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Der Eisendrachen

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Wait a second... this looks it could be near Call of the Dead, no? In the background (right), those spires could be from a boat or something...

On the bottom right there is a path, too, which could well lead to that area. This map could well be pretty large...

(also, a castle? Yes.)


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Anyone ignoring the huge castle that's been renovated like some kind of top facility? Clearly German work (in fact, the lower base near the bottom of the picture looks a lot like Griffin Station from Moon). It could be an allusion to the infamous Castle of Wewelsburg.




Castle of Wewelsburg

"In 1933, Heinrich Himmler signed a 100-year lease for the 17th-century Wewelsburg Castle. At that point in time, the interior of the structure was badly decaying, but Himmler saw potential in the triangle-shaped hilltop castle for use as a training facility for the SS, which he commanded.

Many prominent Nazi leaders harkened back to mythology and legend to influence their plans for world domination. Himmler himself was fascinated with prophecy and magical power. Desperately wanting to set up a facility to teach these values to SS soldiers, Himmler began working to turn Wewelsburg into a non-military training facility focused on the occult, pagan rituals and making Wewelsburg the center of the world.

Himmler viewed Wewelsburg as the Grail Castle, and believed that when the Nazis were the rulers of the entire world, artifacts from the castle would radiate magical power. Much work was put into acquiring such artifacts as the Spear of Destiny, which Hitler himself had claimed showed him his future.

Along with artifacts from around the world that the SS were working to acquire, Wewelsburg became the center of a number of pagan rituals led by Himmler. Although the exact nature of the rituals are unknown, it is clear that baptism-like rituals took place, and a former cistern in the castle was turned into a crypt also used for ritual. After the Allies took control of the castle, a round table with 12 chairs was also discovered, an obvious reference to King Arthur and his knights.

During the 12 years that the SS had control of Wewelsburg, the castle was far from finished and the grand plans Himmler had in mind were not completed. Himmler had hoped to design a castle with a circular fortification around the hill, and a gigantic moat. To create the moat, the SS had ordered the evacuation of the surrounding town, and were intending on flooding the entire valley around Wewelsburg.

Due to the massive amount of work, Himmler also set up his own private concentration camp, formed mostly of criminals, prisoners of war and Roma people to use as slave labor in restoring the castle. The camp, called Niederhagen, held 4,000 people of which more than half died. As the Nazis were losing the war, Himmler ordered the castle demolished and a fire was set inside.

Although most of the interior was destroyed, the exterior walls were preserved and Wewelsburg was turned into a museum for reflecting on the horrors of the Nazi regime and Himmler’s bizarre plan for world domination."


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3 minutes ago, LiamFTWinter said:

Rocket seen at the far right of the image is pretty interesting 

It looks like one, with all the support beams off to the sides. I would disagree @Stop Mocking Me0; while it does resemble the top mast of a boat such as in Call of the Dead, the middle object is too wide and tall to be a mast or even crane - it's also very solid and full with no holes in it. If you look closer you can't even see the hull (if it were a boat/ship), and if you did claim it to be so, that is one hell of a small boat with a top nearly 5x its height haha.

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(my repost from reddit)


* Map design is very similar to Wolfenstein style and color palette like in Origins

* Looks like setting be in the 1940s, Nazi zombies,  many occult themes - some ancient excavations of Nazi, artifacts, etc.

* Map name hints O4 is back (Shadows of Evil was like a Call of the Dead/Mob of the Dead). But as we know each Black Ops had 3 teams (BO1 - O4, presidents, celebrities. BO2 new team, celebrities, O4). So, some next map will be with celebrities or characters from BO2.

* On the tower with cannon will be plenty of space for zombie train, likely to be a lot of secret passages, corridors, catacombs and spiral staircases.

* Big cannon hints at a major enemy which we can shoot (giant robots from Origins?)

* In the distance you can see the space rocket, similar with on Ascention map (or that tower/rock?)

* Only 1 zombies map in each map pack (but maybe new modes and new cool guns, who knows)

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Thanks to @MrRoflWaffles, he's found an almost-identical match on the castle in Der Eisenrachen.


Hohensalzburg Fortress - Salzburg, Austria


Salzburg – the city of Mozart – is overlooked by the walls of Fortress Hohensalzburg, one of the largest existing 11th century fortress complexes in Europe. This imposing monument is a remarkable sign of the desire for recognition expressed by the prince bishops - and a demonstration of the political authority and power they held. The fortifications were built to protect the prince bishops and the principality itself from attack. Actually, the fortress never faced a real siege. Most of the time the prince bishops lived in the palace at the heart of Salzburg town known as the ‘Residenz’. 

Source: http://www.salzburg-burgen.at/en/hohensalzburg/hohensalzburg/geschichte.htm

Here is an interesting snippet about the castle's relationship with the Nazis during WWII:


Resultantly, the castle was rebuilt in the 1560s (those who rioted were forced to help rebuild it!). It was later used as a prison, and a military fortress during Nazi times.

Source: http://www.exploring-castles.com/austrian_castles.html

Hohenwerfen Castle



In 1931 the main building in the castle complex was completely destroyed by fire. During Nazi rule the castle was used as a military training centre and from 1945 to 1987 it was used by Salzburg’s police school. Since 1987 the fortifications have been developed as a tourist attraction.

Source: http://www.salzburg-burgen.at/en/werfen/erlebnisburg-hohenwerfen/geschichte.htm

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Ok first: 

-BO2 had six teams: 
O4, N4, CIA, CDC, MOTDcrew, and the prisoners Vs Guards. 


-Notice the spotlight. I don't think the giants are what we're fighting. I think it's something airborne. 

Either there are teleporters in the map, or we arnt going to be able to go near the rockets if thats what they are. I doubt so much of the map would traverse that far through what appears to be simple widerness. That being said if we can walk between I've got dibs on all of us calling the wolves we encounter "Dire wolves". 

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I can guarantee this will have the YO4. We are following their story, Richtofen mapped this location on his notes as a place he needs to visit, there was a code that alluded to this map and finally it was confirmed that the Giant kicks off the DLC season and leads into it. Why lead into it with new characters that will hinder the story progression. Also the map screams YO4, always a large amount of snow in their wake, so yeah.

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1 minute ago, InfestLithium said:

It has an almost perfect shape to be one too...doesn't look like the roofing of anything else in the image.

Hmm all i'm seeing right now is MPD! What is this facility and what purpose does it serve! The trailer will reveal all I assume.

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1 minute ago, WillyWonka said:

@InfestLithium The two pictures you used in your post on the Hohensalzburg Fortress are two different castles.

The second is indeed the Hohensalzburg Fortress, although the first is called the Hohenwerfen Castle and is located south of Salzburg.

Really? The sites said otherwise and they look identical in architecture...well at least they're in the same vicinity. :p

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5 minutes ago, InfestLithium said:

Really? The sites said otherwise and they look identical in architecture...well at least they're in the same vicinity. :p

They are considered sister-castles and were raised in the same time period, so they are pretty similar in architecture, although the placement and nature surrounding it are widely different.

Also, your last source refers directly to the Hohenwerfen Castle.

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2 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

Unless it's not WW2 era...

Considering what the map is based off of, the Giant and just the aesthetics of it, it definitely is.


Does anyone else sort of get Castle Wolfenstein vibes off of this place?

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