until you inevitably die. The sounds and atmosphere on the [email protected] version were creepy as hell. 2. Verruckt. Similar to above with the sounds and atmosphere (war time asylums are always gonna be creepy), but the general feel of the map and how tight everywhere is and the sprinters upped the ante. 1. Blood of The Dead. It's just a scary map. The story behind it makes it creepy enough, and there's writing in blood all over the walls, bodies everywhere and the cutscenes just give you this impending sense of doom. Atmosphere-wise, we need more of this, we haven't had this level of eeriness since [email protected]
  7. 1. The One. Absolute classic, and it's a song from a zombies perspective and I just get chills and waves of nostalgia every time I hear it from what I consider better times in the zombies community and game in general. 2. Nightmare, just cause Imma Try It Out is hideous. 3. Remember Forever. Again, it's just a track that gives me chills, the Chronicles story trailer was so epic and was in a time when I felt extremely excited about zombies for the first time in years. 4. Mystery. Elena > A7X every time, for me, she IS zombies. 5. Carrion, only just cause I don't really like either song but I had to vote one and I only slightly prefer it.
  8. I really, really liked the last two DLCs despite BO4 getting off to the rocky start for me. This map for me though is just... people who have been subscribed to my YouTube for a while have probably noticed the lack of uploads, cause I've messed around with the map quite a bit figuring strategies and stuff and I just don't have any desire to attempt another high round on it.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the huge maps, so it's not the size that bothers me. I dunno, I just expected a bit more than the addition of the bunker which is mostly just the Blackout bunker reworked. I mean, again don't get me wrong, I love remastered content, there's nothing better than seeing my old favourites bought into the current era with new features and all; but this is part of the main DLC so I expected some totally new content. I thought there would be the main areas, a bit of bunker that we'd already seen and then probably a totally new expanded area that we've never seen. With this said, I think it might be growing on me just a tad. Unfortunately I've not had the time this week to check it out much, always seems to be the way when these maps first release lol, but I've done some more exploring and did find some other options which might make the gameplay more fun as I hinted at in the video description of my bit of footage I put out of my 76 run, and then Sulky put out a couple of strategies that I basically already spoke about in that video which confirmed they'd work without me having to test them, which is cool. So I'll definitely be having another go at it, though I can tell already, it's gonna be low on the list of my favourite BO4 maps once this season is wrapped up. Suppose with the last two maps really hitting the mark, in hindsight it's been a while since Treyarch have made an entire season of maps that have all been great in the eyes of everybody, hell even BO1 had its maps that were hated by many. I suppose I'm just disappointed that one of the main DLC maps is recycled content and just lacks soul and atmosphere and I feel like it was a lazy effort on Treyarch's part. That said, I loved Rev which you could say was a very lazy effort on Treyarch's part lol, but it had atmosphere and the playability factor was off the charts.
  10. Alternate timeline where the events from Nuketown Zombies haven't actually taken place, I'd imagine. I mean, Nuketown Zombies happened as Black Ops 1 Moon was happening, and of course the latter hasn't happened at all in the current timeline.
  11. 6662 slows down the zombies to shambling speed also, doesn't alter their health. Saw this one being input and the result in one of Glitching Queens videos. So it basically does the same thing as 3279. P.S. Can we get this thread stickied, incredibly useful
  12. A patch or even 100 patches isn't going to change much for me tbh. The map itself is my issue. The way it's laid out and the aesthetic are just horrible. That said, I did notice this game that zombies don't seem to spawn in the bunker when you're hanging in the areas outside the entrances, so the saving grace for this map might be that there are some fast spawn strategies to be had around these areas if specific doors are kept closed. I'll be having another go if it works how I think it's gonna work, I'll test-run it this time though lol.
  13. I just don't like it. The layout sucks. Slow spawns everywhere due to how the doors are situated which is boring. When it was said to be 400% larger than Nuketown, I expected a bit more than a few extra houses and a remapped bunker like we've already seen. The atmosphere also is just... meh. It could have been made a lot creepier. The bright sunlight, bright houses etc, and the underground bunker is good aesthetically but again the layout just makes the spawns slow so I don't spend much time down there. The Ray gun upgrades kinda suck too and are essentially useless for high rounds, which is something I always judge a weapon on. It's just disappointing considering that the last two maps really hit the mark, great aesthetic and feel, great wonderweapons etc. When I heard we were getting Nuketown remade, with the last two maps I just assumed Treyarch would do an amazing job. However, it appears, for me personally, the hit & miss nature of BO4 is very much continued. Reached round 76 before experiencing a power outage just now and I just don't know if I'm ever going to attempt it again, tbh I was quite relieved that the game ended prematurely cause I was just looking at the clock dreading the next few hours
  14. Oh of course, I totally get why it is the way it is in those respects, doesn't mean I have to like it (I mean like the changes, as I said I do actually really like the map, but it's not in my personal top 3 like FIVE is).
  15. It's a really good map, but for me it's not as great as FIVE. I don't like the lighting at all, it's really bright and almost cartoony. FIVE's lighting was perfect, really set the scene. No Pentagon Thief in Classified which was where FIVE for me got a lot of its charm from. Plus, as much as I love Ultimis, I dunno... playing as political figures in the Pentagon was just so fitting, plus the dialogue was some of the best we've ever had, and in Classified the dialogue was pretty average as far as Ultimis go.
  16. I really hope the random perk dropping doesn't get bought back lol, awful luck-based system.
  17. Thanks back at you for the continued support Yeah it's annoying, makes me wish I got the map done a lot earlier lol. Those Warden rounds are a bit of a pain in the arse now, it's not like IX where the Hellion just wrecks them in 1-2 shots so them spawning in doesn't mess you up. As I said I did figure it out in the end, but those rounds are still a bit stressful. I dunno if it's cause I was tired or the strat or the room is boring or what, but I didn't enjoy this run at all lol. One of those where I'm watching the clock like "ugh, man, I've still got 2 hours of this shit" but it's done now. Doubt I'll get Voyage done over the weekend, as I said I literally don't know the map at all so I've got some studying to do. I'll be bang on Alpha Omega on release though and if I enjoy it I'll get it done quickly hopefully.
  18. Total game time was 4hrs 36mins. This run was a fucking mess I should have just quit early on when I realised I felt kinda tired and was making silly mistakes early on, but I soldiered through. I find this map a bit boring so I'm just glad it's done, that's all the current maps apart from Voyage done atm, new map coming next week though and I dunno if I'll squeeze Voyage in that time, I've not really played the map at all and I'm a complete newb to it so probably not. Probably would have gotten into some serious trouble without the Refresh Mint elixir, which is a life saver as you can use it once a round to recharge your Dying Wish instantly. I wasn't gonna use it initially, but I've seen several world record holders using it so I gather it's acceptable in the high rounds community, I suppose it's only useable once a round so it's not totally OP, but it's a huge difference maker. In case anyone's wondering, the Magmagat is seriously nerfed against the Warden. Used to take just 2 shots to kill him, you need WAY more than that now. I went with the upgraded Welling launcher pistols thinking they would be good against him, but they're not lol. Took me until about round 80-90 to figure out how to deal with him efficiently, a practice run of this strat would have served me well for this run so it could have been a much cleaner run, but oh well. Best case scenario is to have the trap on, and him spawning near the GKS wallbuy. Takes 5-6 Hellion rockets to kill him, so you can lay into him when he spawns as the first thing he'll go for is the trap. Second option is to let him join your train, kill your hoard with the Hellion and continue laying into him with it, turning on the trap as you reload it to distract the zombies. Final option if you get a bit stuck is to use the katana and use the lunge attack, only takes a few of these to kill him. You can also go invisible for extra protection. It's well worth having Timeslip modifier on this strat, as it's good to always have your specialist charged when possible as it'll save your life. If you're using elixirs, you don't need the Max Ammo one - I used this cause as I said, I thought the Welling upgraded would be a good weapon which I'd need to refill during Warden rounds, but as I said I didn't end up using it. I'd replace this with Shields Up or even the Carpenter one if I were to do this run again, it's never ideal to be without a shield doing this strat and even though the shield is so close, it's actually a bit of a pain to get to. That said you'd end up using a LOT of those elixirs though as your shield will get battered with this strategy lol. If you're not using elixirs, what I figured was the best way is when you're low on your shield, run a hoard into the shield room, buy it, turn around, spectral blast them and then run and turn on the trap. You might also need to shoot off a Hellion shot after turning on the trap cause some zombies might be up your arse. I found doing this though is better than using your specialist when your shield breaks, as you can save your specialist for emergencies.
  19. I'm from South-East UK, so I dunno without looking into it, probably one of the many German maps?
  20. That squid-headed commander in the middle be Dr Monty
  21. Just a teaser at this point of course, but it's got me hyped AF.
  22. I feel like a lot of this is because the characters for the most part are so lame. Shaw is brilliant, Scarlett has some good lines. Diego and Bruno though are just... I don't know who's writing their lines, but they need to try harder. Dull dull dull.
  23. So, you like fish on pizza, AND you like pineapple on pizza?? I'm leaving this forum, you people are making me sick
  24. Can I request: -Earn 10 CoDz medals - Donate to CoDz. - Earn Max Prestige in Zombies.  - you can see in this video that I'm prestige master max level on BO3.

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